How to write and publish a recipe book – a course with Xanthe Clay

Cookery Books

I wonder how many people out there dream of writing a cookery book? Yesterday, I spent the day at Vanessa Kimbell’s Kitchen Garden School, Juniper and Rose, with Xanthe Clay, a guest tutor who had come to share her knowledge and advice with eight aspiring writers. The course, ‘How to write and publish a recipe… 

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Vanessa Kimbell and the Juniper and Rose Cookery School Northampton

Juniper and Rose Cookery School

In the earliest days of my blogging journey, some two and a half years ago, I met Vanessa Kimbell, a cookery writer inspired by ethical and sustainable food, a brilliant photographer and author of Prepped! I had joined Team Prepped! helping Vanessa test some of the recipes in her book, getting an inside glimpse into writing… 

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Tomato and Garlic Pasta and the Prepped launch


Last week I posted an interview with Vanessa Kimbell and hosted a competition to win a copy of her new book, Prepped! As mentioned in the post, Vanessa gave up her job in order to pursue her dream of writing a cookery book, documenting the process through her blog Writing a Cookery Book giving us all a fascinating glimpse… 

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Interview: Vanessa Kimbell tells us how to be ‘Prepped!’

There can be no doubt that Vanessa Kimbell is an inspirational woman. Over a year ago, Vanessa gave up her successful career to pursue her dream of writing a cookery book – called Prepped! She came up with a new and exciting concept and landed a publishing deal with Spring Hill who jumped at the chance of giving this… 

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Make Ahead Pancake Mix (Prepped!)

Hello there! I couldn’t let Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday go by tomorrow without mentioning and linking back to an amazing recipe for a really easy Pancake Mix I tested for Vanessa Kimbell’s forthcoming booked Prepped!  The idea is that you make up a large quantity of dry mix (but not just any old dry pancake mix, this… 

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Chocolate, Beetroot, Vanilla & Black Pepper Cupcakes (Prepped!)

A little while ago I posted about my adventures in recipe testing, which involved making and tasting some amazing pancakes for a wonderful foodie, Vanessa Kimbell, who is currently writing her first cookery book, Prepped! (Check out my new pink badge to the right, too!) It was a great privilege for me, as a newbie food blogger, to… 

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Joining team Prepped! and recipe testing for Vanessa Kimbell

Vanessa Kimbell

Yesterday I had a wonderful conversation (split into two by my Blackberry deciding to die mid-sentence) with the hugely talented multi-tasking foodie Vanessa Kimble. Vanessa is a foodie blogger and is writing a cookbook, called Prepped! which is due to be published in May 2011. I often come across people who talk about following their… 

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