Winners: Knorr/Foreman and Field Hamper and Hotel Chocolat Christmas Basket

Thank you so much to everyone for entering the recent giveaways on Fabulicious Food! I’ve just returned from an amazing trip to France, for a stay at the home of Martell in Cognac where we had an amazing gourmet adventure. I just wanted to announce the latest winners, before takling the back-log and writing up my trip.

The winners are:

1. Hotel Chocolat Christmas Basket – Phyllis Ellett, Great Yarmouth

I hope you enjoy this selection.

2. Knorr and Forman and Field Christmas Hamper – Aga Girls, Edinburgh

Thank you to everybody who entered, particularly for all your creative comments and ideas for what to do with the box – there were some really amazing ideas!


Well done to the winners. Keep a look out for another great recipe tomorrow for Family Friendly Fridays, lots more about my adventures in Cognac (and with cognac!)  and more next week…


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