5 Recipes To Feed a Crowd

Whether you’re hosting family and friends at the weekend and wondering what on earth to cook, or maybe you want to get ahead with some batch cooking, here’s a collection of some of my favourite crowd-pleasing recipes that easily scale up to satisfy a hungry mob.

Busy family life can often seem relentless, so it’s very useful to have simple and nourishing meals like these up your sleeve that you can prepare well in advance. One-pot dishes give you that much-needed time to just catch your breath when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

1. Almost Spring Lamb Hotpot

Lamb Hotpot

This warming seasonal British one-pot wonder is something you can easily make ahead. Crispy golden slices of potato give way to tender Spring lamb and vegetables in this comforting classic. Bring the dish to the middle of the table and let everyone get stuck in.

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2. Easy Stove Top Chicken Casserole

Classic Chicken Casserole

Warm everyone up after a long family walk with my super easy chicken casserole that you don’t even have to put in the oven. It’s bustling with flavour using a tasty combination of juicy chicken thighs, salty pancetta and earthy mushrooms. I’ve included baby new potatoes in the recipe so you’ve got everything you need all in one dish so there’s no faffing about making any side dishes – hurrah!

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3. Slow Cooked Beef Brisket with Celeriac Mash and Wild Mushrooms

Beef Brisket Celeriac Mash

Fill your home with delicious aromas by slow cooking beef brisket in a lovely rich beef stock with vegetables and herbs – but be warned, your lunch guests will be storming the kitchen to find out what’s on the menu! Serve it up with creamy celeriac mash and wild mushrooms for a fabulous alternative to a traditional Sunday roast.

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4. The Ultimate Effortless Pulled Pork



Pulled Pork is one of the ultimate crowd pleasing meals, especially when you serve it up in soft brioche buns with the juices poured over the top with heaps of salad. Helen from Fuss Free Flavours has a fantastic recipe over on her blog. She creates a tasty spice rub and brines the meat for 24-36 hours before popping it in a slow cooker for 12 hours. You’re actually only spending about 20 minutes hands-on time, so as long as you schedule the brining and slow cooking in advance, this recipe frees you up to do other things. When you’re expecting a houseful of guests that’s VERY useful!

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5. Veggie Curry with Mango & Coconut



This quick and easy family-friendly curry from Katie Bryson over at Feeding Boys is brilliant if you’ve got a group of vegetarians to feed. It’s creamy, mild and packed with vegetables, so it’s great for introducing little ones to curry without blowing their heads off! It freezes beautifully, so it’s also perfect for batch cooking and freezing up in portions for super swift weeknight meals or filling the freezer of someone who’s just had a baby or recovering from illness.

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What are YOUR favourite recipes for feeding a crowd? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. A lovely collection of recipes here! Funnily enough we had pulled pork for dinner last night in some wraps, so easy isn’t it:-)

  2. One serving of lamb hotpot for me, please! I always get a bit nervous when people visit because it feels like such pressure to “perform” since I’m a food blogger.

  3. Ohhh, I can spot a few family favorites here! I absolutely love the sound of your chicken casserole, I’ll have to give it a try before the cold season ends!

  4. What a wonderful selection of dishes Ren, sometimes it can be so daunting thinking about what to cook when you’ve got people coming over. One pot meals you can make in advance are just the BEST! I love the look of the lamb hotpot with the yummy potatoes on… I might have to try and come up with a veggie version 🙂 Thanks for including my veggie curry. xxx

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