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Make a Christmas Rice Krispie House!

Here’s a little project for the weekend, as an alternative to a baked Gingerbread house why not have a go at  my white chocolate Rice Krispie House? This was part of a group of Christmas recipes that I was asked to make and style for the Good Food Channel’s website. I think of all the recipes I made, this was the most fun!

Rice Krispie House

White Chocolate Rice Krispie House for the Good Food Channel – find the full recipe and instructions, here. 

The very basic ideas is to melt white chocolate and mix in some Rice Krispies – a bit like making chocolate crispie cakes, but with bigger quantities. You then have to work quite quickly to transfer the Rice Krispies onto two flat baking sheets, pressing down quite firmly to get two large flat slabs. Once this has set in the fridge, you use your white chocolate Rice Krispie ‘slabs’ to make up the structure of your house and with a bit of icing, just stick it all together and decorate.

This is a really exciting project for little people (and big people) and it is a great alternative when you feel like making something, but don’t quite fancy baking.

I did try using buttercream the first time to stick the panels together, but buttercream doesn’t really harden, so I found that royal icing created a firmer structure.You can decorate your house with any sweets you like and then sprinkle around some desiccated coconut for snow.

Christmas Good Food Channel

Other Christmas recipes for the Good Food Channel

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With thanks to the Good Food Channel for asking me to create these recipe. Styling, photos and recipes my own and reflect commissioned content. 

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  1. Rice Krispie architecture! Whatever next? I’d like a Corn Flake skyscraper, please. Or a suspension bridge made from Shreddies would be nice.

    Looks superdelicious, by the way!

    1. Ren Behan says:

      Ha ha I could give those a go!

    1. Ren Behan says:

      Ooh yes it would for a bit of contrast – good idea x

  2. What a fab idea! All of the kids I know would love a rice krispie house rather than gingerbread I reckon.

    1. Ren Behan says:

      Thanks Andrea – have an amazing Christmas x

  3. Thats so pretty! What a lovely idea, great alternative to gingerbread! My kids would love this.

    1. Ren Behan says:

      Thank you Anneli have a nice Christmas

  4. LOVE your alternative to the gingerbread house – I reckon I might have to give that a try with the boys. Gingerbread can be a tricky old thing, so this is a great way around it. I love a shortcut me!
    Wonderful styling and photography on this collection of recipes Ren xxx

    1. Ren Behan says:

      Thank you Katie. I think most people end up buying gingerbread kits but this is so quick and simple! Have a wonderful Christmas. Can’t wait to see what next year brings.

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