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Love Notes Velentine's Day

It’s that time of year again when the shops go into overdrive selling Valentine’s Day merchandise. Expectation levels are high; will we receive flowers, chocolates, a card from the petrol station, an invitation to dinner?! Or none of the above, with the reasoning that true love should be expressed throughout the year and not just on one day…My little boy is making a Valentine’s day card this year. He’s six and there is one particular young lady who has captured his attention. I’ve already received my ‘love note’ from him and a cut out heart, saying “I Love You Mummy.”  I’ve also had an early taste of some Hotel Chocolat ‘Love Notes’ – so I’m a happy girl even if that’s my lot. I also have a box to share with one of my readers, too.

Love Notes Hotel Chocolat

This year, the Hotel Chocolat Love Notes Menu reveals – Amaretto Marzipan, Caramel Praline, Champagne Bellini, Dark Mousse, Lemon Berry Tart and Salted Praline. In this box, you get 12 chocolates, two of each flavour. The box is small but sturdy, you could keep it for your real love notes. Underneath the chocolates, there are twelve love quotes, so as you pick each chocolate out of the box, you reveal a little message. Since I’ve just been to see Les Misérables, I’ll share a Victor Hugo quote from the box – “Love is a portion of the soul itself.”

Love Notes

There’s a clear winner in this box for me – the Caramel Praline. If you’ve ever tasted Hotel Chocolate’s Caramel Button’s you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s almost impossible not to eat the whole packet in one sitting. So, the combination of milk chocolate, praline and caramel in a heart-shaped chocolate was definitely the highlight of the box for me. My husband immediately picked out the two Amaretto Marzipan chocolates, since those are his two very favourite flavours. I’m not usually a fan of fruity chocolates, but the Lemon Berry Tart (white chocolate) offered a taste of rich lemon curd with a spike of berries followed by sweet and mellow white chocolate. The Champagne Bellini has a really good hit of alcohol and a dash of peach, but I didn’t really get any peach flavour. The Dark Mousse was probably my least favourite, but then again, I’ve always favoured Hotel Chocolat’s milk chocolate range, but that’s just me. There’s a Salted Praline, too, and though I’m a little over salted chocolate this one has a good pinch of Fleur de Sel. 

Hotel Chocolat’s Love Notes are priced at £14.00. Last year, I believe that the box contained a little card that you could write a personal love note on, this year, you don’t get a card, only the insert with love quotations.

Love Notes

I also noticed their Lovebirds chocolate (priced at £10.00), which I thought were sweet.

If you are hoping to impress someone this Valentine’s Day, I’d say go for The Affection Collection along with a Revive Treatmeant Candle.    

Here’s how to enter the Hotel Chocolat Giveaway – the prize will be sent out by Hotel Chocolat directly.

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Note – This is a sponsored review, all views and opinion expressed are my own. Many thanks to Hotel Chocolat.



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  1. I every time emailed this blog post page to all my friends, since if like to read it after that my contacts will too.

  2. white chocolate and raspberry

  3. Dave Edwards says:

    Anything minty!!

  4. Hannah Smith says:

    My favourite is dark chocolate and strawberry cream

  5. clare leahy says:

    im a praline girl 🙂 or salted caramel 😀

  6. Joanna Sawka says:

    coconut flavour

  7. Joanne Homer says:

    I love strawberry creme in dark chocolate.

  8. Hazel Rea says:

    Dark chocolate (85%) truffle.

  9. William Gould says:

    Chocolate covered caramel!

  10. Amy Ripley says:

    Plain Chocolate with Orange – mmm!!!!!

  11. Diana Semionova says:

    Strawberry cream :}

  12. Praline – love nuts because I’m nutty myself 🙂

  13. jayne underwood says:

    chocolate caramel x

  14. Georgia McAllister says:

    Any chocolate with caramel

  15. Mark Johnson says:

    DARK Chocolate and Orange

  16. I love chocolate with chilli

  17. Leigh Larkin says:

    Milk chocolate with any kind or fruit or truffle filling. As long as it isn’t nutty – I’m a fan!

  18. Emily Jane Nelson says:

    White Chocolate vanilla swirl! X

  19. I love white chocolate and raspberry

  20. Judith eddington says:

    i love strawberry creams

  21. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    I love nuts and milk chocolate

  22. I love Violet & rose creams. Yum 🙂

  23. mmm orange cream or raspberry cream…ooh i had apple in dark chocolate once which was delicious!

  24. Julie Guy says:

    I love Turkish Delight.

  25. Claire Appleton says:

    Chocolate Orange

  26. Rachel Blackburn says:

    Choclate caramels

  27. James Aspey says:

    raspberry and milk

  28. Amanda Wakefield says:


  29. Jennifer Rhymer says:

    I love Raspberry creams but any soft centre is my favourite

  30. Maria Jane Knight says:

    It has to be chocolates with a hazelnut praline …..although my father in law has just introduced me to chilli chocolate and that is gorgeous!

  31. Jackie ONeill says:

    hazelnut caramel

  32. Salted caramel and milk chocolate!

  33. Natalie Henderson says:

    Salted Caramel!!

  34. charlotte r says:

    milk chocolate and caramel

  35. katie thomas says:

    I love caramel centres – yum 🙂

  36. mint chocolate once i start eating it i cant stop most of all after eights lol

  37. Gary Martindale says:

    Truffle with Hazelnut

  38. Paula Phillips says:

    White chocolate

  39. Paul Witney says:

    Any chocolate and nut combination

  40. Michelle Becker says:

    Salted Caramel

  41. Jamie Walker says:

    White chocolate and raspberry 🙂

  42. Emma Smith says:

    I love dark chocolate with coffee filling

  43. Jonathan Reed says:

    i love chilli chocolate

  44. sarah fleck says:

    white choc with a runny strawberry center 🙂

  45. Deborah Bird says:

    I love chocolate praline x

  46. Jayne Sullivan says:

    Caramel ( preferably one of the hard, chewy ones )

  47. 2 of my favourites are Turkish Delight and any coffee flavoured chocolates.

  48. Pamela Gossage says:

    Turkish delight is my favourite

  49. Sarah Red says:

    Hazlenut pralines are my fave 🙂

  50. Chris Bell says:

    Mmmmmm definately a sticky runny caramel!

  51. Victoria Smith says:

    Turkish delight is my favourite

  52. Nick Hopkins says:

    Strawberry creams

  53. Sharon V. says:

    Chocolate with soft caramel centres

  54. Turkish delight covered in milk chocolate

  55. Helen Aiken says:

    I love truffles, especially fruity ones.

  56. Kelly Hooper says:

    hmm think it would have to be caramel

  57. Sheri Darby says:

    I love dark chocolate truffles

  58. Christine Mutter says:

    Milk choc strawberry creams mmmmmm

  59. Annamarie Riddiford says:

    choc orange

  60. Deborah Wheeler says:

    Mint chocolate

  61. Or…….Chocolate and Ginger!

  62. Chocolate and praline!!

  63. Melanie Gardiner says:

    Chocolate and chilli – particularly in fudge cake. Yummy

  64. White chocolate does it for me

  65. Beky Austerberry says:

    I like turkish delight and chocolate

  66. I LOVE Hotel Chooclat! Visited a store in London. Would love to win this one! I love salted caramel and dark chocolate!

  67. Mint chocolate is my favourite, especially crispy mint rather than fondant

  68. In fresh food my fav combo is strawberries dipped in chocolate….as a filling for a choc box choccy would be anything with praline or nuts in it

  69. My fave is soft caramel with or without nuts. Yum!

  70. Samantha Atherton says:

    I like really dark chocolate

  71. Andrew Halliwell says:

    Mint and dark chocolate.

  72. Mickie Bull says:

    White Chocolate Creams

  73. Celia West says:

    White chocolate truffle

  74. Tracy Hughes says:

    Turkish Delight or Marzipan

  75. Milk Chocolate with Orange

  76. Janet Bagnall says:

    Chocolate and hazelnut

  77. Farhana Haque says:

    Plain milk chocolate for me

  78. Ann Moore says:

    I just love dark chocolate and orange.

  79. white chocolate and Raspberry

  80. Jen Smith says:

    This sounds and looks wonderful.

  81. Matt Hudson says:

    Chocolate and honeycomb

  82. katrina walsh says:

    I love chocolate with gooey caramel inside. I noticed they never seem to do caramel in white chocolate tho 🙁

  83. Emily Fraser says:

    Salted caramel! 🙂

  84. Christina Curtis says:

    Strawberry Soft Centre!

  85. Jesse Partington says:

    Dark chocolate with mint.

  86. denise cross says:

    strawberry creams

  87. Shelley Jessup says:

    I am addicted to dark orange chocolate, it’s heavenly!

  88. Peanut Butter and chocolate!

  89. Cheryll H says:

    I love raspberry with dark chocolate so rich and intense 🙂

  90. Megan Davies says:

    I love coffee creams

  91. Karen Richards says:

    Strawberry cream

  92. Stacie Pook says:

    Coffee chocolate, mmmm.

  93. Susan Ellams says:

    peanut butter and dark chocolate

  94. Natasha G says:

    I like chocolate with nuts – yum!

  95. Jay Scales says:

    I love salted caramels – the combination of sweet and salt is sooo yummy!

  96. Mint and chocolate .. mmmmmmm!

  97. funkiichiicka says:

    I like pralines.

  98. Lynn Blakeman says:

    I love a nice quality lemon mousse

  99. Laura Baker says:

    My husband would choose the Amaretto Marzipan ones too! I’m a Caramel Praline girl all the way 🙂

  100. Emma J Lowe says:

    i love a nice nutty praline chocolate

  101. shane weir says:

    Any alcoholic truffle.

  102. Leanne Court says:

    White Chocolate

  103. Christine Caple says:

    Chocolate mint creams are my favourite

  104. Brian Stabler says:

    Any alcoholic truffle.

  105. Julie Picton says:

    Love salted caramel

  106. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Strawberry creams in milk chocolate

  107. Greig spencer says:

    chocolate honeycomb, mmmm yummy

  108. Leanne Lunn says:

    Chcolate and honeycomb

  109. Maggie Coates says:

    Strawberry cream

  110. christina brown says:

    strawberry liqueur 🙂

  111. ali mckenzie says:

    rum and raisin chocolate

  112. NATALIE GOATLEY says:

    mint chocolate

  113. Rebecca Phillips says:

    coffee cream, i’m drooling just thinking about them!

  114. jemma price says:

    caremel mmmmm so good

  115. Aimee Wright says:

    I love all chocolate! But especially truffles.

  116. Anne-Marie Large says:

    Chocoate caramel. Mmmm!

  117. Deborah P says:

    White chocolate and lemon

  118. I really like Chocolate Fudge

  119. Natasha Corder says:

    I love mint chocolate!

  120. Jill Webb says:

    Coffee cream as long as its not to sweet

  121. Milk chocolate and praline…an amazing combination.

  122. justine meyer says:

    Mint and dark chocolate

  123. Suzanne Cooke says:

    I love strawberry creams, yum.

  124. Rachel Sanders says:

    Dark chcocolate is my favourite.

  125. Hotel Chocolate Salted Pralines are my favourite

  126. amanda lewis says:

    anything dark and crunchy

  127. Rachael G says:

    Milk chocolate and Hotel Chocolat caramel chocolate.

  128. Helen-Marie says:

    Milk Chocolate and Caramel

  129. Sally Carter says:

    I prefer soft centres and my favourite is coffee cream in a plain chocolate case.

  130. Sally Poole says:

    white chocolate and raspberry

  131. conrad edwards says:

    Like Scrat, anything with a nut..so hazelnut

  132. Amanda Oakley says:

    Salted caramel!

  133. Paula Green says:

    White chocolate and raspberry

  134. sarah lambert says:

    I luv strawberry cream in dark choc Yumm just the thought of it makes my mouth drewl lol 🙂

  135. Rachael Lines says:

    Choc and coffee.. Yummy!! <3

  136. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Love cherries covered with dark chocolate

  137. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    Anything with a praline centre, as long as it’s not dark chocolate.

  138. oooh – I love raspberry souffle style chocs or Lemon flavours (salivating at the thought!)


  139. Hollie Adlam says:

    White chocolate and raspberry!!! xoxo

  140. My favourite is salted caramel.

  141. Susie Clayton says:

    Macadamia Paste. Hotel Chocolat did them in a selectin box at one time. I utterly fell in love with it.



  143. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I love Caramel and Milk Chocolate – yummy!

  144. Julie Davies says:

    My all time favourites are dark chocolate cherry liqueurs

  145. Sharon Griffin says:

    strawberry cream

  146. Lisa Pepper says:

    strawberry or orange cream chocolates

  147. Lesley-Ann Dunn says:

    I love fruity flavours and turkish delight

  148. Anne-Marie Taylor says:

    I love anything with nuts – the Salted Praline sounds gorgeous!

  149. Louise Smith says:

    Chocolate Salted Caramels

  150. dark chocolate and coffee

  151. Caramel praline. Love love love anything with caramel

  152. Alison Joyce says:

    Milk chocolate and nuts

  153. Fiona Smith says:

    Chocolate and strawberry

  154. Ste Appleton says:

    I love coffee flavour, luckily no one else in my house likes them, bonus!

  155. paula burnside says:

    Ive yet to meet a chocolate that I dont like but my absolute favourite is Praline.

  156. Sarah Mcknight says:

    Chocolate praline

  157. Nothing has yet beaten salted caramel, but I’m open to offers 😉

  158. Marcus Cunningham says:

    caramel and milk chocolate

  159. Amanda Hurst says:

    Any fruit cream….to match my fruity personality or a nut one for my Nutty Husband 🙂

  160. Alison Wakefield says:

    I love Praline

  161. Natalie Phillips says:

    coffee flavoured chocolate

  162. Milk chocolate with pistachio 🙂

  163. Milk chocolate with a marzipan centre.

  164. anthony harrington says:

    dark chocolate and orange – yum!

  165. liz denial says:

    I love Hotel Chocolat’s chilli chocolate

  166. Caroline H says:

    Marzipan and dark chocolate!

  167. Catherine Sinead Mary Reynolds says:

    I love strawberry and chocolate combo, or things like terrys chocolate orange <3

  168. Milk Chocolate with Praline Centre

  169. Melissa Manning says:

    Fave chocolate? After Eights!

  170. laura banks says:

    dark chocolates and nuts

  171. hannah oneill says:

    Dark Chocolate with nuts

  172. I love choc with honeycomb, it is so moreish

  173. Paul Rogers says:

    Dark Chocolate and Bitter Orange my favourite Choc

  174. Charley Foulds says:

    love chocolate orange!!!!

  175. Charlotte Ingham says:

    I love strawberry creams!

  176. Nicola Biven says:

    Dark chocolate and strawberry simply delicious !

  177. Lisa Williams says:

    salted caramel yum!

  178. Wendy Lam says:

    I love the combination of white chocolate and hazelnut. I’m just sad not many places have it….

  179. Barbara Webster says:

    My favourite chocolate combination is Hazelnut and Caramel 🙂

  180. Jane Adair says:

    Dark chocolate and coffee ….. a match made in heaven x

  181. Angela sandhu says:

    Milk chocolate and caramel

  182. Lucy robinson says:

    Mint chocolate.

  183. Anything with hazelnuts

  184. Joanne Mapp says:

    I love orange creams. There is nothing quite like the bitter sweet taste of dark chocolate and a creamy orange filling

  185. dark chocolate and marzipan

  186. Stephen Lui says:

    any thing with milk chocolate is heaven

  187. Laura Harris says:

    Milk choc and praline….heaven. Also love truffles, caramel, nuts……anything with choc really!

  188. Tracey Peach says:

    White Chocolate With A lemon Filling

  189. Phil Darling says:

    Soft Caramel for me – my teeth aren’t what they used to be

  190. Milk chocolate praline with walnuts

  191. sandra rubery says:

    strawberry creme for me

  192. Janice Davison says:

    Milk tuffle in white chocolate

  193. Allison Van der vliet says:

    White chocolate and Vanilla

  194. Mark Whittaker says:

    Dark chocolate truffles mmmm

  195. happy rainbow says:

    my favourite chocolates are milk chocolate truffles

  196. My favourite are praline though I love just about all milk or white chocolate.

  197. Hotel Chocolat truffles – they are divine! I could slap my granny for them!

  198. Love Strawberry or Orange Creams.


  199. Kirsty Fox says:

    Chocolate and honeycomb go together very well, yum!

  200. Dark chocolate and violet cream

  201. melanie stirling says:

    Milk and white chocolate ,mmmmmmmmm!!

  202. i like all types of choc! but my fave is with nuts

  203. claire woods says:

    I like fillings to be coconut or caramel. Once had Chilli chocolate, which was delicious.

  204. It has to be Coffee – I miss the creams in tins so much at Christmas I go and buy them separately and put them in lol – always my favourite!

  205. Amanda Richardson says:

    Salty Caramel

  206. heather smith says:

    strawberry cremes

  207. olivia kirby says:

    white chocolate with coconut

  208. hazel rigazio says:

    chocolate orange is divine,invited friends to your blog

  209. Recently I’ve started to enjoy good liqueur chocolates. However, I’m still rather hung up on HCs gingerbread truffle from Christmas

  210. Amy Burgwin says:

    Strawberry cream, mmm…

  211. Tracy K Nixon says:

    Milk chocolate and nuts – yummy!

  212. Heather T says:

    Dark chocolate caramel or toffee

  213. any fruit and nut chocolate

  214. Mel Briscoe says:

    I love mint chocolate.

  215. Ali Thorpe says:

    I don’t have a favourite brand but I’m particularly drawn to dark chocolate with praline, raspberry, cherry or orange. Yum!

  216. jo hutchinson says:

    raspberry and milk chocolate

  217. helen battle says:


  218. Anything with caramel! Love pretty much all chocolate though!

  219. Stephanie Armstrong says:

    Love all Hotel chocolate – they can’t put a foot wrong for me.

  220. VERONICA BUTT says:

    Amaretto Marzipan – delicious

  221. I like so many, but at the moment, mint. Loving that new mint kitkat, and After Eights, and Bendicks of course.

  222. Geraldine O'Gorman says:

    Mint Chocolate..yummmmm

  223. Romana Richards says:

    White chocolate and raspberry

  224. Mint Chocolate, sooo addictive

  225. sue walsh says:

    Caramel Praline ..to die for:)

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