Win a Russell Hobbs Desire Mini Chopper

Summer is the perfect time to pick a handful of fresh herbs or leaves ready to whizz up into a quick dressing or sauce. I’ve seen some really interesting pesto recipes recently, with walnuts in place of pine nuts or wild garlic in place of basil. Summer fruits can also easily be blitzed into a fruit coulis, or even a quick smoothie. Fresh herbs with a little vinegar and olive oil added make a quick salad dressing, too.

I have two Russell Hobbs Desire Mini Choppers (RRP £24.99) to giveaway this month. The Mini Chopper is easy to use and store and comes with a glass bowl and handy lid.

You can also read more reviews on the Russell Hobbs Desire Range here.


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  1. Helen Garner says:

    Would make salad dressing as eating a lot of salad at the moment.

  2. helen rosbotham says:

    I use it for crushed ice for the summer cocktails!

  3. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    I would chop up veg and make a big pot of soup.

  4. Andrew Sales says:

    For chopping onions.

  5. Jennifer Deavall says:

    Onions, as I react so strongly to them when slicing them.

  6. susan willshee says:

    any minute now the blackberry bushes near my house will burst into fruit – they have so many flowers on! So I’d whizz up a few blackberries and add some yoghurt. Yum1

  7. vera Bahounkova says:

    veg for home made salad

  8. Angie Hoggett says:

    I’d whizz up some old bread to make breadcrumbs for home made fish cakes

  9. Rob Clayton says:

    hmm good question. i fancy chopping walnuts/peanuts/cashew nuts and then mixing chillis and fresh tomatoes and herbs. make a hot tomato and nut marinade for some chicken for the bbq. no idea how this will turn out but i like to play in the kitchen

  10. I’d use it for whizzing up nuts and for a cake.

  11. Emma Boitoult says:

    Some home made hummus. Delicious for dipping warm pittas in!

  12. I’d use it to grind up nuts when I’m baking.

  13. keelyann chauntry says:

    I would use it to chop up my vegetables to make my home made pizza 🙂 x

  14. Pauline Dring says:

    I’d love to win this to chop onions and other veg.

  15. Katie Harmer says:

    I would definately chop up salad stuff including red cabbage and/or stir fry veg – It may save me some time!

  16. zoe bryan says:

    I would use this for so may thing we do lots of home cooking so it would speed up loads of things like marinades and coleslaw, chopping veg and so much more. the more time I save the more time I can spend baking with my kids

  17. Faye Lester says:

    Garlic and ginger.. no stinky fingers!!

  18. Amy Jacobson says:

    I’d make a fruit smoothie 🙂

  19. Sheila Reeves says:

    Some fresh salsa, great for the barbecues we are having at the moment

  20. Abigail M says:

    I would use it to make my own pesto

  21. emma weaver says:

    id whizz up everything i could

  22. Kathryn S says:

    I’d use it to make a lovely cheesecake base

  23. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir says:

    My favorite winter soup, Red Lentil , Tomato and apricot soup

  24. Diana Semionova says:

    Would make a nice salad for my baby :}

  25. Sophie Hedley says:

    Veg so I could make a stir-fry 🙂

  26. David Jackson says:

    i would use for my coleslaw

  27. jen jackson says:

    Id use it to whizz up ingredients for coleslaw

  28. I’d make some pesto. Can’t beat it in the summer!

  29. sam bailey says:

    I like making home made breadcrumbs with maybe some garlic and lemon, or cajun spice thrown in so this would be ideal to mix it up

  30. Angela Wilcox says:

    I’d use it to make homemade pesto. Much nicer than the ready made kind

  31. Ann Calland says:

    Veg for my favourite homemade vegetable soup.

  32. pesto home made is the best


    I would use it on all the lovely herbs growing in my garden.

  34. Hazel Rush says:

    I’d use it to chop onions and also herbs

  35. Valerie Kaseram says:

    Ingredients for a coleslaw 🙂

  36. I’d chop onions to save my eyes watering

  37. LEAH SULLIVAN says:

    Some guacamole or houmous 🙂

  38. Caroline Anne Bellamy says:

    Onions so no more tears

  39. Sarah Ballantyne says:

    I found a great recipe for Thai Noodle Salad last week and I’d use this to make the dressing – chilli, ginger, lime juice, soy sauce and sugar. Mmmmmm…

  40. kerry sullivan says:

    chillis and garlic would be great in this mini chopper – saves getting them on your hands too much

  41. miriam krutska says:

    will use to chop onions garlic and spices

  42. Shirley Evans says:

    love to trythis gadget

  43. Scott Caldon says:

    I would make my own basil pesto

  44. Colin Faulkner says:

    I make lots of soup so would make life easy for me.

  45. Joanna Sadler says:

    I’d use it for chopping herbs and grinding spices

  46. I would blend vegetables for a delicious soup

  47. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    A smoothie – you have to make use of all the fruit about at this time of year 🙂

  48. Jane Middleton says:

    vegetable puree

  49. Janine Atkin says:

    veg for a tasty homemade soup

  50. sunil koya says:

    Basil for a pesto sauce 🙂

  51. I’ve always fancied making my own pesto.

  52. Lani Nash says:

    lots of veg to make a tasty stew

  53. Chilli, garlic and ginger to fry chicken in…. Yum!

  54. Megan Hughes says:

    I would make fresh coleslaw with homemade mayo and also use it to chop fresh herbs.

  55. Emma Smith says:

    I would make some coleslaw

  56. Philip Thomas Boyle says:

    Nuts , if it’s up to it.

  57. Spices for Thai chicken curry

  58. sally rees says:

    coleslaw or a nice fresh salsa

  59. Kristy Brown says:

    Homemade Garlic butter sauce


    Homemade Pesto…

  61. Rebecca Shelton says:

    I would make a nice fruit smoothie 🙂

  62. Hannah Whitling says:

    Different pastes and bases for sauces to flavour food. I dont have any blenders etc so rarely make home made marinades and pastes for any meat i’m cooking, so would love to have much more flavoursome food using this.

  63. I’d use it to make my own hummus. It’s cheaper and healthier than store bought.

  64. James Holyland says:

    Chicken & Vegetable broth soup

  65. Alison Turner says:

    I would use it for all sorts chopping herbs for meals,chopping salads,pestos ooooh!!! all sorts 😀

  66. rebecca elaine pawsey says:

    cucumber and carrots as my children love snacking on them and this would be a quick way to put them into bitesize pieces.

  67. Tracey Kifford says:

    Breadcrumbs – this would make it really quick to make breadcrumbs, which have a multitude of uses in so many recipes.

  68. Joanna Sawka says:

    I’d prepare banana lassi

  69. Veronica Therawati says:

    strawberry smoothie

  70. Deborah Wheeler says:

    Coleslaw to have with salad on these hot summer days

  71. Soup, it looks much easier than getting out the blender

  72. I would wizz up the spices for indian curries!

  73. Honora Livesey says:

    Some yummy homemade homous 🙂

  74. Holly Boyd says:

    In this weather anything cold, a smoothie would be amazing with lots of exotic fruits and perhaps the occasional vegetable.

  75. Celia West says:

    So many things – vegs, herbs, breadcrumbs and best of all onions with no tears!

  76. Jess Mandeville says:

    Mangos, chillis and peppers to make the base for my homemade hot sauce

  77. There are so many different side dishes that I would love to have a go at making. My first choice would probably be coleslaw though.

  78. I’m just starting out eating healthy and aiming to lose lots of LBS!!! This would help me create flavour combos without the calories…

  79. I would use it to blend my Thai green curry paste. It would be perfect!

  80. claire griffiths says:

    i would use it to whizz up all my lovley marinades for my meat

  81. Andrea MacLeod says:

    Banana smoothie

  82. claire gray says:

    i would make some tasty salsa and sauces for the bbq food 😉

  83. Richard Boothroyd says:

    Great for coleslaw!

  84. Kelly Hooper says:

    Id be cheeky and use it to chop up some veggies that my son swears he doesnt like and hide it in his yorkshire pudding lol

  85. Wendy Smith says:

    I would use it to chop fresh herbs & spices for marinades, like coriander, garlic & chillis.

  86. In this weather smoothies all the way!

  87. Clair Dukes says:

    I would whizz up homemade guacamole

  88. Aimie Head says:

    This would save me so much time!! x

  89. Claire Appleton says:

    Homemade soup to help me start the new 5.2 diet 🙂

  90. Andrew Halliwell says:

    The blackberries are beginning to form and it looks like it might be a bumper crop this year, so, blackberry smoothies…

  91. Tony Flanagan says:

    pesto for me…

  92. Some nice homemade Soup 🙂


  93. The first thing I would make is homemade pesto; it livens up pan fried chicken and spread on a french stick before it goes in the oven, is a perfect alternative to garlic bread …. and no bad breath the next day either, bonus.

  94. Onion for home made burgers

  95. Jeremy Hards says:

    Carrots, Onions, Peppers and other vegies to make a nice salad. The food processor is too much agro for a meal for one person. A mini chopper would be ideal

  96. Emily Hutchinson says:

    The herbs from my garden

  97. Daisybeebee says:

    Herbs from the garden to marinade my fish for the BBQ

  98. Alfredo Vazquez says:

    I would use it for making salsa, perfect for when i cook fajitas or just as a tasty dip

  99. Pingback: experience days
  100. princesspamma says:

    I would use it to make a really lovely pineapple and chilli salsa – this handy little beauty would save loads of time!

  101. To make up meals for my 2 day fast(not as my husband thought macdonalds one day and burger king the next!)

  102. Natalie Crossan says:

    I’d chop up some nice fresh onion and minced meat and make burgers

  103. Sheri Darby says:

    Tomatoes for tomato soup

  104. Initially I’d chop onions but I’d soon be experimenting with all sorts of stuff. I’d even do a review on my blog =)

  105. Emma Lewis says:

    Sweet and sour sauce

  106. Pamela Gossage says:

    I would use it for soup

  107. a thick fresh strawberry milkshake with icecream

  108. Amanda Graham says:

    Fruit Smoothie for breakfast!

  109. kylie johnson says:

    Anything really – I’m useless at chopping, so would save my fingers!

  110. Teresa Lee says:

    A mixed fruit smoothie

  111. Cristina McDowall says:

    onions without tears!

  112. Christine Caple says:

    I would use it to make some soup

  113. all the vegetables we eat, better than using pre-chopped frozen veg : -)

  114. Ann Robinson says:

    I’d use it for guacamole which i love but haven’t found a shop bought one i like

  115. leanne williams says:

    Garlic and Chilli. Yummy!

  116. Nicola Reynolds says:

    I’d use it to make healthy smoothies for me and my family

  117. Paul Witney says:

    I would chop herbs and garlic

  118. Danielle Graves says:

    Some tomatoes, onions, garlic cloves, herbs and seasoning to make a lovely salsa

  119. kim mayhead says:

    Spices and onions to make my own curry pastes.

  120. Mandy Waller says:

    I would do a tasty fruit smoothy 🙂

  121. Dawn Fletcher says:

    Fruit Smoothie…….nothing like it to start the day off right :))))

  122. Malgorzata says:

    tomatoes for salsa

  123. Susan Ellams says:

    a nice blend of fresh spices fro my curries

  124. zoe dennett says:

    would love to win this, thanks for the chance


    I would use it to chop fruit vegetables, ready for summer salads

  126. Emily OMara says:

    raspberry smoothie! great prize

  127. To disguise the veg in home made lasagne or pasta, so my daughter will eat it 🙂

  128. Diane Wareing says:

    I would make home made soups and salad dressings with it 🙂

  129. Mickie Bull says:

    Biscuits for cheesecake bases

  130. Prawns to make prawn balls or prawn toast etc. Many things…

  131. Tracey Peach says:

    Everything that needs chopping

  132. I would make pesto in all its variations. Love fresh basil and nuts!

  133. I would use the Russell Hobbs Desire Mini Chopper for everything really!

  134. Steve Sharpe says:

    Garlic and Chilli. Yummy!

  135. Jean Bolsover says:

    Vegetables for a coleslaw

  136. Jenny Silver says:

    I’d probably try adding some fruit and see how it goes

  137. veggies to hide in my sons food 😉

  138. I prefer my onions finally chopped but I can never do it by hand with a knife so this would be perfect!

    Great for homemade yummy salsa too! 🙂

    Jen xx

  139. Kat Glynn says:

    I’d chop nuts and fiddly time consuming things.

  140. Laura Silver says:

    Il be different and say Id chop up some cheese to sprinkle on lasagnes etc 🙂 lol

  141. Emily McCabe says:

    I’d probably make some sort of pesto as I’ve not made my own pesto yet

  142. Caroline H says:

    I’d whizz up some homegrown basil then some pine nuts for pesto.

  143. claire woods says:

    A healthy smoothie

  144. Joanne Kelly says:

    Mint! Hate chopping mint, haha x

  145. Dawn Henson says:

    I would make my own Pesto Sauce which I lo ve mixed into Pasta.

  146. Patricia Edwards says:

    Smoothies and soup, nice to make my own

  147. Fresh basil pesto with cashews

  148. Annie Costa says:

    bananas,strawberries,raspberries&yogurt for a delicious any-time-of-the-day smoothie!

  149. I would chop Carrots up so finely and hide them in my bolonase

  150. Kerrie McKay says:

    I would make a pesto with items from our garden. It would chop up our herbs and garlic nicely.

  151. jennifer thorpe says:

    tomatoes for a home made soup

  152. Laura Pritchard says:

    Some lovely breakfast smoothies!

  153. Louise Comb says:

    I would make a chopped salad with cucumber, tomatoes, onions, kidney beans and a little light dressing 🙂

  154. katie skeoch says:

    some mint for my mojito cocktails!!

  155. John Williams says:

    Looks a good chopper.

  156. Louise English says:

    The ingredients for celeriac slaw.


    ……………..veg for my stir fry

  158. Karen Barrett says:

    Pine nuts and basil to make my pesto

  159. Julia Nicholls says:

    I love making pesto but I would find this a fantastic aid to making coleslaw which I make a lot but find the chopping a bit of a chore.

  160. Penny Crumpton says:

    spices for a moroccan chickpea cury!

  161. ali mckenzie says:

    I wouldnt know where to start so I’d head for the cookbooks for inspiration

  162. Rey Chunara says:

    I’d go for soups. Love making them.

  163. Raspberry smoothie!

  164. Pat Stubbs says:

    Any of the homemade soups that I make

  165. Some cool refreshing gazpacho, perfect!

  166. Chopping onions really small is something I hate doing so that’s what I use the chopper for 😀

  167. sian hallewell says:

    Would it do carrots for a carrot cake? Hoping so, as I love carrot cake, but it takes ages

  168. sophielou07 says:

    I would make my own marinades and curry pastes 🙂 YUMMY!

  169. Gary Topley says:

    I would use it for baby food x

  170. Making homemade tabbouleh 😀

  171. helen battle says:

    I would ‘try’ to make a salsa 🙂

  172. Christine Johnson says:

    Cheese savoury, l would chop eggs, onions and tomatoes and so many other things

  173. I would chop vegetables for my vegetable bake.

  174. Anita Hooper says:

    Anything smelly to save my hands from smelling

  175. Allan Smith says:

    Onions and garlic!

  176. Definitely a good, homemade veg soup! Great little gadget.

  177. Lisa Everaert says:

    I`d love this to make short work of chopping my tomatoes. VERY handy!

  178. Emily Clark says:

    Some homemade vegan pesto – just replace the cheese with white miso and it tastes exactly the same, just as delicious!

  179. Jenni Lynch says:

    Definitely homemade fruity berry ice cream, yum!

  180. it would be great for making home-made pesto

  181. Sylvia Witham says:

    Courgettes and leeks for a courgette bake

  182. Andrew Dommett says:

    Chop Raw salad vegetables for fresh salad

  183. A quick and nifty chutney!

  184. Jblaincomp says:

    Looks ace for wiz zing up a spicy salsa mmmmmmm

  185. J. Tingay says:

    It would be excellent for making marmalade.

  186. andy harris says:

    making pesto sauce

  187. Everything & Anything, I’d just be so chuffed with a new mini chopper! 🙂

  188. s_freebie :) says:

    Diced veg to discuise in food

  189. s_freebie :) says:

    Russell Hobbs kitchen appliances are very good quality

  190. Jill Webb says:

    coleslaw home made yummy

  191. strawberry and banana smoothie!

  192. Bex allum says:

    Fruit for my baby girl

  193. angela Sandhu says:

    tomatoes as my husband hates a single lump of tomato in his curries!

  194. claire bodin says:

    Red onions they are our favourite

  195. michelle thompson says:

    to chop veg to make soup

  196. I would use it to chop onions with

  197. I would chop up some strawberries and banana to make a smoothie

  198. Amelia Kennedy says:

    Chunky vegetable soup!

  199. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    Would make a pesto, really into pesto at the moment!

  200. Janice Davison says:

    Soups is always a good bet

  201. Rob Griffiths says:

    Leek and potato soup

  202. maureen findley says:

    i would grind spices for my curries

  203. Peter Hewitt says:

    A Smooth Pina Colida

  204. Home made coleslaw – so much nicer than shop bought!

  205. Mariana Tarkulicova says:

    perfect little Chopper 🙂 just what my kitchen needs. definately a lovely homemade coleslaw

  206. Colin English says:

    I’d love an easy way to make coleslaw

  207. Natalie Phillips says:

    Salsa to have with some tortilla chips!

  208. A nice fruit smoothie 🙂

  209. Sarah Birkett says:

    definately make a salsa, what about onions, they normally take forever

  210. Tammy Tudor says:

    Fruit to make a delicious smoothie!

  211. Would use it to cut all sorts of veg for veg soup

  212. Mary HEALD says:


  213. carol egan says:

    this would be great to make my own salsa and guacamole for a mexican inspired meal.

  214. Adam Shaw says:

    Vegetable soup! 😀

  215. Laura Baker says:

    Fresh salsa for fajitas – a favourite in our house!

  216. Kelly Koya says:

    a nice masala paste for curry

  217. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I would whizz up some chickpeas to make hoummus.

  218. Lucy Abbott says:

    I would whizz up some breadcrumbs for an apple crumble

  219. Phil Darling says:

    I’d use it for my pea and Ham soup

  220. Louise Reeks says:

    i would use it for my home grown strawberries to make a yummy smoothie

  221. Nina McFadden says:

    I would chop up a tomato onion and cucumber to serve with a juicy hamburger.

  222. would use it to chop up digestives for cheesecake

  223. L Bunning says:

    I would chop my home grown herbs and onions. Making a salsa would also be one of the first things I would do.

  224. Great for chopping garlic and onions for some nice Italian cuisine

  225. fozia Akhtar says:

    I would chop up some mint and corainder for a chutney!

  226. Larley Haylar says:

    I would make salsa

  227. Paul Bennett says:

    Think it would have to be a nice cous cous

  228. Tracey chalk says:

    Onions!!!! I can cry in the next room from chopped onions! Love making homemade soup so this would be great x

  229. Healthy fruit smoothies!

  230. Lisa Pepper says:

    Carrots cos they’re a pain to grate by hand!

  231. Hannah Oneill says:

    Some chopped onions!

  232. Alana Walker says:

    i would whip up a dressing for a lovely summer salad.x

  233. Marc Donnelly says:

    Great for chopping malteasers to sprinkle over my ice cream yum

  234. I’d make a tomato chutney.

  235. Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    For making curry pastes!

  236. garry Booton says:

    We would use to our vegetables for home made sooups

  237. As a new vegan, I would love to experiment with some homemade dairy free pesto and some fresh Mexican fiery salsa. Yum!

  238. would be great for sorting my little boys food

  239. Fresh pesto and homemade soup; simple and delicious.

  240. Michelle Bosomworth says:

    veg for home made soups yummy

  241. David Vessey says:

    I’d make my own soup!

  242. will make a nice salsa for spaghetti

  243. Natalie French says:

    Lemongrass, ginger, chilli for my Thai curry paste

  244. Charley foulds says:

    a nice chinese stir fry!

  245. Samantha Vass says:

    I’d use it to chop my onions, saves me crying while I chop them!

  246. Joanne Mapp says:

    My Daughter won’t eat onions if she can see them, so I would use it to make the onion pieces so small, she wouldn’t notice them in her meal.

  247. S Edwards says:

    Carrots as my partner cuts them so thick 😉

  248. Mark Rayner says:

    I would use it to chop my chilli’s for my homemade chilli sauce.

  249. Onions…no more crying at the sink with 3.5 yr old daughter asking “what’s the matter Mummy? Why are you sad?”

  250. Paul Meulen says:

    Herbs from my garden.

  251. jenny morgan says:

    homemade coleslaw

  252. sharon keane KEANE says:

    chopping my veggies for home made soup or guacamole

  253. Would use to grind my own spices for marinades

  254. Leah Wheatley says:

    Sweet Pepper Soup

  255. kelly harper says:

    Homemade coleslaw or an onion salad

  256. lovely spicy chutneys and pesto and tomatoe purees…

  257. jo maxted says:

    It would make it a lot easier to blend up my baby’s meals!

  258. Sarah Parkin says:

    Vegetables for making a spicy salsa

  259. Cherryl Thomas says:

    Courgettes, carrots and sweet peppers for my pasta sauces.

  260. steven young says:

    I’d use this to chop up absolutely everything that needs chopping!

  261. I would probably use this for all my chopping needs just now, as I am ill and finding chopping very tiring. What I’d most like to use it for though is for grinding spices so I can make delicate curries from scratch.

  262. Jayne Sullivan says:

    I would use it to chop up some onions – no more crying eyes. A perfect addition to my homemade pasta sauce.

  263. melanie stirling says:

    Some delicious pesto

  264. Claire Wilkinson says:

    a nice yummy dip to go with tortilla chips

  265. ROS IRWIN says:

    veg for home made soups in the winter and berries for smoothies in the summer

  266. Liz Thomas says:

    Take a whole lemon and slice it thickly, remove seeds, put it in the chopper with a bit of sugar and chilli flakes to taste. Whiz thoroughly. Wonderful condiment to curries. The Russell Hobbs Desire Mini Chopper would be perfect for this!

  267. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    A nice fruit smoothie

  268. Helen Moulden says:

    It’d have to be a berry smoothie!

  269. Helen Porter says:

    a smoothie there my favorites!

  270. Debora Hercock says:

    I’d make my own salsa and guacamole for a mexican inspired meal.

  271. tamalyn roberts says:

    would be very handy for my home made coleslaw

  272. Veggies for my summer garden salad, yum

  273. Jean Vaughan says:

    I would chop tomatoes for making my own tomato soup- using my knife is so messy and time consuming.

  274. Maya Russell says:

    I’d chop tomatoes, avocados, chilli and onions to make a salsa.

  275. olivia kirby says:

    pesto and salsas

  276. frances hopkins says:

    I’m not a very good cook, so I’d have to leave the deciding to the cook of the house, my partner

  277. Judith Luscombe says:

    I would like to wizz up the ingredients for a homemade coleslaw

  278. laura banks says:

    probably herns we do have a pestle and mortar but i useless with that

  279. Soup, although then I’d have to decide on a flavour…choices choices

  280. Jennie Moore says:

    For all of my lovely herbs in the garden!

  281. kim plant says:

    veg for a stir fry x

  282. Tracy Nixon says:

    Soup! I love making my own!

  283. Ella Dublin says:

    A berry smoothie! :))

  284. Jill Freeman says:

    I so often see recipes I fancy cooking for myself but getting the food processor out for quantities for one person really puts me off. This sounds like it fits the bill, esp as you mentioned pesto – my favourite sauce!

    1. KAREN TAYLOR says:

      Would use to grind my own spices for marinades,curries and fresh herbs for pestos and dressings……mmm bring on the summer : )

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