Asparagus, Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Pasta

Asparagus, Salmon and Cream Cheese Pasta

 British asparagus season is in full swing! I’ve been craving the combination of smoked salmon and cream cheese in every form this week, which is unusual for me. Strong, salty flavours are vying for my attention, as well as the sourness of beetroot and pickled cucumbers. Still, at 37 weeks pregnant, it could be worse… 

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A Guest Post by Wanda Fabbri and a recipe for ‘Brodo di Carne’ and Italian ‘Polpette’


To mark my first blogoversary, I asked my lovely sister in Italy, Wanda, to write a guest post for me. I am hugely inspired by my family and since we are scattered all around the globe (Italy, US and here in the UK) food somehow always connects us. Whether it’s seeing photos of celebrations and sharing… 

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Sausage, Fennel Seed and Tomato Crostini

I want to win a week in a Tuscany Villa! I was recently challenged to create a Tuscan-inspired recipe, which included three key Tuscan ingredients – olive oil, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. Tuscany, Tuscany, Tuscany… I last visited Tuscany around nine years ago, during a visit to my sister, who lives in a small village in the North of Italy…. 

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