Review and Competiton: The Luxury Biscuit Club by Bakers Pantry

I’ve recently been introduced to The Luxury Biscuit Club by Bakers Pantry, who source some of Britain’s best biscuits and put them together into a monthly selection. Handy, if you are a biscuit fan, or you know someone who is. Personally, I love a good biscuit to dip into my tea and I agree with the notion that some of the best biscuits can be found in farm shops and independent cafés. I once had a really wonderful white chocolate and raspberry biscuit bought in a National Trust shop and I could never find the same ones again! Perhaps I could challenge Bakers Pantry to track it down?! In any case, a Luxury Biscuit Club, whereby somebody has sourced and independently varified each biscuit in the monthly selection (imagine having that job) sounds good to me. Who knew that you could be a cookie connoisseur?!

Bakers Pantry

15 Chances to Win Competition

At the moment, Bakers Pantry are running a competition called 15 Chances to Win – so you could win a month’s supply of luxury biscuits and try them for yourself. Every day for five days, Bakers Pantry will pick 3 lucky winners to be drawn every day next week – starting today Monday 6th February-Friday 10th February.

You can also buy a two-month Gift Membership to The Biscuit Club for £36.00 plus postage, which will get you over 1kg of biscuits a month! Or, you can join The Luxury Biscuit Club and take up a monthly subscription for £18.00 a month plus £5.50 postage. I think this would make a lovely gift if you know someone who lives far away that you’d like to cheer up on a monthly basis, perhaps or for someone who prefers a very good biscuit from an average one.  

The Luxury Biscuit Club

The Bakers Pantry source biscuits that are not available on the high street, they offer a new artisan selection each month, membership can be cancelled at any time and the biscuits are hand delivered to your door (in a well packed box.) You’ll receive at least 7 different packets of biscuits each month.

I received  a lovely selection of biscuits to try, including –

  • Chocolate Chip Cherry Cookie by Farrah’s of Harrogate
  • All Butter Oaties by Frank’s Luxury Biscuits
  • Cornish Clotted Cream Shortbread by Furniss of Cornwall
  • Fruit Shortbread by Irvings Homestyle Bakery
  • Banoffee Oaties by Reids of Caithness
  • Bakers Pantry Orange Crunch Biscuits

You get a little fact sheet and map telling you exactly where each biscuit has been sourced from and any special features. For example, the Cornish biscuits I received were made with “dollops of real Cornish clotted cream and Cornish butter from the Trewithen Diary, a local family run dairy farm,” and the Banoffee Oaties by Reids of Caithness won 2 gold stars at the 2011 Great Taste Awards and were a judge’s favourite! They happened to be my favourite too, so I can only conclude that I have an very discerning biscuit palate! Crunchy, with lovely pieces of toffee and a banana flavour and aroma that seemed to last and last. The kids loved these too, so they are not just for adults! The Chocolate Chip Cherry Cookies by Farrah’s of Harrogate came a close second. 

Good luck if you do enter the 15 Chances to Win Competiton.

 Monthly Hamper

This is a Featured Post. Thank you to Bakers Pantry for sending me my luxury selection to devour! As you can see, they were enjoyed!

Bakers Pantry are also on Twitter so keep an eye out for more information.


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  2. Sounds tempting, but I really ought NOT to try to win an ongoing supply of biscuits, which I just know would make me put on weight!
    In the job which I do (I’m a Lecturer aka adult teacher) we offer delegates free biscuits during the courses, and it’s truly alarming to see how many some people consume. Mind you, they also drink vast quantities of coffee to wash them down with…

    1. Ha ha, I think the cold weather induces biscuit consumption and listening to a lecture definitely does! 🙂

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