Very Berry Cherry Sundaes – with a Fresh Cherry Compote

Cherry Berry 2-2419

It’s time for ice cream again! We spotted some lovely cherries on offer this week and  in my book there’s nothing better or easier than making a batch of sweet cherry compote ready to spoon over some ice cream on a sunny day. You can also use the cherry compote to serve with plain yoghurt for breakfast. If… 

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When was the last time you had a banana split?!


My childhood was punctuated by banana splits. I can remember the exact café, with its white painted walls and sandy floors at the Warren Beach in North Wales. It was always sunny, we were always hot, and we always ordered a banana split.  Fast-forward a number of years (ahem) and when challenged to re-create a favourite childhood ice cream flavour or experience,… 

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Malted Milk Ice Cream (No Churn) with a Quick Mars Bar Sauce


This is really Part Two of the ice cream challenge! Before the weekend, I began by making a malted milk custard base for my very first ever home made ice-cream for Kavey’s Bloggers Scream for Ice Cream challenge! I’m only just in time as today is the last day to post entries, but I think… 

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