Cupcakes & A White Chocolate Malteser Cake – Good Food Channel

Malteser Cake (1 of 1)-2

There was more than a little cloud of icing sugar in my kitchen this weekend as I busily baked and decorated cakes for the school Christmas fair. Luckily, I’d already had a warm-up, creating some Christmas recipes for the Good Food Channel earlier in November, which provided me with the perfect template for the cake stall… 

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White Chocolate and Blackcurrant No-Churn Easy Ice Cream

No Churn ICe Cream

Could it be that I have found the perfect ice cream recipe? You don’t need an expensive ice cream machine. You don’t need to make a custard base with egg yolks and sugar. All you need is a can of condensed milk and some double cream and you pretty much have it right there. It’s no… 

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Chocolate Snowflakes and Fairy Cakes


I love following food blogs and one of the very best things about the explosion of food blogging is the wealth of inspiration from all over the world, with individual perspectives, styles and ideas. Whilst I don’t usually use or buy silcone baking moulds, when I saw these peppermint snowflake chocolates on one of my favourite American blogs, Baked by Rachel,… 

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Raspberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes

Easter is such a lovely time of year and it is made even better by this glorious weather. Not that you really want to be stuck in your kitchen, but if the urge takes you, here are some easy ideas for decorating Easter cupcakes. These are white chocolate chip cupcakes filled with seedless raspberry jam,… 

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Christmas Tiramisu Trifle

There’s something about Christmas that makes me want to eat cinnamon and ginger and basically anything sweet.  This week, I happened to be looking for some inspiration for a dish that I could take along to a pot-luck ‘Crimble’ party. I have a huge trifle bowl from Pampered Chef, which rarely makes an appearance, but I… 

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