Giveaway: Diana Henry’s Latest Book Salt, Sugar, Smoke

This weekend I’m all set to start cooking from award-winning British food writer Diana Henry’s brand new book Salt, Sugar, Smoke published by the Octopus Publishing Group. I have long been an admirer of Diana’s recipes and food writing and I have been really looking forward to this book since meeting her at her home.

This book arrives at exactly the right time for anyone looking for inspiring ways to start preserving bountiful summer fruits. Beyond fruit and beyond the summer, Diana is our guiding hand for preserving seasonal vegetables, meat and fish, too through smoking, pickling, curing, potting and more.

If you are new to preserving, you will find plenty of information on the essentials of jam-making and chutney-making. You’ll also learn how to make your own sauces, vinegars, cordials and liqueurs, confit and terrines.

You won’t need any expensive equipment, but for a little effort with this book you’ll soon have a larder full of enticing flavours ready for any season.

My favourite recipes include Purple fig and pomegranate jam, Georgian plum sauce, Wild mushrooms in olive oil, Polish honey vodka, Quince sharbat, duck confit, beetroot-cured gravalax and Crunch Russian dill pickels.

I’ll be reviewing Diana’s book in full next week. In the meantime, here’s a taster of some of Diana’s recipes from Salt, Sugar, Smoke as featured in Diana’s column in Stella Magazine and a chance to win a copy of your own below, too:

Raspberry and violet jam – Stella Magazine

Duck confit recipe – Stella Magazine

Sweet pear william recipe – Stella Magazine


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Good Luck!


  1. ksenia zywczuk says

    Wow, I had to search online and buy one of these books straight away! I live on a small island with only 100 people so I’m interested in the techniques in the book compared to what we use here. I’m giving the copy I bought to my father-in-law for his bday coming up, but here is hoping I can win one for myself! oh, interested mostly to salt fish & preserve vegetables…yum…

  2. mark milsom says

    Autumn is here ! Fruit trees FULL, allotments packed with TOO MUCH stuff to use, hedgerows full of free offerings…………normally we all end up with a freezer full of mush that gets thrown away the following year..This book looks like a great insight in how to make better use of the produce that comes my way. My friends often go shooting so the odd rabbit, pheasant etc come my way as well so different preserving methods would be good.


    We adore beetroot so would love to be able to be able to do our own rather than having to buy supermarket jars! xoxo