Asparagus, Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Pasta

Asparagus, Salmon and Cream Cheese Pasta

 British asparagus season is in full swing! I’ve been craving the combination of smoked salmon and cream cheese in every form this week, which is unusual for me. Strong, salty flavours are vying for my attention, as well as the sourness of beetroot and pickled cucumbers. Still, at 37 weeks pregnant, it could be worse… 

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New Lurpak Cook’s Range – Halibut with Herby Hollandaise

Halibut with Herby Hollandaise

What kind of cook are you? Would you say you are fearless and experimental, or do you stick with familiar recipes and repeat things you know will work out well? I think I’m a mixture of both; I enjoy trying new things and cooking with unfamiliar ingredients, and yet my repertoire extends at a steady… 

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Fish is the Dish – Smoked Mackerel Omelette

Smoked Mackerel Omelette

The Easter weekend is upon us and I am reminded of how, growing up, we would always eat fish on a Friday, not just on Good Friday. And before the chocolate frenzy begins, there is still time to eat simply. We’re starting our day with a Hot Smoked Mackerel Omelette, for a quick and easy omega-3 boost. For… 

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Fish is the Dish: Pan-Fried Coley (Wild Saithe) with Quick Cheesy Mash


More fish! This time, coley, which I have to say is a new one for us at home. What can I say about coley? Well, I was very pleasantly surprised. Coley is a white fish and is also known as saithe. The fillets I was sent to try by John at Delish Fish were marked at ‘Wild Saithe… 

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Ultimate Comfort Food: Quick Tuna Fish Pasta – to make us all better!


Well, we’ve gone from a great week to a not-so-great week. Half-term was brilliant, with exciting trips to our friends in Devon, a visit to Bath and then a trip home to my parents. When we came back we had a day to get ourselves organised before school although I then came down with a nasty cold… 

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Fish is the Dish: Wild Scottish Haddock-Filled Corn Tortilla Wraps


We’re on a roll and eating lots more fish! I’ve been so pleased to see the kids love trying fish in a new way, especially the Smoked Haddock Kedgeree and the Mussels with Linguine and Dill. I’m also really enjoying taking part in the Fish is the Dish campaign, particularly as I’ve found their website… 

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Fish is the Dish: Young’s Easy Cook Salmon with Couscous, Crème Fraîche and Parmesan


Balance was ever-so-slightly restored by the end of the week, after consuming rather too much deliciously-moist Vegan Chocolate Cake. Thanks to the Fish is the Dish campaign, we’ve been eating plenty more fish and this time, I turned to my well-stocked freezer for a very simple lunch of Young’s Easy Cook Salmon with Couscous, Crème Fraîche… 

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Fish is the Dish: Scottish Mussels with Linguine, Garlic and Dill


Keeping up with our aim of eating more fish this year, I am very pleased to be part of the Fish is the Dish campaign, who have set out to show families how easy it is to select, prepare and eat fish. As well as trying some smoked haddock for a quick and easy Kedgeree, I was also sent… 

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Fish is the Dish: Kedgeree


I’m very excited to have been asked to become involved in a campaign called Fish is the Dish and have been sent my first parcel of fish by Delish Fish. There is a great section on the main Fish is the Dish website called Fish ‘n’ Tips, as well as many more great recipes for fish. The wider… 

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