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Beetroot and Kale Soup

Beetroot and Kale Soup with a Kale and Almond Crumble – virtuous! 

So, are you really, really fed up of healthy eating now? Have you fallen off the wagon? Or, are you still ‘being good?’

If you started a new healthy eating regime at the beginning of the year, you could be 22 days in, which is amazing, if you’ve stuck to the plan.

Happily, I’m still in the ‘being good’ category. Since the start of the new year, and with the support of some of my fellow bloggers following the #JumpStart 2015 plan, I’m ten pounds down and feeling much lighter and brighter.

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26 Seasonal Recipes – Simple and in Season December Round Up

26 Seasonal Recipes

Where did January go?!

Simple and in Season December was a feast for all the senses – beautiful colours, aromas (I’m sure) and even some interesting textures! This selection is perfect for bookmarking for next year and perhaps you’ll spot a few ideas for the cold, dark evenings of January in the UK or the brighter climes of other parts of the world.

If you are looking for the current round of Simple and in Season January, it’s being hosted by the lovely Sarah of Maison Cupcake here. The link up follows Sarah’s Cavolo nero and banana smoothie.

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Healthy Pasta Dishes | Guest Blog Event: Pasta Please January 2015

Penne with Prawns

It’s January, which means we’ll all be bombarded with great ideas for eating healthily, dieting and losing weight. Personally, I’ve set myself the task of completing my second Whole 30 Challenge, which means no pasta for me. But I do have a handy food processor, so I’m going to experiment with courgette noodles, instead. That being said, the most weight I ever lost was after my first baby and that was by joining my local Slimming World group and there were plenty of healthy pasta dishes that I could enjoy with that one. So, if I do fall off the Paleo wagon, I’ll be signing back up to my local group! I’m also looking forward to using my Froothie Optimum 9400 for lots of healthy soup recipes and I’ll be joining in with #Jumpstart2015

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Make-Ahead Leek and Poppy Seed Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls

We’ve only recently started making our own sausage rolls at home, but now that we’ve tried them, there’s no going back to the shop-bought variety. The homemade version is altogether a different thing – flaky pastry, good quality sausage meat of your choice (I get mine from Hedges Farm in St Albans) and a few…

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Simple and in Season – December

Froothie Optimum 9400

How is it December already?! Seriously, I don’t know where the time goes. I’ve just been reading through the round up for November’s Simple and in Season, hosted beautifully by Katie over at Feeding Boys and a Firefighter. Thank you Katie. 34 stunning seasonal recipes – honestly, it’s like a cook book! Soups, starters, sharing…

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Cod, Chorizo and Pea Puree Bites – Lurpak Cook’s Range

cod, chorizo and pea puree bites

It’s almost time to start thinking about Christmas food. I say almost, because traditionally, I don’t really start thinking about Christmas food until December. However, the folks at Lurpak have invited me to take part in their Lurpak Christmas Menu this year and I’ve been tasked with creating an ‘amuse bouche’ or a ‘one bite…

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40 Seasonal Recipes (October’s Simple and in Season Round Up)

Froothie Optimum 9400

October was a great month for Simple and in Season, with over 40 seasonal recipes and pumpkins aplenty! This month, Katie at Feeding Boys and a Firefighter is hosting, with plenty of entries already flooding in. In the meantime, here are Octobers recipes. Above Sausage and Sweet Potato Skillet Supper by Feeding Boys and a…

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Autumn Reviews – Cru Kafe, Supermilk and Doughnuts!

Bread, Cake, Doughnut, Pudding

A round up of a few items that have caught my attention recently… Cru Kafe Coffee Pods Let’s start with the coffee…I’m a huge fan of a good cup of coffee. At home, we have a Nespresso coffee machine, I’m pretty sure it’s the Nespresso U model and it’s the second one we’ve had having…

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Quick Risotto-Stuffed Vegetables

Risotto Stuffed Veg

My mother (who is an amazing cook) can always make ‘something out of nothing’ and I’m hoping that this recipe will always remind me of that. Last week, when my mum came to stay, I was completely on the back foot. I hadn’t managed a big shop and the fridge was uncharacteristically empty. We found…

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