I’m excited to announce that my first cookery book, Wild Honey and Rye – Modern Polish Recipes was published by Pavilion Books¬†on 7th September 2017.

You can see more images from inside the book via Amazon here.

Cover image and recipes images within Yuki Sugiura

You can order the book through the following links:





Browns Books for Students

Around the world

(English language version measurements in metric and imperial)

USA – Amazon.com

#1 New Release in Polish Cooking

Canada – Amazon.ca

France – Amazon.fr

Germany – Amazon.de

(will deliver to Poland)

Germany – Weltbild.de

Sweden – Adlibris.com

Finland – Adlibris.com/fi

Norway – Adlibris.com/no

Japan – amazon.co.jp

Thank you so much for your support. It started here!