Review and Giveaway: Bluebasil Gourmet Brownies

They say that good things come in small packages and in this particular case, a very good thing, or two, arrived in the post and practically knocked my socks off.  Bluebasil gourmet brownies. A little box, small, but perfectly formed. Tied with string with  a pretty label. It wasn’t Christmas day, but it could have been. They made my day.  

Inside the box, a personal note and an ingredients leaflet. Nestled deeper and well protected, a tissue wrapped parcel…

Inside the triple-wrapped tissue paper, four gourmet brownies, to sample. Each brownie was generous in size. If you are strict with yourself or have any self-control, you could possibly eat half at a time. Not me.

Ordering brownies by post seems to me to be a very good idea. Particularly when the brownies are this good. Bluebasil brownies are not just any old brownies. The Bluebasil Cardamom brownie won a Great Taste Gold Award in 2011. This year, Bluebasil have been nominated ‘Best Local Supplier/Producer’ at the  The Cotswold Food & Drink Awards. The Independent called them “The Rolls Royce of Brownies” – they were not wrong! 

What can I say? They were dense, truffle-like and incredibly moreish. I had to call a friend to come over for coffee as I was afraid I would eat them all in one sitting. The Classic Chunky Chocolate with added Divine (fairtrade) chocolate chunks, was like sinking your teeth into the most perfect morsel of fudgy chocolate, ever.  Chocwork Orange came a close second for me, again, made with Divine orange milk chocolate and orange blossom water; delicate yet rich with an aroma that could almost make you want to leave it out, just to smell it.  All four had a thin, slightly crisp top. Beyond that, I practically just melted into each mouthful, falling deeper and deeper into some sort of state of brownie bliss.

The hazelnut brownies had a slightly different texture to the others owing to the chopped hazelnut, giving them a character of their own. I loved the shards of hazelnut sprinkled over the top. The Cardamom brownie was a fairly new taste experience for me, almost floral, and reminding me a tiny bit of eating cardamom-scented rice, not in a bad way, just in a way that has gently nudged me towards trying cardamom more often with sweet things.   

There are others on the menu I need to try; a Banoffee brownie, a Caramel Crunch, a Cappuccino and a Chunky White Chocolate. It’s almost as if Bluebasil knew that I would be straight over there to order my next fix… 

Bluebasil brownies are made by a small company based in Oxford who are committed to using local produce, such as local organic eggs, organic flour and local butter along with a fine quality 70% cocoa chocolate. There are also gluten free versions of some of the flavours available. 

You can chose your flavours when you order. They will arrive the next day if you place your order between 10am Monday-Thursday. They can be stored in the fridge for up to 14 days, but you won’t be able to delay finishing them that long. You can even send a personal message card.

So, that’s it. All my future gift lists sorted. These would be perfect as a new baby gift (for the mummy), as a birthday present, anniversary present, a “sorry you are leaving” present. Send them to someone who is ill, send them to someone who is sad, send them to your mum or dad. Whoever receives these brownies will be your friend for life. Actually, be your own friend and just send them to yourself.

Flavours: Caramel Crunch, Classic Chunky Chocolate, Chunky White Chocolate, Chockwork Orange, Cappuccino, Hazelnut, Banoffee, Cardamom. Chunky Chocolate and White Chocolate available in gluten free.


  • £14.50 for 9 brownies (+P&P)
  • £17.50 for 12 brownies (+P&P)
  • £21.50 for 16 brownies (+P&P)

As far as I know, they don’t sell them by the crate.


Since Bluebasil are a nice company, they have offered  to send a gourmet Bluebasil brownie gift box to one of my lucky readers. The winner will receive a gift box of 9 generous brownies (worth £14.50) – I’ve taken the liberty of chosing Classic Chunky Chocolate, Clockwork Orange and Banoffee – unless the winner is gluten free.  

Enter! Tweet! Like! I think you’ll love them, too.

  • Entry to this giveway is via the Rafflecopter form below. There is no alternative prize.
  • To begin, please enter your name and e-mail address on the Rafflecopter form so that I can contact you if you win.
  • A mandatory question will appear, which you need to answer by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post, before going back to the Rafflecopter form and hitting “Enter”.
  • After this, you can complete the bonus entries as explained on the form to increase your odds of winning!
  • If you can’t see the Rafflecopter widget, please refresh the page! 
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Thank you to Bluebasil brownies for my review package and for offering a giveaway gift box. I received the brownies for free in the hope that I would mention them on my blog and was given no incentive to write a positive review. I only recommend food/products or services I use personally and believe my readers may be interested in.


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  1. I think Caramel Crunch! It sounds the naughtiest! Chewy brownie and smooth caramel…droooool 🙂

  2. Jenna robinson says:

    Hazelnut for me!!!! Although they all look and sound FAB!!!

  3. Jenna robinson says:

    Ummm gorgeous brownies!!! All the flavours sound fab to me x x

  4. Cheron Titus says:

    I’m a nut for Hazelnut!

  5. Linda Hobbis says:

    Has to be caramel crunch, although they all look delicious!

  6. jacki constantine says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm any flavour for me

  7. carol phile says:

    chunky white chocolate for me

  8. Sharon Curran says:

    I think they all sound lovely but caramel crunch would probably be my favourite

  9. I’m gluten free and it is so hard to get nice gluten free brownies, but these ones I’m sure would be fabulous!

  10. sarah hines says:

    Chockwork orange, sounds so yummy xxx

  11. tracey gibbons says:

    clockwork orange or hazelnut or just any

  12. Leanne Rowlands says:

    Chunky Chocolate for me 🙂

  13. mandi davison says:

    Ohh there would be a fight in our house over these!!

    1. mandi davison says:

      I think Caramel Crunch would be my fav…altho Cardamom sounds interesting too!

  14. Linda Wilson says:

    They all sound great but think it would be the clockwork orange!

  15. Jodie Smith says:

    Cappuccino sounds absolutely lovely

  16. Kulwinder Lombardelli says:

    Clockwork Orange and the white chocolate are my favs. Sorry I cannot choose between them.

  17. lorraine polley says:

    they all sound yummy, but i think that chockwork orange would probably be the one for me

  18. emma kinsey says:

    hazlenut sounds yummy

  19. Claire Smith says:

    Chocwork orange – drooling at the thought!

  20. Laura Carroll says:

    Probably the classic Chunky Chocolate, although the Capuccino and Hazelnut would be very close behind!

  21. Danielle Vedmore says:

    I adore white chocolate so it would be them! xoxo

  22. Cappucinno – I’m drooling just thinking about it!

  23. Rebecca Woodroof says:

    Caramel Crunch sounds amazing

  24. Chunky Chocolate. It looks original and i bet it does the job!! Fulfilling my Chocolate cravings!

  25. Angie Hoggett says:

    white chocolate for me

  26. Emma Wolski says:

    Cappucino, I have a love for coffee!

  27. Kirsty Fox says:

    Definitely Caramel Crunch, yum

  28. maureen moss says:

    Hazelnut…. something a little different I would love

  29. helen rosbotham says:

    Banoffee as I love banoffee pie!!

  30. Sue lempkowski says:

    white chocolate chunkie

  31. lisa sargent says:

    I would be happy to win any they all seem very nice

  32. Mike Bull says:

    Classic Chunky Chocolate

  33. Definitely the cappuccino for me but they all sound tempting

  34. Andy McCord says:

    Classic Chunky Chocolate–but the others sound divine as well!

  35. Hayley Kinnaird says:

    I would love Cappuccino brownies yum yum

    Thank you xx

  36. Kelly Ward says:

    Would really love to win – they sound amazing!

  37. Sheila Reeves says:

    Think I’ll be traditional and go for Classic Chunky Chocolate

  38. So difficult to choose – I want them all, but id kit’s only one – Hazelnut please

  39. SUSAN L HALL says:

    Chockwork Orange sounds scrummy mmm

  40. Very hard choice, all of them!! But if had to choose just one it would be Chockwork Orange

  41. sian hallewell says:

    Chunky White Chocolate for me, yum, yum

  42. classic chunky chocolate!

  43. Kate Grimwood says:

    The Classic Chunky Chocolate

  44. Samantha Flynn says:

    they look yummy!

  45. Julie Hogg says:

    Certainly the Orange one for me … fab x

  46. Jill Ashton says:

    Very hard to choose, they all sound wonderful, but Caramel Crunch just has it!

  47. michelle beatty says:

    gotta be caramel crunch – nom nom nom xxx

  48. Linda Guest says:

    chunky chocolate for me 🙂

  49. The classic chunky chocolate!!! ❤

  50. Laura Hanaghan says:

    I think I’d give the cardamom ones a whirl, sound interesting…

  51. Samantha Cude says:

    Chunky chocolate – can never have too much chocolate!

  52. Samantha Atherton says:

    Caramel Crunch

  53. Classic chunky chocolate for me – but I quite honestly wouldn’t say no to any of them of course!!!

  54. Michelle Rayner says:

    white chocolate please

  55. Greig spencer says:

    Chockwork Orange

  56. Colin Gault says:

    Orange are my fav

  57. Colin Gault says:

    Wow what a great prize……

  58. Holly Foxwell says:

    Chunky white chocolate!!! Mmmmmmmm I am salavating just thinking about it

  59. hazlenut mmmmmm sounds tasty

  60. Katrina Day-Reilly says:

    Clockwork Orange

  61. The hazelnut brownies sound delicious, actually they all do, but that would be my first choice.

  62. kay adeola says:

    hmmm would have to be clockwork orange but its very hard to choose they all sound amazing

  63. Christina Michael says:

    Caramel Crunch sounds wonderful

  64. Clare F Wood says:

    my fave would be Chockwork Orange

  65. rachael jones says:

    chocwork orange sounds awesome !

  66. Bonnie King says:

    Chocolate orange! Ooooh.

  67. kristy brown says:

    Mmmmmm, Has to be Hazelnut!!!

  68. Eleanor Jones says:

    Caramel Crunch

  69. Dawn Chapman says:

    clockwork orange!

  70. Simon Thompson says:

    They all look mouth-watering but caramel crunch sounds especially inviting

  71. Lemknip Pink says:

    Classic Chocolate, yummy!

  72. Caramel Crunch or Cappucino

  73. vicky haddock says:

    I love the sound of caramel crunch

  74. Mel Butcher says:

    I think the cappucino flavour would be my favourite.

  75. helena haddock says:

    caramel crunch, mouths watering at the sound of it

  76. Dawn Spooner says:

    Chocwork Orange

  77. Michael Cannon says:

    mmm Chockwork Orange sounds lovely!

  78. Laura Cooper says:

    The cardamom one sounds really interesting – i like unusual flavours.

  79. Loma Wood says:

    It would have to be Chunky White Chocolate

  80. Daisy Bryan says:

    White chocolate!!! I LOVE white chocolate 😀

  81. Sarahann Tonner says:

    They all sound ama\ing but caramel crunch sounds soooooooo good, my mouth is watering!!!

  82. kirsty meredith Pt Vip says:

    Ooooo I am in love with this mouth watering goodies. I would love a chunky chocolate 🙂

  83. Rebecca Austerberry says:

    They all look amazing – and i am sure the taste would be as nice as the appearance – although think it would have to be the caramel crunch one! Nom nom!

  84. Tracy Costello says:

    Chockwork Orange – chocolate and orange is my favourite taste combination!

  85. Rosie Houghton says:

    Clockwork Orange flavour sounds perfect for me, although my children would love the chunky chocolate brownies and my husband would adore the Banoffi option. What a fantastic review, I’m drooling already.

  86. michelle dootson says:

    Hazelnut sound yummy

  87. Kirstie Vaughan says:

    Chockwork Orange sounds wonderful (in fact they all sound wonderful!)

  88. Blog is looking amazing!! Bluebasil Gourmet Brownies look very tasty!

  89. Cat H Adams says:

    Hazelnut sounds scrumptious

  90. DENISE CROSS says:

    Chockwork orange sounds delightful

  91. Megan Bayford says:

    Chockwork Orange

  92. mandy waller says:

    It would have to be the caramel crunch 🙂

  93. please feed me – i love cakes

  94. Will Spain says:

    Definitely Cappuccino!

  95. Tracy Hanley says:

    Caramel Crunch sounds yummy

  96. REBECCA WELCH says:

    I loooove the look (and sound) of the chocwork orange brownie. I can almost smell it from the description! I think my other half would like the white chocolate ones, as he has a sweet tooth.

  97. Janice Davison says:

    Clockwork Orange sound intriging

  98. Wendy Lam says:

    Caramel Crunch sounds like my flavour. I love food with different textures and I’m already feeling the smooth chocolatey brownie going against the crunchy bits of caramel on top. Mmmm…

  99. valerie mccarthy says:

    Chunky White Chocolate.. yum. yum

  100. Wow!
    Banoffee has to be the one!

  101. Sarah Cooper says:

    Chockwork Orange sounds wonderful – think that would be my favourite!

  102. Joanne Mapp says:

    They look delicious

  103. tina santilli says:

    banoffee for sure super yummy

  104. Caramel Crunch sounds gorgeous!

  105. kirstie kenton says:

    my favorite brownies is caramel crunch.

  106. Samantha Holloway says:

    Has to be hazlenut, I love any choc that has nuts in it.

  107. Rachael Simmons says:

    Hi, I bet it would Clockwork Orange, thanks a lot! 😀

  108. Joanne Davis says:

    Yum. ( mouth drools )

  109. gill colling says:

    oo I really want to try these

  110. Astrid James says:

    Clockwork Orange:)

  111. Sarah Edwards says:

    Oh i’d love a cappucino one. Coffee and chocolate is my fave combination!

  112. Clockwork Orange for me!

  113. andrea miles says:

    caramel crunch although they all sound lovely

  114. Hannah Moody says:

    Chocwork orange sound deliscious! Love the name too 🙂

  115. Clockwork orange looks lush but so do all of them lol do I really have to choose?

  116. Hazel Christopher says:

    Caramel Crunch is the one I think I’d like best 🙂 X

  117. Andrew Halliwell says:

    The Classic Chunky Chocolate does sound brill…
    But the orange one sounds nice too…

    But which is better? There’s only one way to find out…

  118. I think clockwork orange would be my favorite flavour followed in close second by the cardamom brownie.

  119. Georg Ball says:

    BANOFFEE sounds delish!

  120. Elizabeth Smith says:

    After much deliberation i think my favourite flavour would be Chunky White Chocolate. I think I need a tasting session to confirm this!

  121. Karen Ashton says:

    Cappuccino would be my favorite :)))) yum yum

  122. Katarzyna Szewczyk says:

    A Caramel Crunch and Bannoffee – I must try them both!Sounds delicious :)))

  123. Emma Howard says:

    The cardamon brownie sounds different and delicious!

  124. Chockwork Orange – sounds divine!

  125. Hazelnut! Sounds terrific

  126. Linda Osborne says:

    White Chocolate, sounds yummy

  127. Helen Stratton says:

    Mmmmm, Chockwork Orange 🙂

  128. Nia Roberts says:

    banoffee would definitely be a favourite of mine! x

  129. Carol Peace says:

    It would have to be The Classic Chunky Chocolate one.

  130. All of them?! I think my most favourite would be the chunky chocolate one x

  131. Joanna Orr says:

    Hard to choose, but I love the idea of a Banoffee Brownie!!

  132. Adele Hill says:

    It would have to be clockwork orange

  133. Cherryl Thomas says:

    ALL the gluten free ones! They are amazing!

  134. I love brownies so so much! These look A. Mazing!

  135. Cheryll H says:

    Chockwork Orange I think. Or caramel Crunch…. ummm. Maybe Banoffee? To be fair, i think I’d love them all! 🙂 @pipersky1

  136. Got to be the Chockwork Orange, its a classic combination of flavours that really works for me.

  137. lucy zelazowski says:

    Wow these look amazing, I rarely get to eat such delicious treats.
    Banoffee Brownie! Yummy

  138. claire fawkner says:

    Defo cappuccino for me!

  139. Corinne Faulkner says:

    They sound devine but love the sound of Clockwork Orange hmmmm my mouth is watering right now 🙂

  140. all sound nice but banoffee nom

  141. Alison Broadley says:

    Has to be Caramel Crunch or Chunky White Chocolate or Chockwork Orange! Hell’s teeth hope I win! 🙂

  142. says:


  143. paula burnside says:

    Caramel crunch sounds delicious!

  144. I have to pick a favourite? I love brownies and they all look so good. Hazelnut if I really really have to choose though

  145. Cardamon would be my favourite… Love the cardamon on top of the brownie, simple and nice touch!

  146. Sharon Bellwood says:

    They look lovely xx

  147. Karen Barrett says:

    Hazlenut for me x

  148. Sharon Fordham says:

    Caramel Crunch sounds delicious!

  149. Has to be Chockwork Orange for me!

  150. caramel crunch sounds lovely. x

  151. Michelle Styles says:

    Definitely cappuccino!

  152. RACHEL OAKES says:


  153. Wow, these look amazing! Cappuccino would be my fave.

  154. Hmm.. I love a bit of cardamom so I’m going to have to say that one, they sound delish!

  155. Dan Bullock says:

    I’ve wanted to try these for ages, look amazing! 🙂

  156. kerry Locke says:

    For a coffee addict like me it would have to be – Cappuccino

  157. gemma blake says:

    hmm, how do you choose… they all sound delicious! If forced I think I would go for chunky white choc x

  158. i would love to try the Banoffee flavour

  159. Charlotte Procter says:


  160. Gillian Holmes says:

    Caramel Crunch if you please 🙂

  161. cheryl.lovell says:

    Cappuccino yummy!

  162. They all look and sound delicious, but the caramel crunch just edges out the white chocolate.

  163. elaine stokes says:

    caramel crunch

  164. My husband adores brownies and flavoured ones would be a fantastic treat!

  165. Fran Light says:

    I think ‘Chockwork Orange’ would be my favourite, but they all sound very tasty!

  166. Marina Frow says:

    clockwork orange sounds lovely!

  167. Alison Bruce says:

    These look delicious, please enter me into your competition

  168. Caramel Crunch sounds divine 😀

  169. Clockwork orange would be my favourite, I love the combination of chocolate and orange.

  170. Carolyn Philip says:

    I would like the hazelnut brownies as I love hazelnut!

  171. Sue McCarthy says:

    Classic Chunky Chocolate

  172. katrina walsh says:

    Banoffee sounds divine x

  173. Crystal Mse says:

    Cappuccino ! Intense and divine ! x

  174. Vanessa F says:

    I think my favourite would be Classic Chunky Chocolate because it’s a classic, but there’s only one way to know for sure!

  175. lorraine stone says:

    Caramel crunch. My hubby won’t like that one so it will be all mine!!!

  176. Sue Robinson says:

    Caramel Crunch would be my favourite although I would happily sample them all x

  177. Katrina Wakelin says:

    Banoffee brownie would definitely be my favourite

  178. Diana Cotter says:

    Classic Chunky Chocolate for me 🙂

  179. Susan Anderson says:

    Has to be hazelnut 😀

  180. Darius D. says:

    Hazelnut sounds delicious.

  181. Jennifer Guertin says:

    The white chocolate ones look mouthwateringly good!

  182. gerald ludlow says:

    Caramel crunch sounds nice.

  183. Julie Davies says:

    Clockwork Orange

  184. EMMA CELLA says:

    Definitely Banoffee

  185. Christine Johnson says:

    Classic Chunky Chocolate , so good that they are gluten free

  186. The hazelnut one sounds like something I couldn’t resist.

  187. Hazelnut (obviously) – provided it was glutenfree.

  188. Jane Amess says:

    Hazelnut. Definitely. Yum.

  189. Joanne Cross says:

    Caramel Crunch – oh my mouth is watering just thinking of it…

  190. kim mayhead says:

    Blue Basil Cardamom Brownies Sound Delicious

  191. Alice Hindley says:

    Chunky chocolate is my favorite

  192. My eyes are closed and my mouth wide open. Surprise me!
    White chocolate preferably.

  193. melanie stirling says:

    I think the classic chuncky chocolate would be my favourite 🙂

  194. Chockwork Orange or Caramel Crunch i cant decide until i try them

  195. Zoe Howarth says:

    Chunky White Chocolate

  196. christine oprey says:

    Caramel Crunch would be my fav! 🙂

  197. amy gonzalez says:

    clockwork orange sound amazing!

  198. Sarah Birkett says:

    definately white chocolate, definately

  199. Daniel Reeves says:

    Got to be Banoffee!

  200. dorit vaknine says:

    classic chunky chocolate without a doubt- original brownie flavour 🙂

  201. Keeley Atkinson says:

    I’d have to try the White Chocolate Brownies, I love white chocolate and have never tried it in a brownie before.
    (Would that actually make it a whitey instead? LOL!)
    I wouldn’t mind the Hazelnut either, I imagine it has a sort of Fererro Rocher taste to it??
    OMG, I am so hungry now looking at those brownies, yet all I have is butterfly cakes. They just don’t compare really do they.

  202. Ruth Tesdale says:

    White chocolate yum yum

  203. diana shepherd says:

    WOW these looks so wonderful, this is the type of thing i like and you dont see this kind of thing around, bet they taste devine?! .. Esp Chockwork Orange, Ahh my mouth is watering now!!! Stunning.

  204. NATALIE GOATLEY says:

    Classic Chunky Chocolate is my favourite

  205. Can you not just make a huge chocolate brownie made up of little squares of each flavour that you could break off like chocolate squares? That would be my favourite as its impossible to choose just the one.

  206. LUCY IRVING says:

    Chockwork Orange

  207. Meryl Rees says:

    Clockwork Orange sounds good 🙂

  208. Janet Garside says:

    Chocwork orange would be my favourite!

  209. Louise Walton says:

    Chockwork Orange sounds delicious !!!!!

  210. claire leckenby says:

    It would have to be Caramel Crunch…no maybe the Classic Chunky Chocolate or even the Chunky White Chocolate….no I think it would be Chockwork Orange AND Cappuccino AND Hazelnut AND Banoffee AND Cardamom or Chunky Chocolate and White Chocolate….hmmmm maybe just all of them because I’m greedy and love brownies….

  211. Emma Holness says:

    Chockwork Orange

  212. jennifer thorpe says:

    wow, they all look and sound amazing! I would, if I had to though, choose banoffee

  213. Rachael G says:

    Caramel Crunch sounds amazing. But then again so does the hazelnut one…

  214. cheryl edwards says:

    Classic Chunky Chocolate… nature intended

  215. Vivien Baird says:

    Hard to chose but if I had to it would be Hazelnut

  216. Caroline H says:

    Chockwork Orange sounds amazing!

  217. JoJo Young says:

    The Chockwork Orange sounds really delicious!

  218. Miss Claire Leverett says:

    My favourite flavour would be the caramel crunch 🙂

  219. olivia kirby says:

    hazelnut, yummyyyyy!

  220. Jenny Cooke says:

    Classic Chunky Chocolate. Pure and Simple…

  221. Sarah Worton says:

    White Chocolate!! Yummy x

  222. steven appleton says:

    A Clockwork Orange :O)

  223. wendy stanger says:

    Banoffee would be yum but would love any of them! @kikicomp & kiki woo on facebook

  224. Oh dear you want me to pick 1 flavour???? Can I pick 2? I like the chunky chocolate & the clockwork orange.

  225. maureen findley says:

    the caramel crunch sound mouth watering

  226. It would be the Caramel Crunch for me, but they all sound nice, and making me really hungry thinking about them

  227. Andrew Dommett says:

    cappuccino for me

  228. lindsay chadburn says:

    caramel crunch yum!!!

  229. Hayley Fountain says:

    Caramel Crunch sounds yummy

  230. anthony harrington says:

    oooh choccy and orange, in fact I love it all!

  231. Classic Chunky Chocolate sounds heavenly.

  232. Crunch, Classic Chunky Chocolate, i love chocolate and more chocolate, though the others look great too

  233. Banoffee definitely, I didn’t even realise you could make brownies like that!

  234. Chunky White Chocolate Brownie – mmm – heaven.

  235. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    They all sound so lovely! I would love the Cappuccino one.

  236. Phil Darling says:

    chocwork orange – I lovea good pun

  237. angela sandhu says:

    caramel crunch

  238. nikki hilton says:

    cappuccino would be my all time favorite!

  239. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    Sigh drool I am so hungry! They look fab. I think out of all the flavours they make the cappucino might be my favourite as I really love coffee/choc combinations for cakes. Must be time for an afternoon cuppa now…thanks for the competition!

  240. Robert Price says:

    I rather fancy the Chunky White Chocolate

  241. liz denial says:

    classic chunky chocolate

  242. Stephanie Tsang says:

    Chockwork orange would be my favourite. Yummy.

  243. Nermine Abdel Sayed says:

    yummy yummy yummy!!!

  244. Philippa Davey says:

    awesome prize!

  245. Christine says:

    All of ’em – I have a VERY sweet tooth – but if pushed to choose Hazelnut – got a Nutella addiction!

  246. Amelia Kennedy says:

    Hazelnut would be my favourite!

  247. Lyndsey Brett says:

    Chockwork Orange sounds amazing!!!

  248. I would go for white chocolate

  249. Lorraine Partyn says:

    Caramel Crunch – yummy!

  250. louise connor says:

    banoffee sounds great!!!

  251. jan donahue says:

    Chunky chocolate is my favorite

  252. Beth Bowdler says:

    Cappuccino is my very favourite

  253. Definitely Banoffee *drool* 🙂

  254. Banoffee sounds yummo!

  255. julie kenny says:

    Cappuccino – sounds so sticky and yummy – delicious !

  256. Katherine Aitken says:

    It would have to be Cappucino.

  257. Great review Ren, it really made me smile. I was lucky enough to try some of these brownies for review last year and I have to say they are in a class of their own. The cardamom was my absolute favourite, though it was hard to make a decision and that’s the one I would go for again if given half the chance! I am unable to refrain from attempting to win this box 😉

  258. Maya Russell says:

    I love cardamom so that would be my favourite flavoured brownie.

  259. tricia cowell says:

    They all seem utterly delicious, but caramel crunch !

  260. Banoffe!! closely followed by classic chunky chocolate. These brownies look amazing… I LOVE brownies so really hope I win otherwise I’ll just have to order them for myself 🙂

  261. Lorna Williams says:

    I would like the chunky white chocolate brownies – anything with white chocolate in it has my vote – and you have them in a gluten free version for my dad too! What’s not to like??

  262. amy marantino says:

    Clockwork Orange

  263. Rainie Bish says:

    Love them all but Banoffee is my favourite

  264. Cardomom, by a “short head”

  265. Amanda Steel says:

    white chocolate

  266. lesley hamilton says:

    Chunky white chocolate

  267. elizabeth barker says:

    chocwork orange would be my choice. nom nom

  268. Hmmmmm. After A LENGTHY deliberation I think I would plump for Chunky White Chocolate. Sounds delightfully amazing. Clockwork Orange a very close second!

  269. ali thorpe says:

    I really can’t choose between Chocwork Orange or Hazelnut as I’m a sucker for chocolate in these combinations. Ooh, they just look yummy!

  270. Lee Davis says:

    Hazelnut! I love nuts!

  271. laura banks says:

    the cappuccino beacuse coffee and chocolate go so well together

  272. Tracy K Nixon says:

    Mmmmmm Cappuccino!!! I’m a coffee addict and love anything coffee flavoured!!!!

  273. kathleen hooper says:

    OOH they all sound so delicious,but the caramel crunch just sounds so tempting so that gets my vote

  274. It would have to be clockwork orange or cappuccino for me, although my daughter would be begging for the white chocolate ones. They all look amazing!

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