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Polish Carrot and Apple Salad (Surówka z Marchewki)

There comes a point at which you have to stop eating cake. It is a sad point, but one that is necessary and as we come into summer, now is the perfect time to switch from baking to salad eating. I can see me holding out for, hmn, let’s see, about a week!

On the plus side, I have plenty of tasty Polish salad recipes to encourage me (and hopefully you, too) to eat some healthy food. My first point of call is usually a Polish potato salad  (you still get some carbs) with hard boiled egg, pickled cucumber (optional) and a bit of mayo. My second favourite is one called Surówka, literally meaning raw, and you can make it with lots of things. Grated cabbage (red and/or white) mixed with carrot, for example, is similar to coleslaw. My mum makes the best homemade coleslaw, replacing the raw onions with apple. Much better. Then there is a traditional Carrot and Apple salad (recipe below), which is even lovelier. You can add in a few sultanas and a squeeze or two of lemon juice and even a sprinkle of caraway seeds. I also have great recipes for a cucumber salad, with sour cream and dill to share, as well a Ruska Salata, or Russian Salad, made with lots of vegetables, adopted by the Poles. This salad is eaten by everyone, everywhere in Poland!

To make my Carrot and Apple Salad, I used the Russell Hobbs fine slicing disk on the Desire food processor that I am currently testing (and giving away a second one here) but, of course, you can grate your carrot and apple using a traditional grater, too. Extra calories expended! Sprinkle over a little feta cheese and you have a lovely lunch box or main salad. I have mine with potato salad served alongside.


Salads are a fab way to get kids involved in the kitchen – not with the grating – but with the mixing. And you might find they will even pick at some of it, too. Double bonus.

[gmc_recipe 5189]

I’m sending this leafless salad (ignore the pea shoots, they are not really leaves) across to Jacqueline who is hosting the No Croutons Challenge this month. Thank you so much to Lisa who hosted the May round and very kindly let me know that my British Asparagus, Mozarella and Egg Salad won!

I’m also very pleased to be able to send this simple salad across to Laura at How to Cook Good Food who is hosting this month’s Simple and in Season. You should be able to find some tasty English carrots and heritage apples around at the moment.

What’s your favourite salad?! How long do you think I’ll last for?!

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  1. John Graham says:

    I am so pleased to have found your site. I am based in Poland and I love cooking. I enjoy entertaining my friends and like to try out Polish recipes on them. In English they’re difficult to find and have generally been “fiddled” with too much. I have researched many sites but have never found one which has the air of authenticity about it that yours has. I guess I will be a regular visitor here. Thank you.

  2. A lovely light and refreshing salad Ren. A great contribution to No Croutons Required. I am in the middle of the round-up now.

  3. I was expecting to see some sour cream in this salad when I saw it was Polish… but no, I was pleasantly surprised. Sounds likea great salad for the picnic season. 🙂

  4. Having just returned from Devon, I know what you mean about to much cake. Plus too much butter, cream, scones and everything! Am in love with all things Devonian & Cornish but now feel the need for salads such as this. Love grated carrot salads and don’t make them enough. Happy with raisins too as I think they add a lovely sweet note.
    Thanks for entering this into your Simple and in Season which I am happy to be hosting! xx

    1. Thanks so much Laura for hosting! I am looking forward to seeing all the entries. Devon and Cornwall are beautiful and I know what you mean about cream teas – it’s the same when we go to Wales. I’m sure you’ll soon get into the swing of summer salad eating with a few treats thrown in here and there!

  5. Now I’m not sure this makes the best substitute for cake, but it looks delicious and I’d be very happy to have it for my lunch or supper 😉

    1. I agree, not a suitable substitute. But it’s a nice colour!

  6. This looks really tasty Ren. And I adore raisins in salads. Well done on your salad win!

    I know exactly what you mean about the cakes, I had been steadily losing weight but a bit too much sampling recently has stopped that in its tracks!

    1. Thanks Sian. Well done for losing weight, hope you can get back on track too! Too many tempting treats around!

  7. I agree about the stopping eating cake! Sadly I love cake and have a blogger’s belly at the moment.

    Lovely salad, and well done on winning NCR!

    1. Thanks Helen, grr, I know, supposed to be losing weight, not gaining it! Occupational hazard! Hope Dublin was good.

  8. that looks great ren! I love salads made with sweet and crunchy fruits and vegetables, this is simple but works well on so many levels! will skip raisins though, not a fan of them 🙁

    1. Thanks Shu Han, summertime eating is lovely!

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