The Growing Trend of ‘Grow Your Own’

Last year we moved into a new house, with a new garden and one of the most exciting things this spring has been seeing all the beautiful flowers, such as a sea of blue bells flooding the boarders and my very favourite pink peonies opening up without having so much as lift a finger.

At the bottom of the garden we also have a lovely big apple tree and towards the end of the winter a local lady helpfully confirmed that it was indeed a Bramley apple tree. There were almost too many apples to keep up with so we kept on bagging them up and giving them to her to sell at church.
As the winter months drew to a close, I was even more excited to discover a lovely big patch of rhubarb that previous occupiers had planted. In a way, it was the garden itself that encouraged to me begin thinking about what other things would happily grow there.
There are plenty of helpful blogs and websites to help you along your way if, like me, you are a total novice. One of my favourite discoveries of last week was a lovely little blog called My Tiny Plot written by Gillian Carson. If you have little ones and want to introduce them to gardening and growing vegetables she has also written and illustrated a beautiful book called Jackson’s Garden.  
Jackson's Garden Children's Board Book by Gillian Carson
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  1. A Trifle Rushed says:

    >It's wonderful that so many people are growing their own, most of my neighbours in France have great veg plots, I only manage herbs, but I do love foraging!!

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