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Love Notes Velentine's Day

It’s that time of year again when the shops go into overdrive selling Valentine’s Day merchandise. Expectation levels are high; will we receive flowers, chocolates, a card from the petrol station, an invitation to dinner?! Or none of the above, with the reasoning that true love should be expressed throughout the year and not just on one day…My little boy is making a Valentine’s day card this year. He’s six and there is one particular young lady who has captured his attention. I’ve already received my ‘love note’ from him and a cut out heart, saying “I Love You Mummy.”  I’ve also had an early taste of some Hotel Chocolat ‘Love Notes’ - so I’m a happy girl even if that’s my lot. I also have a box to share with one of my readers, too.

Love Notes Hotel Chocolat

This year, the Hotel Chocolat Love Notes Menu reveals – Amaretto Marzipan, Caramel Praline, Champagne Bellini, Dark Mousse, Lemon Berry Tart and Salted Praline. In this box, you get 12 chocolates, two of each flavour. The box is small but sturdy, you could keep it for your real love notes. Underneath the chocolates, there are twelve love quotes, so as you pick each chocolate out of the box, you reveal a little message. Since I’ve just been to see Les Misérables, I’ll share a Victor Hugo quote from the box - “Love is a portion of the soul itself.”

Love Notes

There’s a clear winner in this box for me – the Caramel Praline. If you’ve ever tasted Hotel Chocolate’s Caramel Button’s you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s almost impossible not to eat the whole packet in one sitting. So, the combination of milk chocolate, praline and caramel in a heart-shaped chocolate was definitely the highlight of the box for me. My husband immediately picked out the two Amaretto Marzipan chocolates, since those are his two very favourite flavours. I’m not usually a fan of fruity chocolates, but the Lemon Berry Tart (white chocolate) offered a taste of rich lemon curd with a spike of berries followed by sweet and mellow white chocolate. The Champagne Bellini has a really good hit of alcohol and a dash of peach, but I didn’t really get any peach flavour. The Dark Mousse was probably my least favourite, but then again, I’ve always favoured Hotel Chocolat’s milk chocolate range, but that’s just me. There’s a Salted Praline, too, and though I’m a little over salted chocolate this one has a good pinch of Fleur de Sel. 

Hotel Chocolat’s Love Notes are priced at £14.00. Last year, I believe that the box contained a little card that you could write a personal love note on, this year, you don’t get a card, only the insert with love quotations.

Love Notes

I also noticed their Lovebirds chocolate (priced at £10.00), which I thought were sweet.

If you are hoping to impress someone this Valentine’s Day, I’d say go for The Affection Collection along with a Revive Treatmeant Candle.    

Here’s how to enter the Hotel Chocolat Giveaway – the prize will be sent out by Hotel Chocolat directly.

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Note – This is a sponsored review, all views and opinion expressed are my own. Many thanks to Hotel Chocolat.