Giveaway: Greenvale Farm Fresh Potatoes & Jamie Oliver Roasting Dish

Another lovely giveaway for my readers to enter - this time, for a month’s supply of Greenvale Farm Fresh Potatoes and a pretty Jamie Oliver baking dish to roast them in. We love potatoes in our house. Any leftovers get thrown into soups to thicken them up or turned into a potato salad the next day. Greenvale Farm Fresh potatoes are sold in a 2kg mini recyclable paper packet (which helps them stay fresher for longer) and they are really good ‘all rounders’ – which means you can roast them, boil them or mash them. With your new dish, you could chop the potatoes into wedges, par-boil them for a few minutes and them roast them in a hot oven with some rosemary, salt and olive oil.

Greenvale Farm Fresh

Entry is via the Rafflecopter form below. The competition is UK only and further terms and conditions can be found on the form, too.

Look out for Greenvale Farm Fresh potatoes in Tesco and Booths.

Good luck!

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With thanks to Greenvale Farm Fresh for providing the potatoes and the dish as a prize.

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  1. says

    I love a good potato in any of its many forms but my all time favourite has to be mashed.

    A buttery mountain on mashed potato (with a few lumps)… Is there anything better?

  2. Corin Leach says

    My favourite way of cooking potatoes would be to make them into chips in our deep fat fryer. Not good for the waist line, but oh so tasty!

  3. Alison Tripp says

    Potatoes that are par boiled then put in the oven with olive oil, italian seasoning and garlic, goes superb with a roast dinner :)

  4. Diane Nicholl says

    Baked potato topped with a tuna mayonnaise all mixed in with chopped lettuce tomatoes cucumber etc.

  5. says

    My favourite way of baking potatoes is sliced, and then oven baked using spray oil. They are the most delicious chips ever! Extra crunchy and oh just divine!

    P.S. I’m real! :)

  6. Kayleigh Butler says

    Too many ways of cooking them, potatoes are amazing most ways that they are cooked, definitely my choice of desert island food!

  7. Phyllis Ellett says

    Roast potatoes is the best, but from Delia Smiths complete cookery course book, that is the recipe we have used for years.

  8. Sara Goodman says

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway – what a great prize. I have started putting mayonnaise in my mashed potato as well as margarine – not hugely healthy (tut tut!) but very yummy! xx

  9. cecelia Allen says

    Roast potatoes lightly coated in semolina to make them lovely and crispy, even nicer with a sprinkling of garlic salt

  10. Heidi Lee says

    This is an impossible question for me to answer, I love potatoes in every way. I like jacket potatoes for lunch and then usually have potatoes in some form with my tea, a buttery mash, roast, smashed new potatoes, potatoes roasted with lemon and herbs, fried potatoes, chips and gratin. Potatoes are my favourite food in the world. I find them really comforting. If I really have to make a choice then it would have to be mashed potato. I love it.

  11. Emma Louise Gallagher says

    Roast Potatoes are my favourite, but steamed new potatoes are a close second.

  12. Charley Foulds says

    love having potatoes in a nice thick soup, especially with left over gammon from the roast dinner!

  13. liz denial says

    I love potatoes cooked any way but my favourites are my homemade spicy potato wedges using frylight rather than oil so they are very healthy

  14. mark entwisle says


  15. Mrs E Hugill says

    Best way with potatos: using left over boiled potatos and cauliflower: make a cheese sauce (grated cheddar, mustard, single cream, salt and pepper, little bit of flour to thicken) mash the left over potatos and rough chop the left over cauliflower: mix with the cheese sauce and top with grated cheddar in an ovenproof dish – bake in the oven for about 20-25 mins until gold and crispy on top – serve straight to the table.

  16. Julie Hayes says

    Being Irish I love potatoes no matter what way they are served. However I do love potato skins with chopped bacon and some good strong cheese!

  17. Tasha Corder says

    I’d like to say boiled or something healthy but I really have to say that chips are my favourite!

  18. Christopher Powell says

    I particularly love my potatoes made into chips – boring I know but they really are my soft spot.

  19. john radburn says

    It has to be CHIPS and Roasties equally done in a halogen cooker thingy with little fat.crisp and yummy.guess what i,m having tonight?

  20. Alison says

    My favourite way of cooking potatoes is roasting them and serving them with a lovely roast dinner with all the trimmings

  21. Karen Scammell says

    What’s taters precious? Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew!

    My favorite is jacket potatoes done in the oven to get a lovely crispy skin

  22. Vicky Blyde says

    Potatoes are my favourite food, no matter how they’re prepared, but I think spicy wedges are my absolute favourite! :-)

  23. Tricia Cowell says

    I love boiled new jersey potatoes, with melted butter seasoned with ground black pepper. Yum.

  24. Gilla01 says

    My ultimate favorite is chips, but as I know they’re fattening I try to stay away from them. Next fave are roasties – with lots of gravy – yum.

  25. Jun Ren Lim says

    Potatoes baked with chicken, olive oil, rosemary, osyster sauce, onion, and sprinkle with dill.

  26. Faye Huntington says

    Mmm delicious roast potatoes with a healthy serving of gravy and a HUGE portion of bread sauce!! With love, Faye xx

  27. Kim Allen says

    For me it has to be mashed but I don’t boil them, I always make my mash from jacket potatoes as it’s so much tastier!

  28. says

    Mashed potatoes is a way of art,
    Put with sausage, herbs and gravy with it
    Sometimes with Yorkshire pud
    But the best for me,
    It’s got to be,
    Minced beef with it

  29. Maggie Coates says

    I like variety. Sometimes boiled new potatoes, sometimes mash, sometimes jacket, sometimes chips or wedges.

  30. Dawn Laycock says

    I love potatos, I dont mind how they are cooked – even me & my dad used to eat them raw when I was a child. Ever meal I have has potato in one way or another. x

  31. Beth Norfolk says

    My all time favourite is by far Roast Potato. Gorgeous and crispy on the outside, beautifully fluffy on the inside. Mmmmm! Now that I’m healthy eating, I just boil a few new potatoes then throw them in the griddle pan for a couple of minutes to crisp them up, to put in a salad

  32. Louise Smith says

    Tricky one, I love roast potatoes, mashed potatoes and chips.
    If I had to pick just one, then I’ll go for roasties.

  33. Karen Barrett says

    Homemade potato wedges… leave the skins on, cut thickly, drizzle with good olive oil, tiny bit of salt and sprinkle generously with smoked paprika

  34. Fiona Karbal says

    I love roast potatoes, but in the summer I’m a big fan of potato salad. I like to make it with a dijon mustard & mayonnaise dressing, plus whatever fresh herbs I can pick from my garden

  35. sarah bootland says

    I love baby potatoes drizzled with olive oil, salt and black pepper, then roasted in the oven. Mmmmmmm. Xxx

  36. Leeann Claire Carpenter says

    My all time favourite way to eat potatoes is mashed with lots of butter and milk!

  37. says

    Rosties – with cooked dinner. Got to cook them with the meat in the oven so they soak up the flavours in the oil – if you’re cooking chicken, add a little garlic!

  38. Fliss S says

    so difficult to decide!!!!
    Mashed with a dollop of mustard and cheddar and the baked on top of baked beans and corned beef so the top goes deliciously crispy. Yum!

  39. Tracy Waldock Newton says

    Roast potatoes cooked in goose fat. It is divine, but so naughty. We only roast in goose fat on Christmas day.

  40. Vanessa Cox says

    I love potatoes – roasted, mashed or boiled .. I don’t mind as long there is a big dollop of salted butter on top!

  41. Tracey Morton says

    I love Roasties! As A vegetarian I parboil the spuds then while the pan is still hot add a spoonful of marmite and toss them around in it. Then I add some rosemary before putting them in the hot oil and into the oven. Yummy!

  42. Matt Hudson says

    Roast potatoes are awesome but then again so are boiled new pots with butter and also creamy mash potato, the list is endless!!

  43. Lynsey Ward says

    A jacket potato cooked in the oven smothered in cooking oil and pepper to make extra tasty and crispy.
    I then fork through the insides of the potato with butter to make it all fluffy. Delicious

  44. Linda Hobbis says

    Baked potatoes, rubbed in olive oil, covered in sea salt and baked in the oven for at least an hour till the skin is crispy – then cover in butter.

    • Katie smith says

      I like to cut them into chips, boil for a bout 5 mins, lay out on a lightly oiled tray (I use fry light) season and cook for 35 min Ish on about 220c yummy chips!!

  45. Judie Eves says

    I love mustard mash!! Mash potatoes with good English butter, add Dijon Mustard & Wholegrain Mustard in equal parts & stir in – delicious.

  46. says

    I love crispy, roast potatoes – nothing beats chewing that crispy, crunchy skin on the outside of the potato, followed by the delicious taste of the potato itself. Good times!

  47. Hannah Whitling says

    I love dauphinoise potatoes but rarely cook them myself, but I do like to make wedges. Par boil them first, though not always, drizzle olive oil over them, the a bit of salt and pepper. along with some season-all and mixed herbs. Goes with lots of things.

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