The Foodie Bugle in Print – Reveille 2

The very first publication that I wrote for away from my own blog was The Foodie Bugle, an online magazine founded by Silvana de Soissons. From its inception, it was encouraging to find a place where artisans were exclusively championed, where simple stories were told and seasonal, local food celebrated. Some two years on, there are now hundreds of articles to explore from a selection of categories, including Cookbooks, Cookery Schools, Travel, Food Photography, the Kitchen Garden and the Sideboard. I have always been greatly honoured to have any of my articles featured on the site and I continue to be greatly inspired by The Foodie Bugle’s food morals and ‘real food’ ethos, echoed by those of its readers and contributors.

The Foodie Bugle

The Foodie Bugle has always been a collaborative site, meaning that anybody with an interest in real food can submit articles and ‘thoughtful, well-researched features.’ It is a celebrity-free zone, with no advertising or commercial angle. The site rapidly grew from strength to strength; a particular highlight being the receipt of an award by The Guild of Food Writers in the category of ‘New Media’ in 2012.

Over this time, Editor Silvana, an Italian-born cook and food writer, has herself become a figure that many of us greatly admire. Retaining a razor-sharp focus on the remit of The Foodie Bugle with a meticulous eye for detail, she also happens to be one of the most intelligent food writers that Britain has to offer. She also inspired me to start The St Albans Cookbook Club – based on the model of her own Bath Cook Book Club, as well as always courteously and kindly responding to my emails and requests for advice and support in my own writing adventures.

The Foodie Bugle

Silvana has now also steered The Foodie Bugle into print, currently in its second edition, or Reveille 2, guided by exactly the same principles on in the online edition; highlighting artisans, farmers and small producers. A really lovely angle, too, is the focus on craftsmen, such as artists, writers, photographers, illustrators, who share a passion for making, selling or simply supporting real food.

As the Editor’s Welcome reads –

“What unite the many disparate talents that we showcase in this edition are a love, respect and attention to quality, provenance and best practice. Whether it is growing asparagus, making cider, painting a mural or creating a blog, we seek out the most inspirational people to bugle about.”

Silvana de Soissons, Reveille 2

The Foodie Bugle

In the ensuing chaos that will be the school summer holidays I have vowed to set aside some quiet time, hopefully in the garden with a glass of English cider in hand, to peacefully read through Reveille 2. I’m already looking forward to reading about the Peaches and Stone Fruits of Summer by Katherine Preston, to an interview with the very talented blogger (and friend) Regula of Miss Foodwise and to finding a window of time to try the recipe for a delightful  Meringue Roulade with Raspberries and Mascarpone – a recipe I know the children will love.

In other news, The Foodie Bugle is also very soon to launch an online shop – co-founded by Silvana and her husband John-Paul de Soissons, which will offer a carefully chosen selection of British food and drink, alongside stationery, homewares, gardenwares, toiletries and linens.

Silvana and John-Paul can be assured that they will at least have one very loyal customer in me!

The Foodie Bugle Shop

To submit an article to The Foodie Bugle, start by carefully reading through the submissions guidelines which can be found here on the online site.

You can find my articles for The Foodie Bugle here, too.

The Foodie Bugle Print Edition is available to buy through the website, priced at £10 for 128 full-colour pages. It is also available to be purchased in bulk, as well as being stocked in some independent shops, particularly around Wiltshire.

With many thanks to The Foodie Bugle for sending me through a review copy. 

You can follow The Foodie Bugle on Twitter @TheFoodieBugle as well as the Editor Silvana de Soissons @SilvanadeS

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  1. I love reading the Foodie Bugle on line. It takes me such a long time to read every article. The photos are always gorgeous too. How exciting to actually move this to print.

    1. Ren Behan says:

      Such a lovely publication – so glad to see the print version is every bit as sophisticated as the website x

  2. I look forward to many happy hours exploring and turning the crisp pages of the print edition. Well done for being included in this beautiful publication. And to Regula and Sally, too. Kudos, ladies

    1. Ren Behan says:

      Crisp they are, too! Regula’s feature this month is really lovely.

  3. I’m very tempted to get this sent to Dubai – certainly will take a copy back with me. I was thrilled to see my article on this beautiful site and have lost many happy hours online.

    1. Ren Behan says:

      Happy to pass on my copy Sally – have read it from cover to cover – in the sunshine yesterday!

  4. Lovely post Ren, I was actually working on a post about it myself because the foodie Bugle deserves our support and respect. I am very proud to be part of issue 2 of the magazine, and proud to be part of our wonderful community.
    x Regula

    1. Ren Behan says:

      Thank you Regula, yes I agree, it does deserve our respect. Loved your feature – great photos and lovely words. x

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