Review: Hotel Chocolat Easter 2014 Range

Every year, I look forward to receiving at least a little bit of the Hotel Chocolat range for Easter and there’s always so much to look forward to. I also try to pop into one of their high street shops just after the holidays, too, to scoop up some special offers, since, you know, all the chocolate over Easter isn’t enough. I’ve tried many different types of chocolate over the years and though some chocolate connoisseurs may profess dark chocolate to be the best, I’m more of a fan of good-quality milk chocolate and believe that a little bit can go a very long way to satisfying a sweet tooth. This year, the Hotel Chocolat Easter 2014 range starts at £2.00 for their solid 40% milk chocolate lolly, called an Egg on Toast Lick, stretching to the more luxurious end of the budget, £75.00, for a giant Easter egg called The Classic Ostrich Egg. At the lower to middle end of the range sit some of my favourites of this year – the All Milk Alcohol Free Easter Collection (£28.00) would go some way to satisfying my third-trimester pregnancy cravings, whilst the Goose Eggs (£13.00) in caramel and white chocolate vied for my attention, too. I’m also a big fan of Hotel Chocolat’s caramel milk chocolate, and so The Splat Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg (£12.50) makes it onto my wish-list as well.

Hotel Chocolat Easter 2014 Selection

For anyone not so keen on an actual chocolate egg, The Easter Sleekster Selection (£24.00) would make a good alternative –  filled with pralines, ganaches and caramels. And, if you are looking for something for a family, perhaps to send in the post, go for the Hotel Chocolat Easter Hamper (£39.00) which offers a selection of bow tie bunnies, milk & white eggs and soldiers, a dozen quail egglets, milk tiddly chicks and two of the egg on toast licks. If you order online and spend over £35.00, you’ll also receive a free gift yourself from the Easter bunny.

Current giveaway

Don’t forget that I’ve got a giveaway up and running until Wednesday 16th April 2014 for the Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg (£28.00) so pop over and enter here now.

The full range of Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs and Gifts can be found online here or within any of their high street stores.

With many thanks to Hotel Chocolat for sending me a selection of their Easter range for review. I was not required to post a review, nor have I been paid to do so. Images my own.

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