Giveaway: Win a Gourmet Christmas Dinner Box

Have you ordered your turkey yet? My butcher told me this week that there has been an unprecedented demand for free range, high welfare birds this year, which makes me feel very happy. Finally, we are starting to care about how our meat and poultry is reared and we’re also realising that a really good quality bird is the secret to a great tasting Christmas meal.

For the second year, Fabulicious Food! is proud to be teaming up with Knorr UK and gourmet independent food supplier Forman and Field to offer one lucky reader a wonderful gourmet Christmas dinner parcel bursting with flavour and festivity.

Turkey Christmas Dinner

The winner’s box will contain –

  • Seldom Seen Farm Turkey 4.5-5.5kg
  • Longman’s Farm Butter 250g
  • Emmett’s Mild Cure Back Bacon 250g
  • Forman and Field Christmas Stuffing 500g
  • A selection of fresh herbs
  • An orange
  • 12 x luxury mince pies
  • Chapel Down Nectar Dessert Wine 50cl
  • 2 x Knorr Chicken Gravy Pots

As well as throwing a lavish Christmas lunch complete with luxury mince pies and dessert wine, you can also follow Knorr’s recipe for Christmas Roast Turkey with Orange and Smokey Bacon Baste, which is what we’ll be having. I’ll be featuring this recipe closer to the big day. Seldom Seen Farm produce free-range bronze turkeys – Forman and Field only select the best! You’ll also get to taste the new Knorr gravy pots.

If there are any leftovers, you can try Marco’s Turkey Curry, which is really tasty, too.

Here’s how to enter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You must be home to receive your parcel on Friday 21st December.

Good luck!

Note: Fabulicious Food! will also be receiving a box containing the same contents, I’ll be writing about it closer to Christmas.  With thanks to Knorr UK and Forman and Field.



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  1. Turkey wins all the time.

  2. Angie Hoggett says:

    moist Turkey with cranberry and port sauce

  3. Emma J Lowe says:

    I love turkey on xmas day

  4. Sarah Lee says:

    Traditional Turkey 🙂

  5. Kerry Kilmister says:

    i love Turkey – nothing better than being traditional

  6. Sharon McGuinness says:

    I am a turkey lover, especially with cranberry and orange stuffing.

  7. Natalie White says:

    We love chicken at Christmas!

  8. Lydia Houghton says:

    Turkey. I can’t wait to gobble it up 🙂

  9. John LAWRENCE says:

    Great prize. Turkey it has to be, with goose a close second!

  10. says:


  11. kristy brown says:

    Has to be turkey!

  12. Love roast chicken but for Christmas it has to be turkey.

  13. Nikko turner says:

    All about the turkey!

  14. Fran Douglas says:

    I love the Three Bird Roasts, a little bit of everything…

  15. Arabella Bazley says:

    Definitely Turkey but we normally have two different roasts on Christmas day for variety.

  16. Helen O'Keeffe says:

    I love goose!

  17. Nicola Reynolds says:

    We always have Turkey, its the only time of the year that we do. It wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

  18. Samantha Atherton says:

    To me Christmas means turkey

  19. Sandra Geddes says:

    Got to be turkey for me! x

  20. sian hallewell says:

    Roast turkey this year

  21. Chistopher Nicholl says:

    Turkey & all the traditional bits.

  22. We always have turkey, but I love goose and am sneakily trying to incorporate it into our Christmas lunch this year.

  23. Amanda Goldston says:

    Traditional Turkey

  24. Saran Benjamin says:

    Chicken for me but the rest of the family have Turkey

  25. I love turkey, its nice to have one at Christmas!

  26. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Always have turkey at Christmas but duck is my favourite

  27. Has to be a good turkey but I love to have different stuffings each year

  28. rebecca nisbet says:

    I always like a four bird roast, but as i dont do christmas dinner the sister-in-law does a turkey

  29. Had goose a few years back and loved it! But it’s too expensive, and will probably not have it again. This year we’re going to go for a nice turkey, with a chestnut/sage/onion stuffing. Yum!

  30. Sheila Reeves says:

    Definitely turkey here

  31. Andrew Halliwell says:

    Chicken… We never had turkey when I was growing up. (in fact, I think the first time I DID have turkey was at a cousin’s wedding buffet when I was a teenager. Always found it to have less flavour than chicken since then.

  32. Turkey musy be my choice

  33. Catherine Thomas says:

    Traditional Turkey love it 🙂

  34. charlotte batkins says:

    Traditional Turkey.x

  35. Sheri Darby says:

    Turkey of course

  36. Kayleigh Reddish says:

    Got to be goose!!!! Yum Yum!!!!

  37. i like a 5 bird roast, where different birds are stuffed inside each other. So turkey, Chicken, Phesant, duck, quail and pigeon!

  38. Jean Vaughan says:

    Turkey and beef

  39. nutroast – my family like turkey or ham though

  40. Marilyn Greenwood says:

    It has to be Turkey!

  41. Kym Robson says:

    Turkey and all the trimmings

  42. Definitely turkey and trimmings!

  43. Patricia Edwards says:

    Love Duck, never enough meat on it though, but enough for two

  44. Paul Ellams says:

    We had duck last year, That was nice 🙂

  45. lorraine mckee says:

    proper turkey capon (or crown) for my family its all meat and it cooks easier without any waste and it tastes great . x

  46. Russell Turner says:

    Roast suckling pig!

  47. leanne tobin says:

    great prize fingers crossed 🙂

  48. Tracey Belcher says:

    Has to be Turkey although I do love duck

  49. Always turkey for me – never tried goose.

  50. hayley acton says:

    has to be turkey!!

  51. Chicken yummy :oD ahh… now Im hungry ^^

  52. Linda Revell says:

    Turkey and all the trimmings yummy!

  53. Valerie Thorpe says:

    Turkey for me but I really must try a Goose one year.

  54. karen scammell says:

    classic turkey

  55. Jill Garratt says:

    You can’t beat roast chicken. I find turkey too dry.

  56. Garry Ashworth says:

    Always Turkey

  57. Loma Wood says:

    Turkey please…we gobble it up (sorry!)

  58. Goose as that’s what we had when I was growing up. I lived on a farm and my parents sold geese for Christmas.

  59. I love the traditional Turkey Christmas Dinner. Makes a nice change because I don,t eat Turkey the rest of the year for some reason!!

  60. Viv Gilbey says:

    It just HAS to be turkey!

  61. tamalyn roberts says:

    i love turkey x

  62. Christine Sunter says:

    Turkey with trimmings

  63. sue walsh says:

    Turkey with all the trimmings

  64. Jessica Whitehead-Stevens says:

    turkey yum yum

  65. Catherine Jones says:

    Always turkey!

  66. Kerry Jones says:

    Got to be Turkey

  67. Pauline Simpson says:

    Turkey with Bacib wrapped sausages and stuffing balls

  68. Julia Nicholls says:

    Duck for my family

  69. katie L Wright says:

    Turkey – love the tradition of it

  70. paul keenan says:

    i’d love to have duck but no one else likes it so it has to be turkey

  71. kerry Locke says:

    My Fave has to be the Roasted Ham !!

  72. maxime goodwin says:

    Turkey for me 🙂

  73. Turkey, it’s for Christmas not for life!

  74. Maya Russell says:

    It has to be turkey at Christmas.

  75. Serena La Pietra says:

    The the goose at christmas

  76. Well Turkey ? but if it is so good how come we only eat it once a year :-/

  77. Hmm my dad tries every year to get us to have goose -we always compromise and have on Boxing Day. A good turkey wins for me


    turkey……….l’m a traditionalist

  79. Nia Wyn Roberts says:

    Turkey all the way!

  80. Julie Hogg says:

    Three bird roast.. fab

  81. olivia kirby says:

    Definitely turkey for us.

  82. Penny Ford says:

    I like Lamb and beef but I go to Mums and she always does Turkey

  83. lorraine dunne says:

    I love Turkey the best yum

  84. Not a fan of turkey, so we have chicken 🙂

  85. Paul John Bishop says:

    Ham and turkey.

  86. Helen Moulden says:

    Has to be turkey!

  87. Cheryll H says:

    At Christmas it has to be turkey – yum! 🙂

  88. miss kerry adamowicz says:

    Got to be Turkey at Christmas.

  89. elaine stokes says:

    beef yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

  90. Jackie Alderson says:

    Turkey & Roast Beef!! Mmmmm yummy. x

  91. catherine milne says:

    Roast chicken – delicious!!!

  92. I love Turkey if it’s done properly…nothing worse than a dry bird. We had chicken last year though as there was only two of us and that was lovely. Great to see you in Delicious mag btw!

  93. Alicja Lucy says:

    A three bird roast or a free range turkey

  94. John Taggart says:

    Traditional Turkey 🙂

  95. Emma Craven says:

    Gotta be GOOSE! Yum…

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