Fish is the Dish: Wild Scottish Haddock-Filled Corn Tortilla Wraps

We’re on a roll and eating lots more fish! I’ve been so pleased to see the kids love trying fish in a new way, especially the Smoked Haddock Kedgeree and the Mussels with Linguine and Dill. I’m also really enjoying taking part in the Fish is the Dish campaign, particularly as I’ve found their website to be a great resource for fishy facts and information on how to select fish as well as how to cook it. This week we are trying some wild Scottish haddock fillets, sent to me by John Milne at Delish Fish, who are a fifth generation family business based in Scotland. 

I managed to come up with a clever way to get the kids to enjoy the fish. We love fish finger sandwiches, so we tried fish finger wraps and this week we swapped the fish fingers for fresh haddock. You could, if you wanted to, cut the haddock fillets into smaller pieces and dip them in flour, egg, then breadcrumbs before pan-frying, but we just had them plain and pan-fried. The kids love anything ‘build your own’ at the table, so some shredded lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese, ketchup and mayo (for me!) simply got put out onto the table for everyone to help themselves.

You can buy wild haddock directly from Delish Fish online, it is flash-frozen and arrives in a well-packed cold container and the fish is in handy vacuum-sealed pouches so you can just cook what you need. John’s haddock has been hand filleted and skinned so it it ready to go with no extra fiddling about. You can also look out for it at your local fishmonger or supermarket fish counter.

This isn’t a recipe as such! Simply pan-fry the fresh haddock fillets for two minutes on each side, until white and cooked through.Heat up your corn tortillas (microwave or in the oven for a couple of minutes) add your filling and eat! Fish is the Dish have got a lovely recipe here for a lovely Haddock Fish Curry if you want to give that a go instead. 

Fishy Facts:

Haddock is a great source of protein. It is a lean, white flaky fish, very similar to cod with a very mild taste. 

Eating haddock will provide you with the three main sources of dietary calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat.

It will help you maintain a healthy weight and can boost immunity.

Look out for haddock that has been caught in the North Sea that has Marine Stewardship Council accreditation.

Source: Fish is the Dish

For more recipes have a look at the Fish is the Dish website or pop over and see Delish Fish.

Thank you to Delish Fish for sending us these tasty haddock fillets!

 Fish is the Dish -Top fish tips for all the family

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  1. Superb, what a weblog it is! This webpage provides useful data to us,
    keep it up.

  2. Ren, this looks great. Although I don’t have children, it would work very well in my house, too. We are loving eating more fish at the moment and this is a great idea we will be trying, especially with corn tortillas to make it gluten free.

    Charlotte x

  3. Hmmmm, the only time I have ever had fish tacos was in Los Angeles and I was not convinced… but I think it was the texture of the particular fish they used that I did not care for. These look fab – and you can’t beat meals that you build at the table 😉

    1. Hi Jeanne, I know what you mean. I think sea bass would work too, or anything quite flaky but mild, we don’t do fishy either! I was nervous of using the term ‘taco’ as I thought it had to be folded, sort of in half, but maybe it is a taco! Anyway, in any case, it’s a wrap! (LOL)

  4. What a fabulous idea Ren, Think I might give this one a go. Buddy loves fish & I’m always looking for new ideas for him.

    1. So pleased you like it, hope Buddy does too 🙂

  5. Thanks Laura, yes they are corn tortillas but any type work. Hope you get to try them one day, mmn tartare sauce would be nice too x

  6. Hi Ren,
    My kids ould love tis as they too enjoy filling their own wraps with goodies to eat. Think I would go for the breadcrumbing option, although they may just like the fish fried in butter with a dollop of tartare sauce!
    Your tortillas look good, are they the corn ones??

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