In Season: Lemonade Scones and Homemade Amalfi Lemon Curd

This week, we made our very first pots of homemade lemon curd, using some beautifully aromatic Amalfi lemons. I looked around for a few recipes, but decided to have a go at my friend Karen’s recipe, because I remembered bookmarking it at the time. Karen’s recipe is in fact from her mum, so it was also nice to try a recipe that I know had been handed down to her. Added to that I knew that I also had to try my hand at some scones for the March Tea Time Treat challenge, so I decided to marry the two projects together.

There’s something really special about inheritance recipes, perhaps with a little story attached to them. I also had the added benefit of being able to ‘tweet’ Karen for a bit of extra advice along the way!

I bought the Amalfi lemons from Natoora UK.  Now, whilst Amalfi lemons are imported and aren’t part of the UK season, I do have a bit of a fondness for them linked back to a wonderful trip to Amalfi, Sorrento and Capri on the Southern Italian coast. Their flavour, aroma and taste is pretty unbeatable.   They are generally quite large in size, and I love the fact that they arrive in a brown paper bag with their leaves attached. They are naturally un-waxed and if you grate the skin, you release the most amazingly intense aroma. I thought that they should be used in a recipe that really makes the lemons ‘stand out’ and lemon curd seemed to fit the bill perfectly.


Karen’s recipe for homemade lemon curd can be found here on her lovely blog Lavender and Lovage. It is such a versatile preserve; you can have it with toast, on scones as we did, or you can use it as a filling for a sponge cake or even add a few tablespoons to a butter cream as a topping for my Lemony Spring Cupcakes, too.

As for the scones,  I kind of went completely against tradition a little bit of research pointed me to a recipe for Lemonade Scones. You literally need three ingredients – self-raising flour, lemonade and double cream. I think I was intruiged by this recipe as much as anything else – how could it possibly work?

Well, it did (just about) some of the scones lost their shape a bit, but that could have been more to do with my oven.

Next time, I would add 75g caster sugar and the grated zest of one lemon, too. I also brushed a little beaten egg over the top for colour. They aren’t going to win any awards for authenticity, but what they lacked in buttery flavour, they made up for ease – the kids even had a go at mixing and messing.

I’ve had a really intermittent Internet connection this week, so as well as this post going to Karen late, I’m typing pretty quickly as I don’t want to lose the connection again.

We had our lemonade scones and homemade Amalfi lemon curd with lightly whipped double cream with a tablespoon of sugar and vanilla bean paste to sweeten them up a bit. A perfect sunny spring afternoon treat!


If Karen allows my slightly late entry, these are for her March Tea Time Treats challenge (co-hosted with Kate) – Scones.


The best scones I’ve ever eaten? Without a shadow of a doubt, the scones we ate with Afternoon Tea at The Ritz. What’s your favourite scone or Afternoon Tea memory?


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  1. Oh Ren, that curd looks fantastic – so beautifully yellow. Were you not that impressed with the scones? They look really good. Lemonade scones have been on my list for a long time, but I’ve still not managed to make them. I’ve also never had Amalfi lemons and now I WANT some. The pith looks nice and thick too, so they should make good candied peel. Anyway scones, curd, lemons, this is a lovely sunny post.

  2. This looks lovely, Ren. Very interested to read how the lemonade scones turned out. The curd looks incredible, and I think I will follow your idea of getting some beautiful lemons from Natoora (I do love their products)

    Happy Easter Ren x

  3. How intriguing. I think I’ll have to give the scones a go myself just to see! I love lemon curd but have only made it myself once before, having seen your post I’m going to have to give it another bash, homemade really is better then shop bought.

  4. I love the idea of being a bit of a rebel with the scone recipe. Like the Nigella Coca Cola ham recipe (which is almost the only way I do ham these days), using lemonade as flavouring – & raising agent is must appealing. And paired with the lovely Karen’s lemon curd recipe sounds divine. We are lucky in Edinburgh to have the superior Italian deli Valvona & Crolla to purchase Amalfi lemons. And I agree, they are worth getting if they are the ‘star’ ingredient. Lovely Ren. Hope your Internet connection is better now. How frustrating!

    1. Wow, the Italian deli sounds wonderful. We have one too, I must pay them a visit. They bring their fresh fruit and veg from Covent Garden weekly as well as importing Italian food. The lemon curd really is worth making, there’s no end to what you can do with it and it is delicious on a warm, buttered Hot Cross Bun, too! Happy Easter x

  5. I wonder what makes those Amalfi lemons so special? Is it the weather? is it the soil? (perhaps the soil has an influence, like the “Terroir” does with wine?).
    Being a Cornishman, I always want my scones with clotted cream, but I’d happily eat Lemon Curd instead of Strawberry jam, any day.

    1. That’s a good question, Mark. That’s the lecturer in you 🙂 What makes those Amalfi lemons so special? I should have included this within the post. They are grown in soil on the hills of Campania, Italy. They are at their best during the summer months. Their official name is ‘Sfusato Amalfitano’ and they are preserved by the Consortium for the Promotion of the Amalfi Coast Lemon! Their production is limited and they have the highest amount of Vitamin C of all lemons. I think the soil, climate and coastal position must have an influence on flavour, too!

  6. we are big Lemon curd lovers – will have to give these a go – Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Clare! Hope you have a lovely spring weekend!

  7. They look absolutely delicious!! I love the overall fresh lemony yellow colour to the whole post too-so Spring like!

    1. Thank you, such a lovely thing to say! Glad you enjoyed it – such a quickly written post. x

  8. What an inspired recipe for scones. Who would have thought it! Adding home-made lemon curd can only be a good thing, not only for taste but the beautiful spring like colour. Perfect! x

    1. Thanks Laura, yes I was hoping the homemade lemon curd would make up for the kind of off the wall scone recipe! The colour was stunning, made all the more vibrant for the yummy lemons. x

  9. I was toying with the idea of lemonade scones for my Tea Time Treats this month, glad to know they really do work.

    I have an idea for a twist on them that I’ll try soon.

    1. They do, but only just. They wouldn’t win on flavour! But, they are ‘fuss free!’ Would love to hear your twist. I believe soda water works too but you’d definitely need sugar in that case. x

  10. Two of my favourite things! I just bought some lemon curd but now I feel guilty about not making my own, definitely one to add to the list. My favourite afternoon tea memories? Cream teas in quaint Cotswold villages when visiting my parent-in-law 🙂

    1. Thanks Amy – no don’t feel guilty! This is definitely a weekend project, I made made across two days. It is worth trying the lemon curd one day. once you know how it is quite easy and you get two big jars 🙂 Nice and tangy.

      I adore the Cotswolds – I bet your memories of cream tea there are very treasured. Thanks for the kind comment 🙂

  11. I don’t think I could make scones again as I made a few hundred for Bake Off auditions but that curd looks stunning. I’ll have to give Karen’s recipe a try too xx

    1. Oh my gosh, I am surprised you want to bake at all ever again! Macaroons??? Hope you have a fab time at the chocolate festival 🙂 x

  12. I absolutely adore these Ren- what an inspired idea! And how summery and utterly delightfully bright and cheery do they look with the lovely lemons and delicious curd? Such beautiful photos too!

    1. Thanks Kate 🙂 Photos a combination of iPhone shots and normal camera. Quite liking the ease of the phone in the kitchen and the fact you get better impromptu shots! Looking forward to next months already x

  13. I adore homemade lemon curd – it’s a millions miles away from shop bought and so easy to do. The scones look lovely – will be making them next week for the teens to snack on while they are on Easter hols.

    1. Thank you Sally, about to pop over and peruse your croissants! My kids love scones and jam – of any kind- usually strawberry. Enjoy the Easter hols! x

  14. These look fabulous!! I love the idea of lemonade scones…I also made some lemon curd for the first time yesterday. I’d love one of these for breakfast now! 🙂

    1. Aah well done, I think once you’ve tried it once it is really quite easy – and therapeutic. I loved the stirring! x

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