Samsung Launching People – your chance for a big break?

The simplest ideas can be the best. But, a simple idea with a bit of glitter on it – is far more exciting. – Gizzi Erskine, Mentor, Samsung Launching People

Gizzi ErskineThere are lots of people out there with great ideas and it’s easy to sit back and watch success happen to other people. But, unless you take steps to put your ideas into motion, they’ll still only be ideas. One of the things that I notice most about successful people is that they not only have something unique to offer, but that they also have the confidence to match what they have to offer. They are never afraid of experiencing a set-back. They learn from it. They come back stronger. They are single-focused.

The Samsung Launching People initiative is something that really caught my attention recently. At first, I assumed that it was yet another reality TV talent search – the kind of thing that makes me switch off, or hit delete. Do we need any more celebrities? Do we really need to build even more platforms for fame-seekers? But, after thinking over it, and watching some of the videos, I started to wonder. Is success a matter of coincidence? Do you simply have to be in the right place at the right time in order to climb? Or is there more that we can do to propel a good idea forward? Behind almost every successful person, there has usually been a helping hand, a mentor – someone who has given them a step up or simply, some experience-based advice.

The Samsung Launching People initiative is looking for “ambitious people with big ideas and hungry minds” in four categories – food, music, film and photography. Perhaps you are seeking a career in one of these creative industries? Maybe you lack confidence, or direction, or need a helping hand to get your talent seen?

There are four mentors involved in the Samsung Launching People project –

Food: Gizzi Erskine, leading pop up chef and food writer

Music: Paloma Faith, singer-songwriter, performer and actress

Film: Idris Elba, award winning actor, producer, and DJ

Photography: Rankin, world famous portrait and fashion photographer

If you have a really great idea, and you’d like for someone to sit up and take notice, then this could be the next step for you to take.

Here’s what Food mentor Gizzi Erskine is looking for – note, at the time of writing, the food category has the least number of submissions so you have a great chance of being seen!!

How to apply:

To apply you need to make a 2-minute video all about you and your ambition. This is your chance to get the attention of one of the four mentors. You’ll also need to submit an image and a bit of copy. You can find out more and upload your submission at:

What you could win:

Two opportunities for everyone:

  1. The mentors will select four candidates with whom they’ll work one-to-one. The chosen protégés will spend 2-3 weeks together, working closely with their mentors in a house fully furnished with Samsung’s latest technology on their personal projects, building towards a grand launch event and making their ideas and ambitions a reality. If you win, your journey, from meeting the mentors to the launch of your project, will be documented in a television series to air in spring later this year.
  2. There will also be a ‘People’s Choice’ winner per category, voted for by the public on Facebook, who will receive personal tuition (up to £500)  and Samsung products (up to £2000) that will support them in pursuing their dreams.


3rd Feb – 6th Mar 2014 – Submissions and public voting

7th Mar 2014 – Winners of the People’s Choice are announced

13th Mar 2014 – Shortlisted candidates for the Grand Launch will be notified

17th Mar–10th Apr 2014 One-to-one mentoring and filming for a television series

NB You must be available for filming during this time.

Gizzi Erskine

So, get thinking and get pitching!

Leave me a comment in the box below with your thoughts on the project. Do you have the courage (and a good enough idea) to want to apply?!

Or, Tweet, using the hashtag #launchingpeople

Disclosure: This is a commissioned piece. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos and video content courtesy of Samsung Launching People.  

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  1. Sounds like a great opportunity for anyone with a business idea. I love Gizzi she would make a wonderful mentor.

  2. Brilliant Idea ! Great chance for talent to be found and nurtured !

  3. Love it! Can’t wait to see how it pans out!
    Janie x

  4. Oh I’m looking forward to this show and how’s it’s going to play out! Could be lots of fun.

  5. Being in the right place at the right time and getting a helping hand is definitely one of the keys to success. Don’t think anyone has done it entirely on their own.

  6. Fantastic opportunity for people – look forward to the tv prog.

  7. Heidi Roberts says:

    I spent a morning cooking with Gizzi last year – she is really lovely! Will you be entering?

  8. I was so excited until I read about being filmed, I would be so scared even doing a blog post with a video scares me x

  9. It’s a fantastic panel and I think the show will be really interesting to watch.

    I’d love the mentoring but not the telly part!

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