Simple Chocolate Halloween Decorations

I am afraid that this is the extent of my Halloween creativity this year! Here are my simple chocolate Halloween decorations. Once you’ve piped them and left them to cool, you can use them to decorate cakes or tarts.  I am not one to spend lots and lots of time on gimmicky food treats. By the time the little ones have been out ‘Trickle Treating’ as they call it, all they want is their bed! We are going to be carving our pumpkins later on and we have lots of scary costumes and face painting to tackle, too!

Chocolate Halloween Cobwebs

These chocolate decorations are as simple as melting some chocolate, I used 200g plain chocolate and 200g milk chocolate and melted it in a Pyrex bowl over some gently simmering water. Once the chocolate had melted, I carefully poured it into a piping bag, fitted with a fairly small writing nozzle.

To make life easier, I drew my shapes onto some baking or parchment paper with a pencil, then flipped the paper over and piped my chocolate onto the sheet of paper. You need quite a steady hand, but there should be enough chocolate to have some fun with different shapes, for example, I made bats, pumpkins, ghosts as well as cobwebs. 

Halloween Tracing

Once I piped the chocolate, I carefully transfered the paper onto a flat shelf in the freezer to allow the chocolate to set, before taking them out and carefully peeling the chocolate decorations away from the paper.

Chocolate Cobwebs

The main issue I had was that once the chocolate shapes hit room temperate, they began to melt, so use them to decorate your cakes or whatever you have close to the time you want to eat them!

Halloween Chocolate Shapes

We  are having  a locally baked, Bakewell tart – I have told the children the almonds are witches nails, as well as jammy Swiss rolls, which the children enjoy unravelling and pretending they are intestines….how delightful!

For the evening, after Trick or Treating, we’re having a bubbling cauldron of Nigella’s Rapid Ragu, as made for Halloween last year.

Happy Halloween!


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    1. Thank you Charlotte, good luck submitting this week, I’m sure Halloween wasn’t anywhere near your radar this year!

  1. Love the witches nails/intestine story to your children. My mum used to do peeled grapes and say they were eyes! Cute choccie idea 😀

    1. Thank you Kellie – they bought it!!

  2. What a lovely idea for decorations, and they’d work for Christmas too, I would think. We had our celebration at lunch time, pizza and cake decorating for eight little girls, it was great fun.

    1. Thank you Jude, yes they would, I already thinking of little Christmas tree decorations! So pleased all the girls had fun!

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