Review: The Samsung Food Showcase Fridge Freezer – Our favourite features

Samsung Food Showcase

So, after taking off the doors to fit it into the house and then re-fitting them, I’m pleased to say that our Samsung Food Showcase Fridge Freezer has settled in well and is behaving itself very nicely. My intended ‘first impressions’ post ended up being a lengthy look at all the various features that the Food Showcase offers. In this post, I just wanted to highlight a couple of our favourite features from a family perspective. Of course, for me, a decent-sized fridge freezer has proven to be a real asset. I’m getting into the habit of freezing more and seem to be keeping everything well organised so that there’s now minimal waste. The ‘ShowCase’ element of this latest Samsung fridge freezer model is the dual door to the fridge side, which allows a thinner front door section to be opened to reveal the items you’re most likely to grab, with the inner door allowing access into the main body, or InnerCase, of the fridge. This clever feature has meant that we’ve had some very happy snackers….who are able to access their own snack drawers, accessible directly from the Show Case front section.

As you can see, my middle snacker likes to wear her guardsman pyjamas whilst hunting for food…whilst eldest snacker favours Spiderman…

Samsung Food Showcase

There are two blue drawers (that’s the top one above) and both are removable and accessible from both the ShowCase door and the InnerCase door.

Outside view of the snack/prep drawer…

Samsung Food Showcase

Inside view of the snack/prep drawers…

Samsung Food Showcase

The lower part of the doors opens the thinner ShowCase door and the upper part opens the InnerCase door…

Samsung Food ShowCase

As you can see (hopefully) having access to the ShowCase door means that you don’t always have to rummage through the main body of the fridge. And though we use the blue drawers as snack draws, since they are removable, they also make great prep drawers – you could use them to set out all the ingredients you need for a recipe and then simply take the drawer to your work station. I also store my milk and butter within the ShowCase door so that I can have quick and easy access.

I mentioned before, there is also an ice-maker and freshly cooled filtered water within easy reach for the kids, too (just to the left).

Samsung Food Show Case

My second favourite feature is the freezer section – nice and empty and ready to fill with Christmas things. We’ve also made a start on weaning baby number three, so I have started to be able to freeze some handy portions of baby food.

Samsung Food Show Case

I also use plastic boxes and ‘ziploc’ bags to store things in, such as frozen peas, or my homemade leek and poppy seed sausages, to keep things extra organised.

Samsung Food Show Case

I keep the top shelf free so that I can freeze things flat (sausage rolls, cookies etc) before transferring them into ‘ziploc’ bags. The freezer also has ‘All Around Cooling,’ as does the fridge side.

So, these are our favourite features. I’m not sure that Samsung designed this fridge with kids in mind, but for me, it definitely ticks all the right boxes for a practical and spacious family-friendly fridge freezer.

Samsung Food Showcase

Tips when buying a new fridge freezer

  • Check the capacity of the fridge and freezer and make sure you are happy with it – the Samsung Food Show Case has a 70/30 split.
  • Check the energy efficiency rating (this model has an A+ rating)
  • Interior LED lights mean that the fridge/freezer is well lit. Also, the food stays cooler as the lights don’t get as warm as non-LED lights.
  • Look for a fridge/freezer with a lengthy or an extended warranty. We’ve been caught out on this before, spending £1,500 on an American-style fridge freezer with a three-year warranty that failed and needed replacing just after the three- year mark. The Samsung Food Showcase fridge freezer has a 10 year warranty on the Digital Inverter Compressor and an 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • If you are buying a fridge/freezer with an ice-maker and water dispenser, you’ll need to be able to connect it to a water pipe.
  • Thoroughly check the dimensions of any large appliance before you buy it to ensure it can fit through your doors.
  • When receiving your fridge/freezer make sure you check the model extremely thoroughly. Ours arrived late one evening and so it was dark. We had to check the fridge/freezer on the driveway with a torch to make sure there were no dents. Large electrical appliances are prone to arriving with dents. If you spot any, don’t accept the item. If you notice any during or after installation, take your own photographs and ask for an engineer to come out as soon as possible. Dents on the outside, may mean damage to the parts that make your fridge/freezer work!

You can read my full review here. 

You can buy the Samsung Food Showcase Fridge Freezer through Samsung or John Lewis where it is currently on offer for £2,499 with £200 cash back until 24th December 2014.

With many thanks to Samsung for arranging the delivery of our new fridge freezer – an item which I want sent to review. I was not required to give a positive write up and all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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