Guest Recipe: Orange and Pomegranate Cake by Diana Henry


This is Diana Henry’s recipe for her Orange and Pomegranate Cake, shared with permission, from her latest book A Change of Appetite. The cake itself is wonderfully simple to make and extremely moist. Incredibly easy. Not sugar-free I know but, as cakes go, not bad. And it is for dessert. Serve thin slices with Greek yogurt. It’s… 

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How to write and publish a recipe book – a course with Xanthe Clay

Cookery Books

I wonder how many people out there dream of writing a cookery book? Yesterday, I spent the day at Vanessa Kimbell’s Kitchen Garden School, Juniper and Rose, with Xanthe Clay, a guest tutor who had come to share her knowledge and advice with eight aspiring writers. The course, ‘How to write and publish a recipe… 

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The St Albans Cookbook Club #1

St Albans Bakehouse

St Albans has a new cookbook club! Inspired by an article written by Silvana de Soissons about The Bath Cookbook Club over at my favourite foodie publication The Foodie Bugle, I decided that St Albans needed one, too. With immediate interest from St Albans local Sheba Promod, we decided to go for it.  We put the word out… 

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Tea with Diana Henry to celebrate the launch of Salt Sugar Smoke

Salt Sugar Smoke-1-12

Sometimes it’s nice to gather together to celebrate. I don’t think we celebrate, or gather together, nearly enough anymore. Time is always too tight and other commitments always seem to take precedence. As Brits, we don’t really go too far into celebrating our successes, either. So, I was delighted to be amongst a group of food… 

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Words of Wisdom: Meeting Diana Henry

Diana's Cookery Book Collection

“You don’t go looking for your passions. They find you.”  This advice was given to me recently by Diana Henry, author of six cookery books including the brilliantly named ‘Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons’ and equally enchanting ‘Roast Figs Sugar Snow.’ I’ve always been a keen collector of cookery books myself, but since starting my food… 

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