Giveaway: Chicken Chasseur Seasonal Box (Knorr and Forman and Field)

A few weeks ago I attended a second masterclass with top British chef Marco Pierre White, this time all about One Pot cooking. You may remember me writing about meeting Marco Pierre White the first time round last year. Marco has been working with Knorr UK for some time time and wholeheartedly advocates the use of stock cubes or stock pots for home cooking. Stock cubes are for when time is too short to faff around with making a stock from scratch, and particularly for when you don’t have a sous chef or a surplus of bones on hand!

The most interesting thing I learnt, was based on Marco’s suggestion for using a stock pot or cube along with fruit juice – to add an extra layer of flavour – as chefs do – to your food in a quick and easy way. So, for example, Marco told us that he might use a beef cube or stock pot mixed with prune juice when making a beef stew, or a vegetable stock cube with fresh carrot juice when making pumpkin soup. In this recipe, Marco uses a chicken stock pot and tomato juice to make a quick and easy Chicken Chasseur. If you flour your chicken before frying it, you’ll get a thicker sauce, too.

Whilst I gather my notes and my thoughts together, I have been trying out Marco’s recipe for myself at home based on a box of goodies from Forman and Field and Knorr.  I also have a second box of goodies to giveaway so that one of you can try the recipe at home, too. It was a bit of a treat to use brandy as well as white wine, but you could really tell in the finished dish. It was also the first time I had used tomato juice in my cooking and I thought it was a great trick, particularly when mixed with a Knorr chicken stock pot.

The winner’s box will be delivered on Friday 13th July 2012 (so you will have to be in on that day to sign for it) and will contain –

·         1 small chicken

·         2 shallots

·         brandy

·         white wine

·         1 Knorr Chicken Stock Pot

·         tomato juice

·         button mushrooms

·         chopped tarragon

·         chopped parsley

·         tomatoes

Come back tomorrow to find out everything I learnt from Marco Pierre White in the kitchen of his Chelsea restaurant…


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NB This is a short competition and closes on Monday 9th July at midnight.

You can find plenty of home cooking inspiration and recipes from Marco and Knorr here including his Chicken Chasseur with an easy to follow video here.

With many thanks to Knorr UK and Forman and Field for the chicken chasseur box and the giveaway prize.


  1. h dolan says

    Never know what to cook on a friday night something yummie for my boyfriends tummy i hope !!!

  2. Hari Chhokar says

    Can’t decide between Lamb Biriyaani, Beef bourgonion or a chicken butterbean and chorizo stew…. hmmmnn

  3. Joanna Seymour says

    My favourite one pot meal has to be my Dad’s stew, with carrots, onions, swede, split peas and dumplings perfect on a colder day. Also sometimes we add chicken, beef or corned beef and it can last two days.

  4. Janet bagnall says

    Chasseur is a family favourite, even with the fussy toddler! But I’d say the winner here is chicken and aubergine curry, very tasty

  5. Meryl Rees says

    I love a lamb hotpot as long as the spuds are cooked through, hate them undercooked :)

  6. Carolin says

    I love making a beef stew with potatoes, mushrooms and garlic, takes a good while to cook but its SO good :)

  7. Hayley Todd says

    Mustard Chicken with Winter Vegetables is gorgeous on a chilly winter’s day or in the summer I love Spanish Rice and Prawns One-Pot! Delicious!

  8. says

    Coming from Liverpool it has to be Scouse! (Beef stew to the rest of the world!) Just beef, carrots, onions and potatoes with stockcubes!

  9. Moira Tampsett says

    I have made this dish quite a few times but I want to ‘Knorr’ how to do it the French way and to be ‘field’ up with a taste so ‘formanidable’!

  10. Carol Masterton says

    My favourite one pot meal is jambalaya. Not made it for ages and actually now I really want to!

  11. christine y says

    WOW fantastic ….no decision of what to make just answer the door sign and follow the directions and eat delicious food PICK ME!!

  12. Romana Richards says

    My favourite one pot meal is a chicken stir fry and noodles in a wok.

  13. Nathalie Taylor says

    I make a Chicken Korma, following a Jamie Oliver recipe and it’s been a favourite in my house for some time now and it’s so easy to make :)

  14. Claire Trevor says

    A vegetable and ham soup. Perfect for using any vegetables sitting in the fridge!

  15. Dessiree Brown Llaneza says

    Beef Stew, done in the slow cooker. The beef is so tender it falls apart, lovely.

  16. Janet Ashenden says

    I love chicken with lekks in a cider sauce, made in the slow cooker. Delicious!

  17. Andrew Halliwell says

    Tricky picking a favourite.
    I like chicken casserole, beef casserole and pork and apple hotpot…

    But picking a favourite… it’s all dependent on mood, conditions, weather, etc.
    Suppose I could just say “casserole” in general.

  18. lyndsey b says

    I love a traditional British beef stew personally, filled with potatoes onions mushrooms peas and a good slug of ale.

  19. Lynda MibsXX Johnson says

    My flavourite one-pot meal has to be a simple sausage casserole, made with proper cumberland sausages, tasty new potatoes and a dash of mustard!

  20. Natalie Holland says

    I love a chicken gumbo! I use chicken thighs, thyme, bay leaf, smoked sausage, onion, garlic, celery, green pepper, stock, chopped tomatoes, cayenne and paprika – finished with parsley. We like to have with some decent bread. :)


    Lamb stew with herb dumplings…mmmm Think I will havbe to make that 2morow…

  22. Anna Fenton says

    Mash is my comfort food! On a cottage pie or with tasty British bangers…

  23. Alistair Richardson says

    Lentil soup made with a ham shank and potatoes in. I was raised on it and it’s my comfort food.


    as a Lancashire lass in exile my favourite one-pot dish is LANCASHIRE HOTPOT

  25. beverley says

    Oooh – I can’t decide between chicken chasseur or beef in red wine – can I say both?

  26. Nick Harris says

    A Jalfrezi lamb curry cooked all day in my slow cooker. Even better the next day too (if there’s any left over) Mmmm!

  27. Hazel says

    Stew – loads of different vegetables, chicken, potatoes – delicious and warming.

  28. Hannah says

    Beef casserole is a favourite in our house and I really like being able to cook it well ahead of dinner time and relax knowing its bubbling away!

  29. Nancy Bradford says

    Campfire chicken is lovely. Chicken, spices, potatos, etc and store bought dough cooked on top for the bread.

  30. Keith says

    I love a Spanish-style casserole made with white beans, red peppers, chorizo, chopped tomatoes, peas, garlic and a few waxy potatoes

  31. Sally Hatton-Crowther says

    At the end of the week I put anything and everything that is left in the fridge & veg basket to slow cook for the day with a casserole mix. I always add a couple of apples and sweet potato which are my kids favourites.

  32. Ashleigh says

    chilli – nice and easy – stick everything in the slow cook and tastes great. Just clicked too quick on the rafflecopter form and forgot to fill in my twitter name (@ashlallan) x

  33. Fran Light says

    My favourite one pot meal is sausage casserole … comfort food at its very best!

  34. Saran Benjamin says

    Nice chicken curry. Throw in some pasta and sit back drooling from the smell until it is cooked.

  35. amelia avossa says

    STEW! cannot beat a hot tasty natural stew in the winter days that can feed my family for 2 days :)