Nigella’s Everyday Brownies (With Leftover Mini Eggs)

I’m re-visiting this post from last Easter. It’s time to get baking again! Not that there really are ever any ‘leftover’ mini eggs…but just in case you have a bag or two around this Easter, I hope you find time to make these.

I made these Everyday Brownies from Nigella’s book Kitchen as mentioned in my post just before Easter, because I mistakenly bought a gigantic bag of mini eggs and I wanted to see what would happen if I used them in place of  ‘a newsagent’s or corner-shop bar or two of milk chocolate’ as directed by Nigella. In actual fact, a second batch is waiting to be be made with a leftover selection of Wispa Bars, Flakes and Cadbury’s Caramel Bars. The chocolate eggs themselves are long gone, but I’m sure they would work, too. My theory – hear me out- is that rather than constant gorging on chocolate that happens to be lying around after Easter – make a batch of these and freeze them, ready to be whipped out for an after-school snack or quick pudding or dessert.  

I do like Nigella’s recipe, though I left them in a bit too long- they really do need to be taken out of the oven whilst still quite wobbly in the middle to get the maximum squidginess. The brownies that I usually make with either mashed banana or pear and chocolate are probably still my favourite and I followed my own method when making these.

Everyday Brownies with leftover Mini Eggs
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 16
  • 150 g butter
  • 300 g light brown soft sugar
  • 75 g cocoa powder
  • 150 g self raising flour
  • 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon orange extract
  • 300 g mini eggs
  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180C, 400F, Gas Mark 4
  2. Grease and line a square baking tray or use a silicone tray. Mine is 23cm x 23 cm.
  3. Put the butter and sugar in a microwavable bowl and heat for two minutes on medium (stiring once after one minute) until melted and smooth. OR, melt the butter and sugar together in a heat proof bowl over a pan of simmering water (make sure the bowl isn't touching the water and don't be tempted to stir too much.
  4. Add the orange extract and lightly beaten eggs to the mixture and stir well. Sift the cocoa powder, flour, bicarbonate of soda and pinch of salt into the mixture and mix again together well - by hand. Add half the chocolate or left over mini eggs and stir through.
  5. Pour the mixture into your tray or tin and scatter over the rest of the left over mini eggs or chocolate. Bake for 25 minutes. The brownies should have started to feel crispy at the edge and firm on top but will still be wobbly in the middle. Take them out of the oven and leave them to cool. When cool, slice the brownies into portions and lift them out of the tray. Eat while warm and squidgy OR cool completely, and layer them in a freezable container, lining each layer with baking paper. To de-frost, take them out of the freezer and leave them overnight or pop in the microwave for a 30 seconds.
This recipe is adapted from Nigella's Kitchen and the method is adapted and written in my own words. I doubled the quantity of chocolate from 150g to 300g because I had lots left over to use! I also flavoured my brownies with orange extract rather than vanilla and used self-raising flour in place of plain. My oven is also slightly hotter than most so I turned it down a notch.

Look out for some more Easter recipes coming soon!

First published in April 2012


    • Ren says

      Thanks Katie! Too many hours gazing at food magazines and a little help from the course. A work in progress…x

  1. says

    The give, or crunch, of the eggs sounds lovely and a good excuse to buy some mini eggs. Unbelievably we have no chocolate leftover as the lone Lindt egg got demolished immediately between the three of us. Another great tweak from you 😀

    • Ren says

      Ooh now, you could add some Lindt chocolate balls to the brownies, that would be yummmy! If there were ever any left, of course!

    • Ren says

      Thank you :-) Always room for a lovely squidgy brownie, especially with a dollop of ice cream on top!

    • Ren says

      Thanks Ros, oh yes, AlphaBakes! I did bookmark that one, I think I had another post up my sleeve but can link up! x

  2. says

    These look super! I would love to find a bite of mini egg shaped chocolate inside my brownie…! Love the photos, especially the pussy willow!

    • Ren says

      Thanks Sarah, I think because I left them in a tad too long the shell bit melted?! Still yummy though.

  3. says

    Ren, those brownies look absolutely wonderful – I bet they were hugely popular. Like Fiona though, I have to query the concept of “leftover” mini-eggs. Are you sure it’s possible?

    • Ren says

      Hi Mark, thanks for the visit, I know, it’s hard to imagine! Hope you had a lovely family Easter.

  4. says

    Another one agreeing that your photos are gorgeous! And the brownies look divine. I’ve made these before and also found that they need to come out with a really wobbly middle, they set nicely if you can leave them alone! Love the addition of mini eggs.

    • Ren says

      Yep, wobbly middle is best! I was convinced they weren’t cooked so left them in, but in fact, they would have been perfect. An excuse to make them again!!

    • Ren says

      Thanks Laura, I saw a few ‘mini egg’ brownie posts so I wasn’t the only one!! Hope you had a great Easter x

  5. says

    You have left over mini eggs? even without kids the mini eggs are the things I eat first!

    These look delicious and your photography just gets better and better!

    • Ren says

      Thanks Fiona. I did an online shop and this gigantic bag arrived – it was like a catering pack! Hope you had a lovely Easter, too x

  6. Ren says

    Thanks Karen I’m sure it will be another great round! Thanks for stopping by and have a safe journey to the UK x