St David’s Day Recipe: Welsh Lamb and Rosemary Stuffed Leeks

Happy St David’s Day! We love Wales. We go every year on holiday and I have done since a child. So, I have a real fondness for Welsh lamb and today I’m showing it a bit of love by sharing a Welsh lamb recipe.

Welsh Lamb and Rosemary Stuffed Leeks (photo

I’m really happy about the fact that Welsh Lamb now has a PGI badge of authenticity – which means it has Protected Geographical Indication. This is in recognition of the fact that Welsh lamb is of a particular quality and has a flavour that  has been preserved through the dedication and hard work of generations of Welsh farmers. The PGI status of Welsh lamb also marks high standards and good practices whilst the environment of lush pastures, herbs and heather are perfect for the Welsh lambs to graze on, giving the meat its distinctive flavour.

I can testify as to the lush pastures of Wales and we always enjoy buying and eating Welsh lamb as a family, whether it’s in a tasty Shepherd’s Pie, flash-fried lamb steaks or a lovely slow-roasted shoulder or leg on a Sunday.

Here’s a recipe to tickle your tastebuds today, using seasonal leeks in celebration of a day dedicated to St David, the patron Saint of Wales.

Thank you to for the recipe. You can also find plenty more recipes on their website, including Cranberry and Soy Glazed Lamb Cutlets and another of my favourite, Lamb Burgers with Hot Coleslaw

Welsh Lamb and Rosemary Stuffed Leeks

Published with permission


·         225g (8oz) lean Welsh lamb mince

·         3 large leeks, washed and cut into 5cm pieces and outer layers removed

·         5ml (1 tsp) vegetable oil

·         1 sprig fresh rosemary, leaves removed and finely chopped

·         5ml (1 tsp) dried cumin

·         5ml (1 tsp) cumin seeds

·         150ml (¼pt) lamb stock

·         15ml (1 tbsp) tomato purée

·         200ml approx small can chopped tomatoes (or ½ a large can)


1.      Take each leek piece and using the end of a wooden spoon push out the light coloured centre layers of the leek, leaving a small area in the centre of the leek for stuffing.

2.      Reserve the leek layers and finely chop.

3.      Place the whole leek pieces ‘end on’ into a deep gratin type dish and prepare the mince mixture.

4.      Heat the oil in a large pan and add the lamb mince and brown.

5.      Finely chop the centre of the leeks and add to the mince, alongwith the rosemary, cumin and cumin seeds,  and the cook for 1-2 minutes.

6.     Add stock, purée and canned tomatoes. Bring to the boil.

7.      Carefully spoon the mince mixture into the leek centres (you may need to push it down using the end of a wooden spoon).

8.      Any remaining mince mixture can be spooned around the edge of the dish.

9.      Cover with foil and bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes – remove and check that outer layers of leek are tender (some ‘tougher’ leeks may need slightly longer cooking).

10.  Serve the spiced rice and extra green vegetables

What’s your favourite lamb recipe? Happy St David’s Day!



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  1. Hi, sorry my comment is rather late but I’ve just seen this now! Anyway, the recipe looks really delicious and it’s great to see fabulous Welsh lamb celebrated like this along with St David’s day! Diolch Ren!

  2. Oh that does sound lovely – great way to serve leeks! Interesting to see that Welsh lamb now has PGI protection – where lamb is from really does make a difference to the taste. South African Karroo lamb just tastes different, because of the plants that thye feed on. Nice shots!

  3. Magnolia Verandah says:

    Love roast lamb. But for Australia Day I made lamb burgers and they disappeared in a minute they were so good.

  4. Mmm that looks delicious. Happy St. David’s day.. 🙂 (first time I think I’ve heard of St Davids day..) I love a good piece of lamb but my favorite is slow roasted leg of lamb…

    1. Hi Simone thanks for the visit. I agree, slow roasted leg or even shoulder is my favourite 🙂 Have a good weekend x

  5. That looks really really good Ren! To be honest, I’ve enver even heard of this day before, but I’m glad it’s made you decide to prepare this dish because it’s gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Shu Han, been and gone for another year but always nice to highlight Welsh produce for ideas. x

  6. Looks delicious ! My favorite dish is the sunday lamb roast.

    1. Hello 🙂 I like that your name came up as lamb. I think you are one of the most reputable butchers in London 🙂

  7. This sounds delicious. My favourite lamb dish is the good old Sunday roast, with oodles of Rosemary and Garlic, yum!

    1. Mine too Jude, you can’t beat that smell, can you? Have a lovely weekend x

  8. As a Welsh gal who has recently returned home, I am so pleased to say Happy St Davids Day to you too. I am liking the leeks recipe. Iwill have to keep that in mind.

    1. Aah thanks Shaheen, I remember that you said you were back in Wales. My favourite part of the world 🙂 I think the leeks make a good vehicle for lots of things, even a nice vegetarian version perhaps filled with a risotto 🙂

  9. Ren, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog 🙂 I’m glad you liked it. I’ve browsed through yours, specially the Polish Food section and – I love it, plenty of first class work here 🙂 I love this leek and lamb recipe, must be delicious, but it looks fabulous too!
    I wonder if you read Polish? I write more and publish more often on my polish blog:
    Uściski 🙂

    1. Hi Ewa. Tak, czytam po Polsku! Bardzo miło cię poznać! I have had a look at your Polish blog too and I love it. Beautiful photographs and interesting recipes 🙂 Hope we can keep in touch x

    1. You made me panic for a second! Thought I had written PIG! But yes, good job!

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