The Sweet Polish Kitchen – My Second Cookbook 

80 recipes for celebratory cakes, home bakes and nostalgic treats

I honestly didn’t think I would be lucky enough to write one book on Polish food, let alone two, and the second feels very much like a dream and very surreal. 

Firstly, for anyone who is new to my writing, thank you so much for jumping on board and for supporting me now. For those of you who have been on the journey with me for a while, thank you for still being here or for your renewed interest in my writing. Thank you for welcoming my recipes, and perhaps the slightly niche nature of my love of Polish food. I could not have done any of this without the ongoing support and continued interest. It is going to be quite a ride. 

There are TWO editions of The Sweet Polish Kitchen – a UK edition and a US edition. 

They are available here:

UK – The Sweet Polish Kitchen

USA – The Sweet Polish Kitchen

More about The Sweet Polish Kitchen 

The book is a love letter to Polish patisserie, puddings and bakes. It isn’t just about baking – there are plenty of recipes for non-bakers, too, or for times when you just want a simple, sweet hit without switching on the oven. It’s full of a delicious selection of approachable treats, with friendly ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions. There are also some fun projects to have a go at, such as layer cakes, sweet pierogi, as well as bread, loaves and buns. 

What’s Inside 

Polish Baking Basics opens the doors to tradition, passed down through the generations.

Experience the timeless elegance of Polish Classics: including cheesecakes that melt in your mouth and blueberry buns bursting with flavour.

In Layer Cakes and Traybakes, each creation is a masterpiece, showcasing the beauty of Polish baking. The plum crumble tart and raspberry and lemon cloud cake take things to new heights.

Enjoy exhilarating deep-fried and filled Carnival Treats, guaranteed to make your taste buds dance with delight.

Through Seasonal – Easter, Christmas and Other Occasions, learn about the importance of Easter in Poland with irresistible treats to share with your loved ones. Bring the warmth and joy to your home during other Festive Seasons with heavenly bundts, delectable marzipan crescents, and iconic poppy seed rolls.

Elevate your breakfast and brunch game with baked Pancakes and Pierogi; laden with soft cheese, dark cherries and cinnamon cream.

In the spirit of the Breads, Loaves and Buns chapter, transport yourself to the streets of Krakow with caraway and rye breads and sink your teeth into warm bagels.

Round off your Polish baking journey with a delightful selection of Desserts, Sweets, and Preserves. Explore the naughty delights of Adwocat liqueur, seductive plums in chocolate, and the luxury of fragrant rose petal jam.

My favourite recipe

My favourite recipe has to be the Wuzetka cake. It’s a chocolate cream sponge cake, with a cherry vodka soak, a jam layer and a cream filling, with a chocolate glaze. The cake originates from Warsaw and was said to have first been baked in a bakery along a road called the W-Z route. The road connected the eastern parts of the city to the western parts. 


Press Highlights

There has already been some amazing press coverage! 

Thank you to Mark Diacono for selecting the book within his February Picks for delicious magazine.  

Stylist Magazine says: 

“Knead This: Ren Behan pays homage to Poland’s cafe culture with recipes for babkas, tarts and pastries.” 

Observer Food Monthly

Selected in OFM’s “30 Things We Love in the World of Food” – Doughnut Day and a mention for The Sweet Polish Kitchen (February 2024) 

30 things we love in the world of food, 2024 | Food | The Guardian

For Delicious Magazine, Mark Diacono says:

“This is a warm invitation to investigate the spirit of Polish patisserie, with its influences from neighbours and migrants.”   

There are also some very special recipes that are going to be highlighted across the UK mainstream press, including a special Easter feature, so stay tuned! 

USA press reviews:  

The book has received two separated Starred reviews: 

“Drawing from her Polish background, Poland’s history, and her personal love of sweets, Behan (Wild Honey and Rye, 2019) introduces readers to the influences in Polish food and the concept of Polish hospitality in this cookbook that’s like looking through a fairy-tale cottage, with cakes and cookies set for teatime…”

  • Booklist

“Behan (Wild Honey and Rye) offers a cosy and approachable guide to creating Polish desserts at home. Traditional sweets…take centre stage. Behan also includes enticing modern desserts … Equally exciting is the rich historical and cultural context Behan provides … Cooks of all levels will be able to follow Behan’s straightforward instructions with ease. This memorable volume is a must for home bakers and Polonophiles alike.”

  • Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“[A] thoughtful, thorough look at the sweeter side of Polish kitchens. Behan starts off with culinary tips, necessary equipment, and advice on stocking a Polish baking pantry and then delves into a full panoply of delicious treats … Scattered throughout are recipes with remembrances … which offer a fascinating glimpse into the culinary culture of Poland and Central Europe … Infused with all the warmth and charm of a Babcia, Behan’s excellent introduction to the best of classic and modern Polish baking is a true delight.”

  • Library Journal