Recipe: Easter Chocolate Cake

Easter Chocolate Cake

There’s no other time of year when you can indulge in quite as much chocolate as Easter! If you’ve managed to give it up for lent, well done, you’ve got a great deal more will power than me. This is an Easter Chocolate Cake that I love making for my family and it makes the perfect Easter Sunday centrepiece. You can decorate your cake any way you like – mini eggs make the perfect topping and I’ve used some of Heston’s edible hay from the inside of one of his golden eggs, but you could get a similar effect with some shredded wheat or with edible rice paper. The main thing is to bake it, cover it in chocolate frosting and enjoy it this Easter!

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How to be a #GoodEgg this Easter with Waitrose

This post is in support of the Waitrose #GoodEgg campaign 

Easter Chooclate Cake

Click here for my Easter Chocolate Cake recipe

Did I mention how much I love Easter? It definitely has something to do with all the chocolate around. However, I also love that it’s spring and that it’s generally brighter and that the Easter bunny hops around. We actually do have two wild bunnies hopping around our garden, they visit every morning and so I tell the children that they are hunting around for all the best places to hide eggs. Easter also provides us with a nice opportunity to get into the kitchen and bake. We have more than two weeks off school and there’s generally less to do than before Christmas, so things are more relaxed.

This year, instead of a traditional Simnel cake (made with fruit and marzipan) I’ll be making version 2.0 of my Chocolate Easter Cake. This chocolate cake is perfect in every way and will feed a lot of people. Plus, you get to decorate it with whatever you have to hand – mini eggs, cute decorations and edible hay….

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Two-Minute Power Blender Hollandaise (with asparagus)


It’s almost British asparagus season and so I’ve been looking forward to all the ways that I’m going to be enjoying our native grown asparagus as we roll into spring. I’ve also been experimenting with my new blender to make sauces as well as healthy green smoothies.

With a tiny bit of practice and plenty of tasting along the way, I’ve perfected a two-minute power blender hollandaise sauce, made with fresh egg yolks, butter and lemon juice. Fresh asparagus really needs nothing more, simply snap the spears, blanch in boiling water for two to three minutes and make the sauce. Then pour over and enjoy. You don’t even need a knife and fork – simply smother in sauce, pick up the spears and eat!

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