Guest Post: Cucina Ceri – Subbing Processed Carbs for Colourful Veg

Cucina Ceri

By Ceri Jones, of Cucina Ceri Readers of this blog will know that this January, Ren committed to the Whole30 regime, which draws on the Paleo approach to a diet based on whole foods (meat, fish, veg, fruit, nuts and seeds) to enable the body to re-set itself and become less dependent on sugars and processed foods as fuel.  Since my blog, Cucina… 

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Recipe: Chorizo, Chicken and Chickpea Soup

Chicken & Chrorizo Soup

I love making a big pan of soup that uses up lots of ingredients from my store cupboard or leftovers. This chorizo, chicken and chickpea soup ticks both boxes. The inspiration came to me via Dom’s Random Recipe challenge. This month, we were tasked with selecting a cook book from the shelf to correspond with our birthday date…. 

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