Giveaway: Belvoir Fruit Farms Hamper (worth £63.00)

I have a lovely giveaway for you to enter this morning – a hamper from Belvoir Fruit Farms, worth £63.00. Belvoir Fruit Farms are based at the Belvoir Castle Estate in Lincolnshire . They make cordials, pressés and fruit crushes from their home and have been doing so since the seventies. They use fresh flowers, as well as fruits and spices and blend them with spring water.  The cordials are lovely and thick and are packed full of flavour, you can also use them in dressings and sauces – my favourite it the Apple, plum and cinnamon cordial. The Blueberry and blackcurrant cordial packs a punch, too.

Belvoir have recently launched a range of five new products with an English garden theme and to tie in with this would like to offer one of my readers the chance to win a hamper filled with Belvoir drinks along with a  Sophie Conran gardener’s journal and matching enamel mug.

Belvoir Fruit Farms

Entry is via the Rafflecopter form below. The competition is UK only and further terms and conditions can be found on the form, too.

Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

With thanks to Belvoir Fruit Farms for providing the prize.

For good competiton karma, you can also follow Belvoir on Twitter @BelvoirCordials or on Facebook


  1. Liz Thomas says

    Belvoir Fruit Farms Hampers sound lovely. I think that elderlfower and rose presse would be delicious — make a lovely cocktail of some kind too. Fingers crossed!

  2. Liz Thomas says

    Belvoir Fruit Farms Hampers sound lovely. I think that elderlfower and rose presse would be delicious, sounds very elegant — make a lovely cocktail of some kind too. Fingers crossed!

  3. Ian Dowson says

    I love a fresh mix of Orange, Lemon and Pineapple juice, sat out in the warmth of a golden sun, surrounded by lush vibrant green foliage in my garden. Feels amazing.

  4. Paula says

    While I like strawberries, I *love* raspberries – there’s nothing quite to compare with a handful fresh off the plant. :)

  5. Christine Dodd says

    I love raspberries – all ways, as they are, in a trifle, in a cake, in a pudding, in jam …..yum

  6. Maggie Osborn says

    Strawberries! Nothing makes me feel more summery than strawberries and cream….. except maybe strawberries in Pimms! :)

  7. Carol Emmett says

    I WOULD say wild blackberries, wrestled from the brambles and eaten straight away – but I think they may be classed as Autumn. So for Summer, British strawberries while they are in season.

  8. Phyllis Ellett says

    Blackberry’s, Why you ask? well because they are 100% free fruit. No PYO farms, no plastic supermarket containers at £1.99 for a punnet. Just get on your push bike (no fuel miles) with a container. Head to the country and they are there in hedge rows. As much as you can find and be bothered to pick.

  9. Emily Clark says

    Damsons. Not many people have tried them and theyre delicious. Great for making jam with, too!

  10. katrina adams says

    Strawberries…in cakes, covered in chocolate, on their own or with sugar and cream…I really don’t care – I just love them!

  11. Linda Hobbis says

    I love strawberries best of all, but also gooseberries – you don’t seem to see them very often!

  12. Mary Fuller says

    Growing up we didnt have much money but Mum always grew strawberries in the back garden.

    You cant beat some home grown Strawberries, especially on your cereals for a perfect start to any day.

  13. Victoria Easton says

    Difficult, I love strawberries but if it is just fresh from the bush, raspberries every time!

  14. Naomi Buchan says

    More late summer/early autumn but i love Blackberries, especially when i’ve picked them myself x

  15. Joanna Smith says

    I actually love gooseberries and used to pick them in the summer. You rarely see them these days :-(

  16. Loma Wood says

    English strawberries, the neared you eat then to where they were grown the better they taste!

  17. Patricia Walker says

    this is a hard one for me to answer because I love fruit…. its a choice between blueberries, blackberries and gooseberries….oh my!

  18. Madeleine says

    Strawberry! I love the foodie items and the look of the website; very stylish and informative

  19. Andrew Halliwell says

    The good old fashioned (and free) blackberry. Pick it from anywhere in the uk along hedgerows, turn it into jam, yum.
    Why spend money on fruit in the summer when there’s a bucketload to pick each day.

  20. Gilla01 says

    Strawberries, but I really love all summer fruit. Raspberry pies ……….yummy. Apricots and peaches ………….yes! I love fruit.


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