Chocolate Orange Easter Tiramisu Party

Baking disasters happen to everyone. That’s what I told myself as the double layer chocolate orange cake I was planning to make stuck to the tin in a magnificent fashion. The only way to get it out was to hack it up into bits – and so it became a Chocolate Orange Easter Tiramisu. Lesson 1 – don’t forget to grease and line the tin. Lesson 2 – never throw a broken cake away, you can always turn it into a tiramisu or a trifle. You can use any chocolate cake or chocolate loaf cake for this recipe.


To make an authentic tiramisu, you should really use Savoiardi biscuits, sometimes called Lady Fingers – but ‘stuck to the tin’ chocolate cake works just as well, in my book. I make my tiramisu to a recipe my Italian brother-in-law taught me many moons ago – egg yolks with sugar, then vanilla, mascarpone cheese and finally, whipped egg whites to lighten it up. You can also soak the biscuits in liquour, or marsala wine, but I just used orange juice and also grated in some extra orange zest. Always finish with a good dusting of cocoa. Finally, invite your friends and family over and tuck in – this makes a lovely Italian-inspired ending to any Easter meal.




Easter Party

After I had made this, I saw another post by Guilia who writes at Jul’s Kitchen from Tuscany – she very cleverly split two Easter eggs and filled the shells with tiramisu. So you could fo that, too and make Easter Egg Tiramisu.


Easter Tiramisu

I hope you all have a really lovely Easter weekend!

Happy Easter

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My Polish Kitchen

Update: I’ll be filling my new site My Polish Kitchen with lots of recipes and reviews over the Easter break. You can see my post on egg decorating and our Polish Easter basket here. Traditionally, we would also bake a Babka or a Mazurek cake – there is a lovely recipe for an Orange and Almond Mazurek Cake here which is in From a Polish Country House Kitchen.

Finally – a little shout out – of you are in Manchester on Easter Sunday and fancy a Polish Easter experience, singer Katy Carr will be singing at The Old Abbey Inn at the launch of Manchester’s first Polish gastro pub!   

What are you doing over the Easter weekend?

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  1. Lots of fab recipes are borne from potential disasters & this is one of them. I would’ve had a wee hissy fit and chucked it – tin and all – into the bin! Btw the images look so professional. And your model is very cute too! Happy Easter 🙂

    1. Aah hopefulyl save caked next time if it ever happens! My little model loves helping and my little boy also ‘styled’ his first Easter table with all his eggs and chicks, much to my amusement!

  2. This tiramisu is serendipity at it’s best! I love that you made something so spectacular out of you baking mishap. It looks divine.
    Thanks for the shout out too 🙂

    1. A second, humongous bowl was made the next day!

  3. Gorgeous idea to use chocolate cake. These are beautiful x

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