Giveaway: Bertolli Gold Italian Hamper and Table Settings

As we edge closer to December, thoughts of Christmas start to pick up speed. I’m not so keen on the stress of last minute present shopping, but I do always look forward to menu planning, decorating and oddly enough, to table setting. I’m also on a drive to buy locally this year, so I’ve ordered a Christmas pudding from a local pudding maker made in a local mill and I’ll be putting together small gift boxes filled with goodies from my favourite local independent delicatessen.

Bertolli Table

A beautifully laid table, illustration only

To mark the launch of Bertolli Gold, Bertolli are offering a prize to one of my lucky readers of a really lovely Italian dinner table hamper, containing accessories to create a beautifully made table, as well as some delicious food to eat from it. The hamper is worth over £350 and I’m sure it will make one of you very happy. If you’ve ever looked at a magazine and wished you could create a really stunning table scene, this prize could help you along nicely. A pretty tablecloth, candles and some finishing touches can make all the difference, along with some tasty food.

Bertolli have also created a separate competition on their Pinterest page that you can enter for a second chance of winning. Having had a look myself, I’ve found some inspiring table ideas along the way, too – I do love Pinterest.

As to the new product itself, Bertolli Gold is the latest spread in their range of low fat spreads made with Bertolli Mediterranean olive oil. As an olive oil spread,  it has 40% less saturated fat than spreadable butter, but it still has quite a rich, buttery taste. You can find it in the chiller cabinet in a black and gold tub. Bertolli think its stylish enough to even fit in with your Christmas dining table!

Bertolli Gold

One lucky winner will win a host of beautiful gold-themed dining table accessories to decorate your table with, along with a package of luxury Italian deli items and a tub of Bertolli Gold to enjoy.

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  1. Michelle Hughes says

    Home made pizza for us – Lots of great toppings and perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

  2. Kay Perry says

    tiramisu, I love it. The best one I ever had was one we sold at work about 20 years ago. never had one as good since

  3. John LAWRENCE says

    Fresh Parmesan cheese for versatility and Limoncello for a delicious taste – unfortunately, have not found anything that combines the two !

  4. John LAWRENCE says

    Fresh Parmesan cheese for versatility and Limoncello for a delicious taste – unfortunately, have not found anything that combines the two !

  5. Lindy Hine says

    s a pizza straight out of an oven in a little back street cafe in Milan – lovely and nothing like the normal pizzas you get here!

  6. rebecca nisbet says

    its an old favourite, its olive oil, i use it in just about everything, frying, flavouring, dressings

  7. Katrina Leaver says

    Italian food is the best, I might be a bit biast as my family originate from the South of Italy, and what a treat the food it there! Even the simplest of snacks are fabulous, fresh ciabatta dipped into olive oil and balsamic vibegar….. fantastic!! :-) xx

  8. Arabella Bazley says

    Gosh, olives, olive oil, pasta, all the dried cured meats, and we have even been trying spicy Italian sausages of late.

  9. Julie Guy says

    Any type of pasta is my favourite, whether is with a tomato based sauce or a thick creamy sauce with mushrooms. Served with garlic bread and a side salad. Lovely.

  10. Fran Light says

    Fresh pesto sauce – it’s delicious on pasta, on pizzas and in salads. Pesto in a jar is okay too, but fresh is better – it has more substance to it :-)

  11. Janet Bagnall says

    Cacciatore or Puttenesca, ummmm my fave would be cacciatore with the freshest ingredients

  12. Lisa Charker says

    I absolutely love making a homemade lasagne for the family…served with salad and garlic bread…yummy!!! X

  13. Laraine says

    Bertolli Spreads are wonderful, they are helping me to lower my Cholesterol without losing the taste!

  14. Jane Barrett says

    Has to be pasta, I can do so much with it and it is a favorite with my kids, so I never get any compalints when I serve up a pasta dish at meal times.

  15. Emma Jackson says

    Pesto, it’s so delicious on bread but most often eaten with a spoon from the jar out of the fridge x

  16. Helen Spaven says

    I love Italian food so much its hard to decide which is my favourite. I love pasta drizzled in Olive Oil.


    Now then……my favourite DISH is Gino D’Acampo. My favourite food is……….Tiramisu

  18. Jane Willis says

    My favourite changes according to what I most recently enjoyed,which means that at the moment it’s polenta

  19. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    Spaghetti carbonara, love it! But I love lots of garlic in my food, I put it in anything I can get away with!

  20. Isabel O'Brien says

    The pasta with stuff in it, like cheese. What’s it called? It looks a bit like ravioli. Maybe it is ravioli.

  21. Jay Scales says

    Got to be pasta – it’s so versatile! I have loads of different kinds in the cupboard, and use it at least three times a week in different dishes!

  22. Marylyn Hammersley says

    The basis of so much italian cooking is a very good olive oil, so versatile and so essential

  23. ksenia z says

    Way to many!
    However, I guess the basics – a good quality olive oil, fresh homegrown tomatoes and loads of fresh herbs

  24. SARAH ARNETT says

    How do you pick!!! I love all italian food and cook it regually. i think i will go with pasta as its used as the base for many dishes and i love it – either with a little tomato or mince and cheese!

  25. caroline Johnson says

    I love the majority of pasta’s and pizza’s, if i could only ever have one it would be Tagliatelli with fine diced onions, dried ham & mushrooms in a gorgeous smoked tomato & bacon sauce. I could eat that by the bucketful :)

  26. nicci cowdell-murray says

    not too sure if its truly italian but my faves are mozerella cheese & basil


  27. nicci cowdell-murray says

    not too sure if its truly italian but my faves are mozerella cheese & basil


  28. Rachel Ray says

    Caprese salad or tomato and garlic bruschetta – could eat them until they come out my ears! :)