Win a Cotswold Company Corner Shelf RRP £114

I hope you are enjoying your summer. Things are busy here, but I do have another fantastic summer giveaway to share with you courtesy of The Cotswold Company – a British company offering country inspired furniture.

Perhaps you’ll find the perfect spot for a Cotswold Company corner shelf in your kitchen, utility room or entrance hall. The Montague small corner shelf on offer as a prize for one lucky reader is made of a solid oak frame with oak veneered panels – perfect if you like a country kitchen feel to your home – see image below.

The Cotswold Company have some lovely items on their site, I particularly like their wire baskets* for the kitchen – the smaller baskets are great for storing linens, enamel serving spoons, packets of herbs and spices and the larger ones are great for storing vegetables or pantry items.

*Wire baskets and items above are not part of the giveaway. Image credit: The Cotswold Company

To be in with a chance of winning a Montague small corner shelf (below) which usually retails at £114, please enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.

Cotswold Company Montague Corner Shelf
Montague Corner Shelf prize on offer

Enter the giveaway here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also follow The Cotswold Company on Twitter! @CotswoldCo

Good luck!

Entrants must live in the UK.

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  1. Valerie Kay says:

    A new dining room table 🙂

  2. Lesley Bain says:

    I would love a new sofa 🙂 x

  3. Maria Barton says:

    Has to be a sofa

  4. Lauren Chaplin says:

    A new modern Chaise

  5. We could really do with a new sofa as ours is not very comfy!

  6. Keeley Shaw says:

    I would love a new wardrobe but really need a new sofa.

  7. Jessica Powell says:

    A new dresser xx

  8. a new coffee table, i have a new sofa and my coffee table looks disgraceful.

  9. Catherine Gregory says:

    The Montague small corner shelf because I have a flat and no space for all my bits and pieces and this would help a lot without taking up floor space

  10. Jane Middleton says:

    I would like a nice comfortable sofa

  11. Paul Witney says:

    Desperate for a new sofa, but it will have to wait until redecorating is finished

  12. Michelle Louise Weston says:

    i am really looking out for a sideboard – i would love one!

  13. Rachel Blackburn says:

    I’m looking for a new console table at the moment

  14. Chris Williams says:

    a lovely new chest of drawers for our bedroom

  15. Helen Craigs says:

    I would love a really comfortable corner sofa for my new family room

  16. James Holyland says:

    A new sofa is urgently needed!

  17. Irene Murdoch says:

    A new book case as the one I have is sagging under the wait of the cookery books.

  18. Helen Aiken says:

    I’d love a new dining table and chairs set, but I’ve been wanting that for years. lol.

  19. Jamie Walker says:

    A Lamp would be great 🙂

  20. Amanda Johnson says:

    The one piece I could really do with at the moment, is a new bed for the hubby and I.

  21. A new corner sofa is top of my list

  22. Amanda Letch says:

    A new 2 piece and 3 piece sofa mine are threadbare !

  23. Sarah Fawcett says:

    A new sofa, one of those corner ones would be lovely so I can stop putting my feet on the coffee table 😮

  24. Penelope Friday says:

    Storage! I’m always after attractive storage in the hope I will one day be tidy.

  25. Wendy Guy says:

    A new dining room table as we have just had an extension built.

  26. a shoe cabinet – it’s getting desperate!

  27. We badly need new bookcases, the book collection is getting badly out of hand 🙂

  28. Sarah Guy says:

    I definitely need a new dining table xx

  29. Clair dutton says:

    New kitchen table

  30. Alice Hindley says:

    Kitchen dining table and chairs

  31. I’d really like a kitchen dresser 🙂

  32. natalee gosiewski says:

    i really need a book shelf or welsh dresser some where to store our dvd’s books and orniments

  33. We need a Coffee table as this one was jumped on by a lovely little grandson,and it went Kerput!! X

  34. Kelly Hooper says:

    id like a new bed for my daughter room

  35. I’d love a beautifully made bookcase as I love reading and would love to display the books more attractively than they are at the moment.

  36. debbie abbott says:

    A Toy box for all my daughters toys

  37. Chris Fletcher says:

    I’d love a new kitchen table with chairs, as we currently have to stand and eat!

  38. Bedside tables! Sick of putting my glass of water on the floor to get kicked over!

  39. Naomi Buchan says:

    A new desk, i’m using a paste table at the mo!

  40. Claire Appleton says:

    I would love a dressing table! I have never really had one before, I just use a chair & mirror

  41. A chair for the bedroom

  42. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    A pretty useful piece of furniture love it. x

  43. alicia piles says:

    My son needs a wardrobe to hang his shirts in his room, so that is what I’m saving for at the moment

  44. laura avery says:

    A bookcase! or a new bed x

  45. Karen Whittaker says:

    Definitely wardrobes!

  46. Hayley Todd says:

    I would love a Console Table in my hallway

  47. Amanda Hopkins says:

    A small corner cupboard to go on the floor in our bedroom. I’m going to look at Cotswold Company now!

  48. A new bathroom storage unit

  49. Fiona Mallard says:

    New chests of drawers, our are on their way out.

  50. would love a new dining table as mine doesnt go in the room

  51. After 20 years, I think a new dining table is in order!

  52. Brenda Wilkes says:

    I’d love a new bed – ours is too small now that our dog insists on sleeping with me!

  53. Alison Johnson says:

    I would love a really good sideboard

  54. Rebecca Kingston says:

    Sofa! Moving house and have very little so in need of a sofa to sit haha

  55. Karen Kerner says:

    I would love an oval chest with drawers to place in my circular hall!

  56. alice lightning says:

    dining room able and chairs as mine is falling to bits he prize is stunning

  57. zoe matthewman says:

    A dressing table with stool always wanted one since was a little girl

  58. keelyann chauntry says:

    I would love a shoe rack 🙂 x

  59. chris parham says:

    new coffee table

  60. Anne McCutcheon says:

    A new wardrobe

  61. John Tooth says:

    entertaiment unit

  62. We need a new wardrobe as most of our clothes are on a clothes rail and it looks horrible.

  63. katie skeoch says:

    a new dining table, had the current one a long tie now!!

  64. anita roberts says:

    Marseille Distressed 2 Door Corner Cupboard is fab

  65. Redoing my house, so this would be amazing!

  66. A new wardrobe as the old one is shattered!

  67. Jill Fairbank says:

    Wardrobe for my daughters new bedroom

  68. Janine Atkin says:

    id love a new tv stand. ours is on its last legs – literally!

  69. Annabel Fincham says:

    I would love a new hall console table.

  70. stacey kirkbride says:

    i’d love a new sofa as got one earlier on in the year from littlewoods and it’s already broke twice and they wont do anything to sort it!

  71. Kevin Smith says:

    We could really use some nice new sofas, ours are looking a little shabby now.

  72. I have a corner waiting for that shelf..

  73. Karen Edmonds says:

    A new tv table would be great

  74. Julie Savage says:

    Our house needs a new kitchen table, the one we have was passed down from my parents

  75. Jennifer Kerrawn says:

    This prize would look great in my hallway.

  76. zoe bryan says:

    I would love a new dining table and chairs for our big family

  77. Joanne Benham says:

    I’d love a small oak coffee table for my lounge 🙂

  78. Patricia Walker says:

    I’m looking for media storage cabinets so that everything is available but hidden from view

  79. Lucy Mayer says:

    A new bed, definitely a new bed!

  80. Phyllis Ellett says:

    A new coffee table, ours is all rickety

  81. Katherine Penny says:

    Would love a new dining table and chairs, as we still have one that was given to us and doesn’t really fit in with our decor.

  82. Rachel Craig says:

    Sofa. Considering recliner.

  83. Laura Vitty says:

    I’d love a new sideboard for the dining room.

  84. Andy Craig says:

    A new coffee table, this one’s had one too many cups of tea spilt on it now!

  85. Amanda Norwood says:

    A new bedside table would be lovely

  86. Katie Walden Hall says:

    I need a new desk for studying on! My computer desk is too small for all my books!

  87. gemma fearon says:

    a cube shaped bedside table

  88. Liz g smith says:

    Would love a fridge freezer mines had it!

  89. Sue Harrison says:

    I’d love a bookshelf unit to store my masses of books

  90. Richard Pool says:

    A new bed please! I use it for 8 hours a day, more than any other piece of furniture

  91. A set of dining chairs

  92. Sheri Darby says:

    I’d love a welsh dresser, but would need a wall big enough for it

  93. Ruth Grover says:

    I would love a TV cabinet….a really nice wooden one. The TV is a focal point in the room and so I would love a special cabinet for it.

  94. Elizabeth Williams says:

    I’d love a new sofa

  95. catherine plant says:

    i’d love a new settee ours in white and third hand not a good mix thank heavens for throws

  96. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I’d like hall furniture. Somewhere for coats and shoes

  97. JULIE D. BANKS says:

    A coffee table – we always seem to be short of them when people call round.

  98. james darrington says:

    Recently moved and lost my favorite foot stool soo it would have to be one of them.

  99. Samantha R says:

    a television unit with storage

  100. Diana Semionova says:

    Wardrobe for baby’s room.

  101. Christina Jarrett says:

    I’d love a nice dining table!

  102. corinne wright says:

    Oh im so in need of a new sofa, huge rip in mine 🙁

  103. lynn neal says:

    A new sofa as the old one is becoming uncomfortable!

  104. Spencer Broadley says:

    Love to have this – perfect for my hall

  105. kelly dove says:

    i really need a new table and chairs but this lovely corner shelf would come in handy!

  106. Denise Blythe says:

    I’ve got a horrible bad back and would love a new bed.

  107. D J FREEMAN says:

    A huge TV cabinet that goes right along the whole of the wall,shelves down the sides for dvds & cd’s,huge screen in the middle….ahh i could go on….in fact where is my screwdriver and hammer…..the missus is out…why not!

  108. Katie Walker says:

    I would love the corner shelf

  109. Fiona Riddell says:

    Dining room table and chairs.

  110. Lowri Earith says:

    a beautiful dinning room table for all my family to sit round

  111. Mary-Ann Pollard says:

    a new coffee table

  112. Veronica Therawati says:

    A New dining table and chairs

  113. Lynn Evans says:

    I need new wardrobes but want a new bed!

  114. Becky Shorting says:

    I love this corner shelf but other then that I would LOVE a side baord for the kitchen, im ashamed to say we are using an old chest of drawers atm!

  115. helen booth says:

    new chairs for our dining room table

  116. Penny Bunting says:

    This beautiful corner shelf! It would be perfect in my kitchen, to get some of the clutter off the work surfaces!

  117. Mike Gerrie says:

    I would like a new corner shelf with perhaps say some hooks under it so that I could hang my jackets, coats etc 😉

  118. Jennifer Hudson says:

    I would love a new brown leather sofa, but that is a far off dream!

  119. Nina Rithalia says:

    A dining table and chairs

  120. Nina Rithalia says:

    This is beautiful

  121. KATHARINE says:

    I would love this corner shelf with the hooks as I need somewhere to hang up my little ones coats 🙂

  122. Angela Williams says:

    a nest of tables

  123. Katie Bowyer says:

    I would love a book shelf

  124. Jacqui Osborne says:

    A piece of bathroom ‘furniture’ that holds a wine glass comfortably while I wallow in my bath watching the water-proof TV – that’s pure bliss!

  125. teresa sheldon says:

    I have always wanted a lovely wooden dresser, that I could display my crockery on

  126. esme mccrubb says:

    I would love a new sideboard

  127. Beki Lacy says:

    We’re currently furnishing our garage and turning it into an extra room – we really could do with some storage in there!

  128. wendy moore says:

    A new dining table because ours is too small

  129. Andrea Balderstone says:

    I would love a dining room table & chairs as ours is past its best. A new table for family meals would be fantastci

  130. Tricia Cowell says:

    I would love new chairs for my dining table

  131. Nicola Holland says:

    A new double bed

  132. A tall thin cupboard for my bathroom

  133. Jo Turner says:

    I’d love a nice oak or pine dresser, something pretty and elegant to store and display my crockery etc.

  134. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    a chunky coffee table

  135. Joanna Orr says:

    We really could do with something to keep all the shoes on in our hallway!

  136. David Allen says:

    a coffee table – no more ring stains on the floor!

  137. Val Sowry says:

    Nice new kitchen dining table.

  138. fiona mcbride says:

    I would love to own a vintage chair

  139. Waye Howard says:

    A 1920’s leather armchair.

  140. Katherine L says:

    I’d a new coffee table! Ours has almost had it’s day!

  141. Allan Fullarton says:

    Loving the Ottoman – LOVE IT!!!

  142. Deborah Hambleton says:

    I would really love a dressing mirror with lights

  143. Caroline Cordery says:

    A stylish bed frame

  144. Louise Asekokhai says:

    A bookcase that doesn’t take up too much room would be so handy.

  145. I’m looking around for a nice ottoman and/or a footstool.

  146. Liz ferguson says:

    I’d love and need an ottoman.

  147. I’d really like a new sofa, we have two that are old, and were secondhand when we got them, but other things always need replacing first!

  148. lynn mackay says:

    exactly what I’m looking for at the moment for my hall……fingers crossed xxx

  149. A new dinning room table

  150. Pam Gregory says:

    Some new sturdy bookcases

  151. I would really really love a big rug in my lounge in preparation for chillier nights in front of the log fire. xx

  152. Maria Molly Taylor says:

    i would love a small white or cream wardrobe or tallboy to store away some treasures in

  153. jessica Agyin says:

    would love a chest of drawers

  154. JEN LOU MACE says:

    I would love a good quality sofa bed. My gorgeous new man is about to move in and to accommodate his vast DVD and CD I have given up one the bedrooms. A sofa bed would be great for putting up his family and friends when they visit! x

  155. Michael Griffin says:

    a lovely prize

  156. Roger Bufton says:

    Love to have this under the stairs

  157. Amy Ripley says:

    A retro bookcase!

  158. A new sofa, ours is collapsing where the kids have used it as a trampoline.

  159. sarah davison says:

    I’d love a new wardrobe in my bedroom. Me and my other half share a wardrobe at the minute and it’d just not big enough

  160. Diane Nicholl says:

    New dining table and chairs, ours were second hand and although I’ve tried to make the best of them, they still look shabby.

  161. A new bed for my sons room


    a wardrobe as i dont have one:(

  163. Clare Woodman says:

    A display cabinet would be lovely x

  164. Bridget Rayner says:

    a welsh dresser would be handy

  165. Nathan Webb says:

    we are in desperate need of a new sofa!

  166. Kirsten Murphy says:

    I really need a new dining room table

  167. ANGELA POOK says:

    The corner shelf will look perfect in my kitchen.

  168. Stephen Catt says:

    A chest for storage

  169. donna parkin says:

    new kitchen table the dog did her teething on ours thank god she grown up now

  170. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Need a new side table.

  171. James Seale says:

    A bed would be nice, we need to completely start again as our bedroom has become a junk room.

  172. Allan Wilson says:

    Would love a new bed

  173. Steve Dickinson says:

    A new pair of sofas

  174. Faye Huntington says:

    A new wardrobe!! xxxx

  175. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    I’d love a big sturdy bookcase

  176. Malgorzata says:

    White chest of drawers.

  177. jennifer thorpe says:

    I’d love a new dining table

  178. Miss Helen Southam says:

    A nice bookcase for my ever expanding collection of books!

  179. a unit its got to be
    to keep my treasures which mean a lot to me

  180. Sarahann Tonner says:

    A new shelving unit for all my university books!

  181. Joanna Butler-Savage says:

    I would love a dressing table in my bedroom – the kids have just had new bedroom furniture and as usual we are last to decorate our own room!!

  182. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I would love a new dining table

  183. Ani Costa says:

    A new couch would be lovely..or one of those reclining armchairs.

  184. Laura Farren says:

    Id love a new book case, as my books are over flowing

  185. michele omalley says:

    WArdrobe for my bedroom

  186. Danielle Graves says:

    I’d love a new sofa, we’ve never had a brand new sofa always second hand hand me downs or tip rescues lol x

  187. Mia Fergusson says:

    Id like a chest of drawers

  188. Polly davis says:

    A really long kitchen table

  189. Adam Gates says:

    A sideboard, with the kitchen/diner having a revamp next year (hopefully!) extra storage is always needed, especially with 3 kids!

  190. Kirsty Fox says:

    I would like a lovely dining room table

  191. Heather Shaw says:

    A new bed would be nice

  192. clair downham says:

    coffee table would be fab as dont have any where to put drinksetc

  193. karen hutchinson says:

    a bureau – I’ve always wanted one

  194. Jennifer Wallin says:

    a lovely comfy armchair

  195. Corin Leach says:

    Vintage bed side tables!

  196. TracyJo (@tjsi1963) says:

    I would love to buy a nic oak tv stand.

  197. Gemma Kitchener says:

    I’d love a really nice coffee table xx

  198. Laura Oxley says:

    After staying in a lovely cottage in Edinburgh last week I am wanting to change the style of my master bedroom from modern to country, this would look beautiful.

  199. Caroline H says:

    I’d love some new sofas – ours are comfy and sturdy but the covers are really tired.

  200. Julie Fisher says:

    Definitely a new coffee table as mine is all scratched!

  201. Christine Szlobodnik says:

    Sofa as our’s is very worn & too small to fit 2 people & it’s way………..outdated

  202. Charlotte Hood says:

    I really want a vintage chest of drawers!

  203. Shelley Jessup says:

    As I have to lay down most of the day (which means spending a lot of my time in bed) I would totally love a chaise lounge or a day bed but we don’t have the room.

  204. Julie Guy says:

    I’d love a coat stand.

  205. Bernice Cockrell says:

    Dining set would be great…..hate eating off our laps! x

  206. cecelia Allen says:

    I would love some new wardobes

  207. Adele Hill says:

    A new dining room table

  208. Sarah Birkett says:

    a new bedside table with drawers pplease….

  209. Harley Richardson says:

    We could do with some shelving units as I want my banisters back!

  210. emma hunt says:

    I would most love this corner shelf! Need it for my hallway due to limited space.Love the look 🙂

  211. I would love a really large comfy sofa – or failing that a brand new kitchen 😉

  212. kim neville says:

    a new dining room table

  213. Alix Smith says:

    Could really do with a new sideboard

  214. New sofas – mine kill my back!

  215. Melanie Gardiner says:

    a nice coffee table

  216. charmaine says:

    Absolutely love it! Will look fantastic in my man’s study

  217. Jennifer Harris says:

    The Montague small corner shelf of course! Lovely prize would look lovely in my kitchen!

  218. amanda lewis says:

    dining room display unit

  219. Sarah Spencer says:

    A Kitchen Table

  220. Kathy Cakebread says:

    a storage unit

  221. Lynne OConnor says:

    I could really do with new beds for the kids

  222. belinda porter says:

    its a rise and recliner chair I am saving up for it

  223. ellen mckernan says:

    beautifully crafted and stylish – I would love to win this

  224. Lauren Buck says:

    I’d love a dressing table!

  225. I would love a new sofa mine is ancient and horrible!!

  226. Michael Clyma says:

    A Welsh dresser for our dining room

  227. Rachel Gilbey says:

    I’d love a sofa, think the springs are a bit broken on this one!

  228. hayley pemberton says:

    new bedside tables are the drawers are hanging off ours!

  229. george Spedding says:

    Two side tables

  230. An armoire to house and hide the tv and gadgets

  231. ruth steel says:

    a full length mirror for my hall

  232. I would really love a sideboard, I’ve never had one before and it would complete the lounge!

  233. Iona Cornish says:

    A large corner unit

  234. Samantha J says:

    would love new sofas

  235. Pauline Simpson says:

    A French Dresser “O LA LA”!!

  236. Leanne Abel says:

    I would like a coat and hat stand in my hallway where you can also keep umbrellas

  237. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    i would love some nice bedroom furniture

  238. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I would really love a new TV cabinet and sideboard

  239. New small square table for my new conservatory

  240. Carolynn Woodland says:

    A coffee table

  241. michelle lintern says:

    solid wood dining table and chairs

  242. David Wright says:

    I would love this we so need one

  243. Mark Finch says:

    I would love the Bourton Medium Storage Bench – oh to have a tidy hallway


  245. Amy Jane Beckett says:

    I would love a new coffee table and the oh would love a mini ramp for skateboarding.

  246. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    I’d like a little coffee table. When we’re watching films and having wine or beer I end up drinking too quickly as I’ve not got anywhere good to put my glass down…for some reason the floor seems a very long way away!

  247. Renee Armstrong says:

    Could do with a new bed

  248. Susan Naylor says:

    A bed, ours was broken when our teenaged autistic son decided that it would be a great trampoline and jumped on it. At the moment we have a mattress on the floor, not really ideal!

  249. cat williams says:

    I would like some furniture from the nursery that im currently decorating for our impending baby

  250. Chevaune Stanley says:

    What a fabulous idea for coats. I live in a small cottage and no wall seem to be long enough for a coat rack. That could hold my wellies too !! I desperately need a tall chest of drawers…at least 7 drawer for my living room to keep all my stationery in. The one I have is cheap wood and all the drawers have collapsed so sit one on top of the other…impossible to open!!

  251. I really, really need a new tv centre/unit. 🙂

  252. margaret moe dunlop says:

    a new sofa

  253. Alison Joyce says:

    The TETBURY CORNER SET IVORY. I’ve been looking for a way to tidy up my hallway and this would be perfect.

  254. andrea lloyd says:

    dining room table and chairs

  255. Susan Hunt says:

    Lyon Oak Panelled Kingsize Bed

  256. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    Need to replace our bed

  257. I’m needing to replace all my living room furniture

  258. Samantha Trimby says:

    I would love a coffee table to go in my newly-decorated lounge!

  259. alison johnson says:

    I want a small side board/dresser for my dining room x

  260. Sharon Griffin says:

    a new coffee table

  261. Carrie Brown says:

    I would love a new corner sofa.

  262. Emma Holness says:

    I’d love a new coffee table for the front room

  263. Sylvia Witham says:

    I would really like a coffee table to complete overhaul of my lounge

  264. Mariana Tarkulicova says:

    Sideboard for my living room.

  265. i love all things solid wood. if i had the space, i’d love a sideboard.

  266. Claudia Dance says:

    A Narnia-style wardrobe so I don’t have to pull everything I own out to find one item! 🙂

  267. karen cowley says:

    i would love this corner shelf, looks fab, such good quality. i would love a dresser for my spare room, there is so much i want !!!
    thanks for the chance to win this x love it xx

  268. Susan Hill says:

    Really need a bookcase.

  269. Andy Caldwell says:

    I would love this

  270. Paula Barker says:

    I would like a dresser for the kitchen, to display my china

  271. Rae Jackson says:

    This corner shelf is beautiful! Thanks Ren for running the competition.

  272. I would like a glass coffee table

  273. Phil Darling says:

    a coffee table would be great

  274. Really would love a new dining table and chairs – ours is scratched all over after years of abuse!

  275. Jane Roberts says:

    I love a dining table set, mine is quite old and tired looking now.

  276. Kellie McIntyre says:

    A bookcase. My 3 year olds book collection is taking over the entire house!!

  277. coffee table as we have just moved and we don’t have one

  278. Pam Hubbard says:

    New dining room table would be nice

  279. Janet Rawstron says:

    I would love a new coffee table because we have had our present one for over 30 years and though it has served us well it is time that it retired and made way for a new one.

  280. A bookcase would be a brilliant new home for stacks of books currently on the floor .

  281. EMMA WALTERS says:

    would love a wooden tv cabinet, using an old box since we recently moved lol

  282. ANN ANGIES says:

    book shelves, lots of them 🙂

  283. Stephanie Lear says:

    With a new baby in the house I would love a beautiful chest of drawers to store her little things xxx

  284. Nancy Townsend says:

    A new bed would be nice

  285. tracy caroline steer says:

    a bookcase !!!

  286. Liz Thomas says:

    That looks really neat — would go a treat in our house in France!

  287. I’m in terrible need of some storage. I recently switched rooms and realised how much “stuff” and “things” I have that have no place. Living out of boxes and bin liners is not fun.

  288. Kat Lucas says:

    Would love to have the corner shelf

  289. Calum Tait says:

    A bookcase, desperately.


    We are crying out for a new three piece suite. We got ours from a well known high street catalogue chain. Worst mistake ever, Its so uncomfortable. Just like sitting on wood. Will be years though till we can afford a new one so have got to put up with it!


      Just realised that we have not got any corners suitable to put it if I won so wont be entering – sorry! xoxo

  291. Angela Wilcox says:

    A new coffee table 🙂

  292. Di Wareing says:

    I desperately need and want a new bed 🙂

  293. J. Tingay says:

    I would really like a new bed.

  294. Carolina J. says:

    I need a nice new sideboard.

  295. Sarah Parkin says:

    I would love a new sofa, mine is falling apart!

  296. A great prize, we’re hopefully moving soon, so this would be a perfect addition to our new home.
    I hope I win, so sorry for being shelfish. Fnar, fnar!

  297. Samantha Swain says:

    I would love an armchair all of my own so that I didn’t have to fight the children for a space on the sofa!

  298. ELLEN WARD says:

    Quality piece that will last forever.

  299. Jen Allford says:

    I’d love a really chunky old bookcase – ours is too flimsy and a bit worse for wear!

  300. terrie mckenna says:

    New folding table in kitchen

  301. I would love a new dressing table

  302. Kimberley Stone says:

    I would like a bedside table as I’m currently balancing my bedside light on a wobbly stack of books!

  303. Sandra Amaro-Ng says:

    I would love a new sideboard for my living room

  304. Emma Lewis says:

    A new sofa and dining table

  305. Kerry-Ann Pope says:

    I would love a new dining table, now my little boys are getting older it would be great to have the sort of dining table I have always wanted – not a cheap one that is hard wearing and practical for young children.

  306. Bekki Ryan says:

    I would love a dining table and chairs as we dont have one at the minute

  307. There is lots of furniture I need or want for my house, but it would be lovely to be able to get my daughter a new bed!

  308. Rebecca Maddocks says:

    A coffee table for the living room

  309. kirstie kenton says:

    I would love a corner shelf to brighten a dull corner of my kitchen.

  310. Sharon Mead says:

    I would love a new coffee table

  311. David Paterson says:

    Rocking chair

  312. Melissa Manning says:

    I’d love a new TV unit – we’re getting rid of the fireplace and moving the TV to be the focal piece of the room, so a nice new, long unit would be ideal!

  313. Maya Russell says:

    I’d like a new conservatory chair.

  314. Tracey Peach says:

    Always wanted a dining table xxx

  315. I would love a new dining table!

  316. We have an abundance of books in our house and could really do with a new bookcase. Love the BUXTON OAK LARGE BOOKCASE.

  317. melanie stirling says:

    A modern dining room table and chairs,ours is a bit dated!

  318. Brita Bevis says:

    What a super prize… and guess what? I have the perfect place for it (and live in the UK!)

  319. a huge bookcase covering one wall with room for tv, wii, box et al and all my knicknacks plus also one compartment for a cat gymnasium for puss

  320. Tracy Nixon says:

    I would love a new comfy arm chair just for ME!

  321. tamalyn roberts says:

    a new coffee table and matching tv table

  322. kim plant says:

    a retro bookcase x

  323. Sarah Davies says:

    A nest of tables for the living room.

  324. Jemma Allerton says:

    A. New dining room table

  325. I’d love a welsh dresser 🙂

  326. A kitchen table! I was given mine by a relative to tide me over until I got a new one (that was 9 years ago!) It’s been well-loved but it’s wonky and scratched – time for a new one, methinks…

  327. katrina day-reilly says:

    coffee table as we have just moved and we don’t have one

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