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Easter News, a Refresh and a Cake Creation!

Easter Baskets

Easter weekend is almost here, which means it’s time to start thinking about feeding, baking, decorating eggs, making Easter baskets and hopefully, to finally welcoming some Spring sunshine! Easter can be a very special time, rich in symbolism; new life, re-birth, new activity, perhaps taking a break, a step back to breathe, taking the opportunity to spring clean, to move away from the old or to welcoming something new.

Easter Baskets

There has been lots going on behind the scenes for me, as usual, everything seems to have happened all at the same time. Lots of new and exciting writing work  – you can read my first two posts on Cooking with Kids for Great British Chefs, starting with Easy Breakfasts Your Kids Can Help Make and Cooking with Different Generations. There’s more to come on the writing front, too.

Cooking with Kids

New Blog Name & Logo!

You might also have noticed some changes on the blog – most obviously, Fabulicious Food! is no more. Instead, I have a lovely new header and blog name. I have ‘ummed and ahhed’ about changing my blog name for a while now and when I began working on a new logo with Regula (Miss Foodwise) who I met through Food Blogger Connect and her husband Bruno at The Tiny Red Factory, I decided that I wanted to be bold and have something new and completely different to the Fabulicious Food of old. Together, we came up with a brand new design, which I am really happy with.  I hope you like it, too!

Ren Behan

New Site – My Polish Kitchen

After even more umming and ahhing,  I also decided to set up a new home for all of my Polish food and recipes over on a new site called My Polish Kitchen. For this bit, Shay Bocks helped me with the design of a new site and also found a cool way of linking My Polish Kitchen with this blog via a little widget on the right of the headers. I’ll be working on plenty of new content over Easter.   

Finally, the very clever Jo at Callia Web helped me to tweak the colours back over here to make everything, overall, a little less pink! As you can imagine, the whole process has been quite interesting, with lots of going back and forth, but I think we are finally there now. There will be plenty happening here as well as on My Polish Kitchen, so stay tuned!    

Cake Creation

In other exciting news, just before Christmas, my friend Michelle Becker from Pink Soul Photography and I made a short film about a cake, which to our surprise, was accepted by the first St Albans Film Festival. We featured some local ingredients, I stone-ground my own flour at Redbournbury Mill, and thanks to Michelle’s creative eye and editing, our little film called ‘Cake Creation’ was shortlisted and featured in the documentary category with a screening a couple of weeks ago. Congratulations Michelle!  We can also finally share it with you all now. 

Cake Creation for Vimeo from Michelle Becker on Vimeo.

There is plenty to come before Easter, baking and chocolates galore!  Thank you so much for reading my blog, trying my recipes and for sharing your thoughts and comments with me.

We hope you enjoy the video!


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    1. Thank you Caroline, have a lovely Easter weekend x

  1. Liz Thomas says:

    Hi Ren, That really looks great — very snazzy. I love the logo with the fork and quill in the jar, that’s clever!
    Good luck with it all.


    1. Thank you Liz, I like the fork and quill, too! Was very keen to incorporate. Happy Easter x

  2. Ren – the new look is absolutely wonderful…very you…less busy but still warm and welcoming on the eye. Congratulations on all the other new news….you busy bee.

    1. Phew thanks Sally, glad you like. Have a lovely Easter x

  3. So much activity and good news! First off, the new look is great – so clean and easy on the eye. Snazzy logo too. And I think because you are so prolific separating your identity makes a lot of sense. Finally, kudos on the film. Wow, that’s amazing! I’m on the kindle right now and will view it on a bigger screen later, as befits its stature. I’m proud of you, Miss Ren!

    1. Thank you lovely Kellie. Prolific – great word! Now I just need to get round to filling the new blog with content, easier said than done!

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