Discover the Origin and Cooking with Jun Tanaka


Knowing where our food comes from is the hot topic of the moment. Processed foods have never been more out, whilst good quality, origin-specific foods are in. This is a shift in thinking that I welcome 100%. I’d like to be more aware of where our food comes from. I’d like to better understand the… 

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Lussmanns Fish and Grill St Albans

Lussmanns St Albans

St Albans is fast becoming a city known for good food, as evidenced by the annual St Albans Food Festival, which will soon be in its sixth year, along with three independent restaurant listings in the 2013 edition of The Good Food Guide. Although there are a growing number of ‘award-winning’ restaurants in St Albans, flying the… 

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Do your children eat a good breakfast?

Swiss Scramble

I watched a short news clip this week, about a new trial taking place in Blackpool, England, offering primary pupils a free school breakfast. Blackpool is not the first place to test such a scheme, in Wales, over 75% of children now enjoy a free breakfast at school after a similar scheme was implemented in 2004 by the Welsh government.  This year,… 

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The St Albans Cookbook Club #1

St Albans Bakehouse

St Albans has a new cookbook club! Inspired by an article written by Silvana de Soissons about The Bath Cookbook Club over at my favourite foodie publication The Foodie Bugle, I decided that St Albans needed one, too. With immediate interest from St Albans local Sheba Promod, we decided to go for it.  We put the word out… 

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Spot a familiar face in delicious. magazine January 2013

Delicious Magazine January

All I want for Christmas is…a copy of delicious. January 2013!  I know it’s not particularly humble or ladylike to shout from the rooftops about personal achievements, but I am so proud to share this with you. If you flick through a copy of the latest edition of delicious. out now - it is the January 2013… 

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Tea with Diana Henry to celebrate the launch of Salt Sugar Smoke

Salt Sugar Smoke-1-12

Sometimes it’s nice to gather together to celebrate. I don’t think we celebrate, or gather together, nearly enough anymore. Time is always too tight and other commitments always seem to take precedence. As Brits, we don’t really go too far into celebrating our successes, either. So, I was delighted to be amongst a group of food… 

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Two Years of Blogging – Things I’ve Learnt Along the Way


I nearly missed it, but I realised earlier on this evening that it’s my blog’s second birthday! Back in November 2010, when I started writing this blog at home as a hobby, I had no idea where it would take me. I knew that I enjoyed writing and that food was a topic I’d never tire of… 

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The St Albans Food and Drink Festival 2012 Highlights and Finale


This Sunday, the St Albans Food and Drink Festival 2012 drew to a close, as many of our vivacious local food and drink businesses, restaurants, cafés and bars came together during the festival finale. St Albans has never before played host to quite so much street food and general merry-making! The festival, organised by the St… 

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Words of Wisdom: Meeting Diana Henry

Diana's Cookery Book Collection

“You don’t go looking for your passions. They find you.”  This advice was given to me recently by Diana Henry, author of six cookery books including the brilliantly named ‘Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons’ and equally enchanting ‘Roast Figs Sugar Snow.’ I’ve always been a keen collector of cookery books myself, but since starting my food… 

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