Hello World!

Hello everyone.  Thank you for visiting my Fabulicious Food blog.  Fabulicious is my way of describing really good food that’s both fabulous and delicious! And I’m always on the hunt for Fabulicious food.

I’m new to the blogging community but since everybody seems to be blogging about something I have decided to join in, hike up my creativity levels and indulge my passion for food.

My blog is about good food, new food trends, eating out, eating in and about all my foodie adventures.  I’m also a foodie mum so there will also be posts about kids and food with great recipes to entice your kids and turn them into food-lovers.

You can read all about me in the appropriately named ‘About me’ section.  I won’t bore you with it again here. 

I would love to hear from you too so please feel free to comment on a post or contact me direct.

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