Take a Step for Fairtrade: Ultimate Mint Hot Chocolate

You may have read or noticed that we are in Fairtrade Fortnight (27th February -11th March) and this year, we are being encouraged to Take a Step for Fairtrade – by taking small steps, such as by choosing products marked Fairtrade, to collectively make a difference to Fairtrade producers.

There is a handy form on the official Fairtrade website, which allows you to add the number of steps you’ve taken – the aim is for us collectively to reach 1,500,000 steps. So far the counter is showing 362, 662 so there is a little way to go!

You can add steps that you’ve taken individually, on behalf of a group or for a business or company. Steps include buying a Fairtrade product, trying a Fairtrade product, going to a Fairtrade event, telling people about Fairtrade, talking about Fairtrade online (don’t forget to add #takeastep or #Fairtradefortnight to your tweets!) or fundraising for Fairtrade. So, if you’ve done or are doing any of these things and more, don’t forget to add your steps!

Here’s a lovely cup of hot chocolate, made with Fairtrade Divine Mint Dark Chocolate, to help us on our way.

[gmc_recipe 3106]

Fairtrade 'Take a Step' logo
I’m also linking this up to We Should Cocoa, where the theme this month is ‘something green’ and chocolate – no more chocolate pasta! You could, of course, make this lovely hot chocolate for St Patrick’s Day, too!



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  1. mint and chocolate is one of my favourite combinations! funnily, due to memories from childhood days of girl scouts (“brownies”) cookies, and there was this chocolate one, covered with a chocoalte icing on the outside and with a mint cream inside. amazing. we used to buy 3 boxes of that, and then no one went for the other flavours.

    1. Aah it’s lovely when a flavour induces a strong memory, it’s amazing when that happens. Were they Viscount biscuits?! I think I used to love them too!

  2. looks like a perfect drink – really delicious!!
    mary x

    1. Thanks Mary, hope you try it someday x

  3. Mint Hot Chocolate has got to be one of the best flavours ever. I love how you managed to just sneak the green sprig of mint on top to meet this months challenge too ;0)

    1. Thanks Chele, it had some mint inside too once you mixed it all together!! A bit sneeky, I know, but pleased it counts 🙂

  4. I can think of nothing better than a cup of mint infused hot chocolate! Great of you to be highlighting Fairtrade fortnight, something I like to support myself when shopping. I shall be buying some Fairtrade chocolate myself this weekend for a chocolate cake I need to make xx

    1. Yummy Fairtrade chocolate – enjoy! x

  5. Mmmmm, minty hot chocolate – love it! Like drinking a liquid after eight. I always use Fairtrade chocolate, really I should try and be more aware and buy other products.

    1. Yes me too, Mark just mentioned Fairtrade wine! We usually buy fairtrade bananas and things like tea and coffee but there is lots to look out for 🙂

  6. This looks lovely Ren. I use fairtrade products whenever I can , so I must post something this weekend and link to this great initiative, thank you for highlighting it.

    1. Ah thanks Jude, I almost missed it, but still counts over the weekend and anytime we buy fairtrade helps generally 🙂 Easy with chocolate!

  7. We bought two bottles of Fairtrade wine today – and a bunch of Fairtrade bananas, so I’m doing my bit!

    1. Good to hear! Fairtrade wine sounds good!

  8. Lovely recipe Ren and good to see Fairtrade being supported. I’ve been trying to get organised to put something on my blog about it, but haven’t managed it so far!

    1. Thanks Choclette, every step helps!

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