Meli Melo Tomato and Parmesan Scramble

We are always in a hurry on weekday mornings, but as often as possible I try and go for a protein-based breakfast over sugary cereals. The children tend to eat porridge or a whole wheat cereal (they are well trained) but sometimes we have quick scrambled eggs with various bits thrown in. Often we add ham, spring onions or mushrooms, too.

This morning I looked in the fridge to find a handful of Meli Melo cherry and baby plum tomatoes (red, orange and yellow, so pretty!) and a small wedge of Parmesan  – mostly rind. These were the leftover ingredients from a baked salmon dish and our favourite carrot risotto. I thought that they would make a fine breakfast, scrambled up with a couple of eggs. Tomatoes which are slightly starting to pass their premium are perfect for this dish, because they are already squidgy so just need a minute or two in the pan before the eggs go in. This would also be great for a Father’s Day breakfast treat,  brunch with friends, or as supper. I skipped the bread, but a lovely crusty granary loaf would be my carb of choice.

[gmc_recipe 5322]  

I’m sending this across to Helen’s Breakfast Club, this month hosted by Monica at Smarter Fitter, who set the theme as leftovers. Like Helen, Monica writes an awesome blog, so go and check them both out and join in, too!

I’m also linking this up to Family Friendly Fridays, this month being hosted by Solange at Pebble Soup. My kids love tomato and eggs, so this is perfect for them. You could change the cheese to mild cheddar if the Parmesan is too strong in flavour. You could also whip this up for a simple but impressive Father’s Day breakfast, too. Get the kids to crack the eggs, carefully cut the tomatoes in half and/or grate the cheese.


What’s on the breakfast menu at your house?

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  1. Ren, I would jump out of bed for this in the morning – sounds wonderful!
    Mary x

  2. Love meli melo tomatoes! Such a great idea to use up your leftovers to make breakfast. I often eat on the go for breakfast as I never wake up early! I’m going to make this for a weekend brunch 🙂

    1. Great name, and always nice to add a spinkle of any kind of cheese to eggs, we like feta and mild goat’s cheese, too!

  3. This would be such a lovely treat for me but my 3 will not touch scrambled egg. It does make me sad but I will keep trying every now and then. Love to think one day soon they will polish off a plateful!

    1. Oh gosh, that’s a shame is a staple in our house! Scrambled eggs with baked beans on the side is a favourite! Maybe it is one of those things that they will like when older?!

  4. I love vegetables at breakfast time, and there is nothing like a quick scramble.

    Thanks for taking part in Breakfast Club!

    1. I agree, anything goes, with eggs!

      Looking forwward to seeing all the other entries.

    1. Thank you! Hope you had a lovely weekend x

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