Five spring recipes in BBC Good Food Magazine

I’m back with more exciting news, this time of a feature in BBC Good Food Magazine, within the April edition – on the shelves (in the UK) currently. I was asked to create these recipe back in November, shortly after contributing a recipe and some words on Polish cuisine in a feature on the Global Kitchen published in January. Magazine and print schedules are organised so far in advance, which is quite strange when you are used to the medium of instant publishing and blogging! So, it was a lovely surprise to finally get to see my ‘storecupboard spring clean’ recipes featured in the April edition.

BBC Good Food Magazine Ren Behan

My recipes fit into the ‘Everyday’ section of the magazine, under the banner of ‘Make it Tonight’ – so they are designed with ease and speediness in mind, with minimum ingredients. Spring is obviously a great time of the year to purge those storecupboards of all the ingredients leftover from Christmas. So on that note, my recipes include plenty of nuts, seeds and dried fruits, pulses, grains and pasta, brightened up with window box herbs and extra veggies.

Supper from your storecupboard

Recipes (starting on page 54) include –

  • Lentil and Sweet Potato Curry (£1.30 per serving)
  • Fruity Tabbouleh with Feta £(1.03 per serving)
  • Tomato and Rice Soup (just 58p a serving and one of my go-to recipes)
  • Macaroni Cheese with Bacon and Pine nuts (£1.57 per serving)
  • Salmon with Sesame, Soy and Ginger (£2.04 per serving)

All of the recipes were tested by both myself, the kitchen team and by some of the taste team, with beautiful photographs by Sam Stowell.

I loved the fresh flavours, and the pesto was a really tasty addition. A great soup to freeze or take to work the next day, too.” Sky – Taste Team on the Tomato and Rice Soup.

I hope you find the time to pop to the shops to pick up a copy of BBC Good Food Magazine April – let me know if you spot it, or if you try any of the recipes within.

BBC Good Food Ren Behan

With thanks to Sarah Cook at BBC Good Food for commissioning these recipes. PDFs/Photographs all copyright BBC Good Food Magazine. Photographs by Sam Stowell. 


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      Thanks Tina, I’ve just managed to write about that before the next edition comes out!

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    I downloaded this edition to read on my ipad. Your recipes look great. I am so pleased for you Ren. Such a step forward in terms of recognition and will look great on your cv.

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    Oh well done Ren, such gorgeous recipes to have in print!. I still haven’t bought a copy but will do so soon. Fabulous achievement, you should be very proud.

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