Make Ahead Pancake Mix (Prepped!)

Hello there! I couldn’t let Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday go by tomorrow without mentioning and linking back to an amazing recipe for a really easy Pancake Mix I tested for Vanessa Kimbell’s forthcoming booked Prepped! 

The idea is that you make up a large quantity of dry mix (but not just any old dry pancake mix, this one has vanilla sugar, mixed spice and cinnamon blended in,) which when needed, can be scooped up and mixed together with milk and eggs so that you always have pancakes on stand-by for a quick kids tea or a lovely pudding.

Since making this mix, I haven’t needed to wait for Pancake Day to make pancakes and consequently, I have been experimenting with lots of different fillings and flavours (hard life!)

My favourite creation so far has been my delicious Ice-Cream Sunday Pancakes filled with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce (made with Fairtrade chocolate) and mixed chopped nuts.

The recipe for Vanessa’s Pancake Mix is printed with her kind permission below, along with my favourite filling – ice-cream and a really quick and easy chocolate sauce, which really bring the lovely flavours of the pancake mix to life!

Or course, if all this is too much, take the simple route and go for a large splash of maple syrup or lemon and and a sprinkling of vanilla sugar or let the kids go wild with the jam pot or our favourite, Nutella!

Happy Pancake Day!!!!!
Vanessa Kimbell’s Pancake Mix (Posted with Author’s permission)
Cooking time 10 minutes
Prep time 5 minutes

Dry Mix (can be stored in an airtight container)
1kg of Flour
200g Vanilla sugar
8 tsp baking powder
4 tsp Mixed Spice
4 tsp sea salt

To make up into pancakes.
250 ml semi skimmed milk
2 eggs
150 g Pancake mix.

Vegetable or rapeseed oil to fry


Sieve all the mix ingredients together and really mix well. Transfer into a large airtight jar.

To make up a pancake I use an American cup but any cup will do as long as it holds exactly 250 ml of liquid.

Put one cup of pancake of mix into a bowl; add one cup of milk and 2 eggs. Whisk.

Heat a frying pan with oil, getting the pan hot, scoop one cup into the pan and roll gently to cover the pan evenly. Turn the heat down to low and allow the pancake to cook for a minute. Turn the pancake over (feel free to do a fancy flip once you’ve made sure the pancake is not stuck!) Cook the opposite site and serve.


A quick chocolate sauce

100 g milk or dark chocolate (Fairtrade if possible)
2 tablespoons double cream

Melt the chocolate and cream in a bowl over a pan of hot water (make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water and keep stirring.) Use to top pancakes or ice cream or even cupcakes!


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  1. Fabulicious Food says:

    >Thank you 🙂 I personally think it should be pancake day EVERY Tuesday!

  2. Greenderella says:

    >Yuuummm, this looks soo good! I think I will have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow : )

  3. >I love bananas with pancakes and I often mash some to include in my waffle batter. These look delicious and I love the mix idea!

  4. Fabulicious Food says:

    >Thanks for the invite Lisa, have added a link to my post. Ren

  5. Fabulicious Food says:

    >Great news Elpi, so glad they turned out good!

  6. >Ren, just tried these pancakes. They are delicious. Thanks so much for sharing…

  7. Vanessa Kimbell says:

    >Oh Ren – this looks so delicious !

  8. >It looks amazing…..

  9. Fabulicious Food says:

    >Yes this was a great one to test out! The mix is amazing and I think gets better with time as the spices and vanilla flavour the flour even more as it is stored. The pancakes come out a little speckled with a great flavour. Maple syrup is really all they need, buy hey, why not go the whole hog!!

  10. Made With Pink says:

    >Ooh I would have loved to have tested these! They look amazing! I just made regular ones with lemon and sugar, but am going to go home tonight and make this mix! Seriously, I can't stop staring at these!

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