Vodka and Honey Braised Ribs

Well, the summer (ahem, excusing the miserable weather) of sport has begun with the start of the Euro 2012 football contest hosted by Poland and Ukraine. Eight matches have already taken place and tonight, the vodka is at the ready for Poland’s game against Russia. If you are watching any of the games and fancy making some Eastern European-style snacks, here’s my tasty recipe for Vodka and Honey Braised Ribs. In Poland, spare ribs are called Żeberka and it’s very common to have Żeberka w miodzie, or Ribs in Honey. My twist is to add a little shot of vodka (or two) to the mix. The method comes from my brother, who makes the best ribs in town. His trick is to simmer them slowly in some stock or water first before braising them in the oven. Try them, and then say ‘Nazdrowie!’ with a shot or two of the liquid ingredient! Oh, and don’t throw anything away; use the stock that you’ve simmered your ribs in to make a flavourful soup. 

[gmc_recipe 5248]

Enjoy the football!

Which sporting event are you looking forward to the most this summer? 



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  1. the sauce sounds amazing…we have a small Polish community here in NY in the Greenpoint section which I eat at sometimes, but now with all of your delicious recipes I am tempted to try myself at Polish cuisine.

  2. Wow vodka and honey sounds just fantastic. Blogged about and made sticky coffee pork ribs for a supperclub recently, and now am a bit sick of ribs, but I’m sure I’m going to come back to this a week later! the flavours sound brilliant! perfect for father’s day too.

    1. OOh yes good idea, vodka ribs for Father’s Day! That’s the starter sorted :-)) Hope your supperclub went well!

  3. Ribs feature highly on my BBQ repertoire but as you can imagine, i hasn’t really been used yet! Love the sound of your marinade. Great flavours and vodka adds another dimension :)x

    1. Thanks Laura, someone once told me that marinading in pineapple juice works well so I might try that, too…when the vodka runs out!!!

  4. These look fantastic Ren, my other half is a HUGE fan of ribs and is always badgering me to make them, though I haven’t yet. I’m not a major fan of sport on TV. Well, I’m not a major fan of sport full stop but it makes me smile how excited people get!

    1. Thanks Sian, we love ribs. My youngest chews every single bit of meat off the bones and leaves them shiny! x

  5. Mmmmm they look great – ribs are such a treat! Just settling down to watch the match with Sam – he is SO into Euro 2012!

    1. Aah bless Sam, hope he enjoys all the games, it’s all very exciting, isn’t it!?

  6. I really don’t do sport so I’m not looking forward to either the football or most of the Olympics.
    Sometimes I watch a little F1 but haven’t followed it for last few years.
    And sometimes a little Wimbledon tennis.
    That’s about my lot, really.
    Football, rugby, rowing, running and most other sports leave me cold.

    BUT your ribs look MARVELLOUS so I may have to try those regardless of whether I’ll be watching the sport or not!

    1. Aah thanks Kavey. I’m looking to Wimbledon too and although I don’t follow football regularly I do like the Euro and the World Cup! Enjoy xx

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