Russell Hobbs Desire 3 in 1 Hand Blender and Hand Mixer (RRP £47.98) Review and Giveaway

I’m back to road test the Russell Hobbs Desire Collection. Yesterday, I wrote about the Desire Food Processor and hosted a giveaway, today I am featuring the Desire 3 in 1 Hand Blender and the Desire Hand Mixer. The Russell Hobbs Desire collection is matt black in colour with red accents. I think of all the range, this combination of products are the two I am most likely to use on an everyday basis.


Desire 3 in 1 Hand Blender

I find that 3 in 1 one hand blenders are great because you get one main piece/handle (fitted with a cord) with three different attachments – all of them useful for different jobs for faster food preparation.

The first attachment is an electric whisk. You would mainly use this for whisking double or whipping cream, or perhaps for whisking together eggs and sugar if you were making a custard. Really, any occasion where you would ordinarily use a manual balloon whisk, but want to save yourself the hassle of standing there and whisking for a while.

The second (middle attachment in the picture above) is a wand with a blade – essentially a whizzer (that you can either use with the plastic beaker provided) or stick straight into a pan of whatever you are cooking to puree or pulse. I always use my stick blender to whizz my Bolognese sauce, a trick which I find makes the sauce more palatable and less lumpy for kids. To do this with a stick blender, you simply cook your Bolognese sauce and then use the stick blender to pulse the meat just three or four times. You aren’t trying to get a puree (unless you are weaning) you are just using the stick blender to breakdown some of the meat. You can, of course, use the stick blender to make purees for babies, or you could use it to make a super-quick smoothie, a blended soup or to puree or remove the lumps from a sauce

The third attachment is a kitchen genius – the chopper. Using the same main handle, you screw the handle onto the bowl lid with the chopper blade in place and you have a mini-chopper. This has a multitude of uses. I use mine to finely chop nuts, make pesto, whizz biscuits to make a cheesecake base or to make quick homemade breadcrumbs out of stale bread.

I have found the 3 in 1 Hand Blender to be so useful in the kitchen. It is easy to use and all three parts make life much easier when preparing food.

You get a small, basic instruction manual  – sadly only with one recipe, a coriander pesto, the same recipe that came with the food processor! There are more recipes on the Russell Hobbs website.

Desire Hand Whisk

I have decided to feature these two items side by side because I found that they take up minimal space, but between them have the most functions and uses. I don’t think I could be without an electric hand whisk in my kitchen. I have tried (and still use) a Russell Hobbs Allure Hand Blender that was sent to me to test. The Desire Hand Whisk I found to be a little more basic (it doesn’t have a nicely back-lit electric display) but it is more than half the price (£17.99 versus £39.99). In any case, the Desire Hand Whisk is sturdy and has a flat base so that when you have finished whisking you can stand it to one side. It has five speed settings and means that you can whizz up a cakes, bakes and biscuits pretty pronto.  If you want to try your hand at making bread or perhaps a pizza dough, the whisk also comes with a two dough hook attachments.

Again, a small manual is included with one recipe for biscuits!

Not my manicured hand!


Time for your chance to win both products –

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Discloure: I was sent the Russell Hobbs Desire Collection range to test/review along with a second set to giveway. No incentive was given to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received in order for this product to be featured on Fabulicious Food!


Part Three of my Russell Hobbs Desire Collection Giveaway is still to come.

Enter to win a Desire Food Processor here!



  1. says

    I would use it to make fruit smoothies to get used to it and then use it to do all the jobs that take me ages with a hand whisk at the moment! @Bobbity666

  2. Rach J says

    Fantastic – thanks very much for your review, haven’t come across a 3 in 1 before – it sounds brilliant! I use my 1 in 1 (!) for soups mostly but I’d use this to make a strawberry cheesecake. Think the chopping part sounds very useful!

  3. Amanda Valenti says

    I would use it to make my families favorite lemon cupcakes!

    Thank you!
    avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com

  4. M Ahmed says

    The 3in1 blender will be used daily to make my finger licking curries.
    The hand whisk would be an absolute treat for my 12 year old daughter, she loves baking, cup cakes, birthday cakes, by the time it comes to making buttercream icing her arm aches. Bless she doesn’t stop till the jobs done.

  5. Tracey Anne Berry says

    I’d make the fluffiest most loveliest most whitest meringues – love love love meringues but u cant make them without a powerful whisk – do u think this could handle the job? LOL

  6. Jan Beal says

    I’d make a Hazelnut cake, the 3 in 1 would take all the work out of grinding the hazelnuts and the hand whisk would make the batter in no time. Lovely with icecream and fruit!

  7. says

    My hand whisk is on it’s last legs, it is making a funny noise. I use it all the time and if I won a new one I would make a lovely Victoria Sponge to celebrate!

  8. Lucy Pasifull says

    What wouldn’t I use it for! The hand blender I bought when my daughter was a baby has given up the ghost and I didn’t realise how much I used it. Soups are impossible without one.

  9. Lucy says

    Ooh I’d use it for everything! During the week it’d be breakfast smoothies, homemade soups for lunch and sauces for dinner (so many options!) and then at the weekend I’d indulge my love of baking – cupcakes, sponge cake, pavlova, cheesecake, brownies… mmmmmm :)

  10. Alison Broadley says

    I would make Slimming World’s chocolate log with the whisk and Slimming World Colcannon with the blender!

    With such cool equipment in your kitchen, there’s less excuse for sticking to a diet because it’s easier to make different recipes all the time, so you don’t get bored or stuck in a rut!

  11. Hannah Moody says

    I’d use to to make scrummy smoothies for my 19 month old! He loves fruit and think it’d be great to be more inventive with it for him :)

  12. Jill Mann says

    I would use the hand mixer to make extra batches of plain cupcakes to put in the freezer. (ideal for icing and decorating at a later date)

  13. says

    Anything to do with egg-whites! I have pathetic arm muscles and whisking them by hand just leaves me exhausted! I swear, meringue is a health-hazard!

  14. says

    HI Ren, I would make a lovely meringue topping for some pie, or just whip up some cream to enjoy with strawberries whenever the sun comes out!

  15. Phyllis Ellett says

    I would use it wherever I would have needed a wooden spoon. Getting old I find mixing by hand is becoming very difficult. Oh and the chopper I would use for garlic as I can never get them finely chopped by hand.

  16. Victoria leedham says

    I’d use it for making cakes, would save me a lot of wrist ache, today I made 80 cupcakes and two big cakes for a coffee morning

  17. ali thorpe says

    Firstly, I would use it for soups. I make a fab homegrown tomato and red pepper but I know I need to try other recipes, branch out a little bit! I’m thinking something potatoey and warming (it’s the rain tricking me into wanting comfort food!)

  18. says

    Ahh, I want that hand blender. We use ours all the time but it has only the blender and doesn’t detach so it is a pain to clean. We use it for soups, which we make a lot. The mini chopper looks great and I’d use that for nuts and possibly chocolate!

  19. brenda heads says

    I would use it to blend the babyies food – much better and cheaper than using jars of baby food all the time.

  20. says

    I would love to give my porridge a good “once over” with this little beauty. At the moment I pour the cooked porridge into my blender to make it silky smooth – this would save all the washing up.

  21. Cat H Adams says

    I would initially use it to mix Cambridge diet sachets…I lost 8 stone to help me conceive my little boy whilst having fertility treatment, unfortunately gained a lot having him and so would like to do it again and fit back into all my lovely small ‘new’clothes that I only wore for a few months as got pregnant. I would also use it to make some fabulous recipes for my son to eat, he loves his food and is as yet unfussy!

  22. says

    Whisking egg whites so I don’t have to wash my kitchenaid twice when baking. I would also use it to chop nuts and blitz biscuits if required for a recipe.

  23. Cate says

    I like your idea of whizzing the Spag Bol to romove “bits” – it seems lots of my cooking has bits and is inedible so I reckon will be very useful!

  24. Maureen Grainger says

    I’d use them to whisk up the ingredients when I’m baking cakes, (which I do a lot of, with a spoon at the moment)

  25. Christine Bray says

    I use mine amongst other things to remove lumps from custard or gravy!