Recipe Testing for Jaden Hair – Steamy Kitchen Cookbook 2

The great thing about blogging is the opportunity to get to know amazing, inspiring people from all over the world and sometimes actually getting to meet them in person! Yes, it is a bit strange when cyber world meets reality and you are faced with actual people to talk to, but it’s also great to open up your usual boundaries and strike friendships through blogging.

One of the highlights of last year was attending Food Blogger Connect, even better than that, was winning a refund on my ticket at the last minute through Olives from Spain! The keynote speaker was Jaden Hair, who began writing her blog Steamy Kitchen over in America around four years ago and who has since gone on to do many exciting things through her blog, such as being featured all over America on sites like Martha Stewart and, international guest speaking and writing her own cook books. She is certainly one of America’s top bloggers, and she had so much advice to share with us all at Food Blogger Connect. Jaden had already written one hugely successful book, The Steamy Kitchen CookBook and is now in the process of writing her second.

Miso Asparagus & Honey Teriyaki Salmon

Jaden recently put a call-out for recipe testers, and I was so happy to be selected as a UK-based tester for her latest book  – I thought it would be great to offer a British perspective, on availability of ingredients and any issues with measurements. I often buy cook books that have been published in America and always keep an eye out on for up and coming trends and new releases, so it’s exciting to be involved in recipe testing for Jaden. 

I’ve really enjoyed trying out and giving feedback on Jaden’s recipes, including a simple but super-tasty Salmon Honey Teriyaki and well as putting British asparagus to the test already with a recipe called Miso Asparagus. These were two separate recipes but went really well together for supper. I’ve also got an ever-growing list of more recipes I’d like to test, so better get going!

Sadly, but understandably, I’m not able to blog the recipes, but do check out Jaden’s beautiful blog Steamy Kitchen for lots more Asian-inspired dishes and of course, keep an eye of for her second book!

Thank you to Jaden, Adam and Joanne for letting me join the team!

Mushroom and Tofu Soup


What exciting opportunities have you had through blogging? Do you think blogging has opened up new doors?

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  1. Thanks Nazima, I can imagine how tired you must be with the feeding, such a shame you can’t come but it would be very hard for you. Just about to pop over to you, I think I spotted rhubarb as your one ingredient challenge. x

  2. wow a lovely recipe and a great opportunity. Also saw your Asda hamper post. Have fun at Leith’s, I got invited but baby demands so much feeding I cannot make it – hope to catch up another time! x

  3. Wow, you did a fabulous job! Gorgeous presentation and results – and looks so delicious! I love Jaden’s recipes, flavorful and simple. I will have to get this book! Yum, love the flavors!

    1. Thanks Jamie, such a delicious combination and lovely to see in the start of our asparagus season with such a nice dish!

  4. that’s awesome ren! thanks so much for sharing the good news, and the delicious looking salmon, with us too (:

    1. Thanks Shu Han, you have so many great recipes, too!

  5. Definitely blogging has brought opportunities I can’t imagine I’d have had before and they seem to keep happening!! This dish above looks marvellous, very steamy kitchen!

    1. Yes, you have done brilliantly well, a shining example and good things coming along!! Exciting year for you too :-))

  6. Wow what an achievement Ren. You have done so well over the last year, long may it continue! This is just the sort of food I love to eat myself xx

    1. Yes it reminded me of your winning Simple and in Season entry!

  7. Beautiful presentation as always Ren and congrats on testing the recipe book. The asparagus looks so mouthwatering. I am so lucky to have lots of doors opened through blogging too – and of course to have met some fab people along the way.

    1. Thank you Clare, yes I can’t imagine doing any of this had it not been for the blog!

  8. Lucky you – this really appeals to me…and Jaden gave so much great advice…a real inspiration. Doors that have opened through food blogging? Where do I start? I’d use up the word limit on your comments section! No 1 however – meeting so many fabulous, generous people…yourself and Jaden included.

    1. So much advice, and so generous with it too. I’m with you though, the best things is meeting nice people. Can’t wait to do it all again later this year x

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