Review: Little Waitrose at John Lewis Watford plus £50 voucher giveaway

It’s not very often that I hear of neighbouring town Watford scoring a ‘first,’ but this week I visited the new Little Waitrose at John Lewis Watford – which is the first ‘little Waitrose’ to be situated within a John Lewis store. So, if you happen to be in Watford doing your shopping at the local shopping centre – Intu – formally called The Harlequin, you can now stop into little Waitrose as well for a quick grocery shop. You can see (and access) the new little Waitrose on the top floor of the store in Watford, just next door to A Place to Eat, the John Lewis café/restaurant. It’s much bigger than I had imagined and very roomy, using up office and warehouse space and costing just over £2 million pounds to complete.

Some of the little Waitrose in-store features include –

  • A bakery with fresh bread, pastries, cakes and patisserie
  • Fresh flowers
  • A fresh fish and meat counter
  • A large selection of wines and spirits
  • A lottery station, take away coffee machine, newspapers and magazines
  • A store and collect service

You can pick up everything from a pint of milk, to fresh fruit and vegetables, sandwiches, ready-meals and snacks, dried goods and non-food health and beauty items. There are a number of pay-desks, as well as the never-quite-so-quick self-service tills!

We popped into A Place to Eat where the children enjoyed a kiddies breakfast, before tootling around the store to browse and buy a few new food photography props! We then stopped at little Waitrose where the kids chose some treats from the bakery counter to bring home for a tea party.

Little Waitrose John Lewis

All in all, we had a seamless, stress-free shopping experience (apart from a fall-out with a self-service till – own fault!) and I think little Waitrose makes a great addition to the Intu shopping centre in Watford.

Back at home we enjoyed our food purchases from Little Waitrose and our tea party pieces from John Lewis Watford.

Little Waitrose John Lewis

You can find Little Waitrose at John Lewis at –

John Lewis (top floor)
Intu Watford (formerly The Harlequin Centre)
High Street
WD17 2TW
You can visit the John Lewis Watford Facebook page at
And follow @Waitrose on Twitter

Enter the Giveaway Here –

Enter the giveaway below via the Rafflecopter form to be in with a chance of winning at £50 John Lewis/Waitrose voucher to treat yourself too.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

With thanks to Waitrose and John Lewis for the invitation to visit the new store.

Disclosure- I received some gift vouchers to cover the cost of our shopping trip.


  1. deborah creasey says

    your chocolate and orange cake is the best cake i have ever tasted so i would stock up 😀

  2. Katie Walden Hall says

    I would put it towards my Christmas presents this year – I know it’s not even September but it’s going to come round quickly!

  3. Lynn Evans says

    Rose & Scented Lily Jug as this would brighten up my room not only because they look so pretty but because of their wonderful perfume too :)

  4. Linda McGarrigle says

    I would buy some fresh Chicken nd some Salad stuff for tea and maybe a few cakes for the girls seeing as i am being good 😛

  5. Anita says

    I would buy a sumptuous three-course meal for my wonderful husband and I, plus a few sweet treats for our three beautiful children so they didn’t feel left out!

  6. Alison Johnson says

    As it would be an extra I would buy loads of treats for the family – wine for the Hubby, Flowers for me & cakes for my son.

  7. sonia rowbotham says

    The wide selection of finest wines and make up. I would also take a look at the food :-)

  8. Rebecca Mercer says

    Either some lovely treats from waitrose or some bath towels from John Lewis they’re great quality.

  9. Hayley Todd says

    I have just re-decorated my lounge, so would choose a lovely decorative items from the Caravanne Accessories range

  10. Hannah Whitling says

    I would probably buy top quality items of food, including a nice cut of meat, though exactly which I can’t say as it would depend on what I fancied at the time.

  11. Sarah Ballantyne says

    I have just finished painting my living room so I’d splash out on a nice lamp or some cushions to finish the new look off.

  12. lisa tebbutt says

    i don’t what i would buy i would just wonder around the store until i see something i like to get

  13. Helen says

    I’d treat my mum and daughter in law to some beautiful flowers and, if there was any money left over, I’d treat myself to a gorgeous cake

  14. Ashli Robertson says

    I would buy lots of upper class food from Waitrose 😉 its always excellent quality!

  15. Laura Vitty says

    I’d get the week’s grocery shop from Waitrose rather than Aldi as a little treat…. :)

  16. Linda Guest says

    I’d buy a blender from John Lewis because I have a new grand daughter and her food will need to be blended soon

  17. Mark Tucker says

    Waitrose cheese and onion pasty is delicious – so that for myself and treats for the family

  18. SUSAN L HALL says

    I love the different things you can get at Waitrose and would spoil myself with the special sauces and meals they do

  19. Sara Goodman says

    I would put it towards a digital radio at John Lewis. I have seen some gorgeous ones there, but they are sooo expensive. This fab prize would really help :) x

  20. Kristy Brown says

    I would love some new kitchen utensils (serving spoons, masher etc) as mine are a wee bit old and tatty

  21. Rach says

    I’d buy the ingredients for a romantic meal – steak, posh chips, salad, candles, table linen. And a bottle of wine.

  22. michelle bennett says

    Im pretty desperate for some new cups and plates- a mix of clumsiness and cats that have to jump over everything have left me with 2 plates and 1 cup :/ I would buy a nice set for our house x

  23. Donna Towner says

    I would probably put it towards some party food for my boys 5th birthday coming up. i think the cakes look gorgeous and would make good party treats

  24. Melanie Burton says

    I old buy lovely cake from Waitrose and a new kettle and toaster from John Lewis!

  25. Angela Williams says

    I would like the little home at John Lewis Fairy Tea Party Children’s Duvet Cover Set for my little girls bedroom

  26. Lindy Hine says

    I’d buy some Neals Yard stuff because I love it! Some nice foodie treats would be good too.

  27. Julie Lorraine Thomas says

    So many lovely things to choose from – I’d head towards the dressmaking and haberdashery department, there are so many gorgeous materials to choose from I’d be spoilt for choice. Wonderful!!

  28. SUE says

    I would buy some lovely new make-up and perfume to make me feel good about myself.Thank you..

  29. Liz ferguson says

    A bottle of Blue Nun for me & Black Tower for my sister.
    A DVD.
    And, a selection of pizza & cheesecake.

  30. Andrea Balderstone says

    I would love to buy some bathroom accessories from John Lewis. I like the John Lewis rubberised bamboo bath bridge rack natural it would go perfectly with my bathroom.

  31. George Worboys Wright says

    I’d buy some lovely food from Waitrose and something special from John Lewis.

  32. says

    I would be a little naughty and buy some new lingerie as a little treat for my husband as he has been working extremely hard to support our family at the moment.

  33. Beki Lacy says

    There’s a bedside lamp which I’ve fallen in love with at John Lewis so I’d definitely put it TOWARDS that!

  34. Nicola Dudson says

    We have just decorated our kitchen so i would treat myself to some new kitchen bits

  35. Stacy McBryde says

    Waitrose have the most beautiful steaks, so I would purchase a couple of steaks, some fresh spinach, baby potatoes and a nice bottle of red wine. Also an american style cheesecake – which is my favourite dessert! Delicious :) x

  36. Louise Hart says

    I’d get a basket full of deliciousness (waitrose smoked salmon pate, strawberries and chocolate eclairs for a start) and take my mum for a picnic before the summer sunshine disappears for good!

  37. Gail Price says

    I would be a Mum’s Office The Big Family Mid-Year diary, it looks lovely and I sooo need it!!

  38. Diane Carey says

    I would buy something from John Lewis that I desperately need for the home. Maybe a nice photo frame, as we are sorting and reframing our photos shortly

  39. Diane Wood says

    I don’t often get to go to John Lewis nor Waitrose, so there’s bound to be a lot of new and exciting things making me part with my own money too – I do have a weakness for food and home furnishings though

  40. Laura Oxley says

    I would buy the John Lewis starter sowing machine, I would love to make my own table runners and covers etc.

  41. kim neville says

    I would buy the Waitrose Belgian chocolate cake and their carbonara sauce is delicious as well

  42. Paul Witney says

    I would probably do my weekly shop, but indulge in the things I can’t usually afford

  43. Jessica Edmunds says

    For my partner and I anniversary we would probably get some champagne, chocolates and perhaps antipasti! YUM!

  44. karen hill says

    I would but chocolat of course. lots of it, not sure £50 will cover it . hee hee. thanks for the chance to win this x

  45. says

    I would buy something just for me possibly some new bedding. Always spend all my money on the kids so would be nice to get something as a present for me :-).

  46. Susan Naylor says

    Oh, I love John Lewis. It would be so hard to chose, but I would probably end up in the kitchenware department.

  47. Judith Hamilton says

    A mundane answer, but as we always shop in Waitrose, it would go towards our weekly shop and help our budget greatly.

  48. T. Mitchell-Goodson says

    I would start my Christmas shopping for my boys. John Lewis always has gorgeous toys :-).

  49. Lindsey says

    I think I’d buy lots of lovely ‘gift food’ items, but for myself! I’d love to try some of their confectionary range. :)

  50. Hannah Hughes says

    Some new crockery from John Lewis to replace the ones we’ve broken that were wedding gifts!

  51. Nicole Miller says

    I’d treat my mum as she loves John Lewis, especially in its haberdashiary section!

  52. Samantha Fenn says

    Hmmm…. Some Antipasti from Waitrose as a birthday treat for the partner…he’s 40 in 2 weeks!

  53. Lisa Wilkinson says

    I would buy some nice BBQ food for the one I’m hosting on Bank Holiday weekend.

  54. Hannah Moody says

    I love John Lewis own make furniture – especially the 60s range they have at the mo. I’d put the voucher towards the vintage style coffee table – it’s amazing :)

  55. JoJo Young says

    If I had lots of money I’d buy a new TV as I love that they give you a 5 year guarantee

  56. Louise Anderton says

    I would buy something nice for my new house that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

  57. Fridge Forager says

    Oh, I would put the voucher towards a Fitbit Flex to help me know when I’ve burned off enough calories to be able to eat some yummy cakes.

  58. katrina walsh says

    A luxury birthday cake for my son – ive never found anywhere that does nicer celebration cakes than waitrose

  59. Zeta Watkins says

    I’d head on over to patisserie section! The banana and toffee cupcakes are dreamy!

  60. Natalie Holland says

    I’d buy some lovely baking supplies from john lewis, I love their kitchen section! Thanks x

  61. Charlotte Clark says

    Looks lovely! love the cake 😀 i’d buy some nice food for a summer picnic

  62. sian hallewell says

    Thinking it might be nice to treat myself to a smart pair of trousers (or something for the kitchen), decisions, decions,,,,,,,,,,,

  63. Janet Dring says

    Anything vegetarian from Waitrose, a voucher would be a nice treat for the family

  64. Ali Thorpe says

    I wold buy baking supplies. Waitrose do some yummy puds too so they may find their way into the basket too!

  65. Ruth Grover says

    Cantilever Wood Sewing Box, Small
    £45.00 I need a new sewing box and this is perfect from John Lewis

  66. Anthony Harrington says

    I would by some baby items, ready for our September arrival, it seems babies need several million different things!

  67. Hayley Wakenshaw says

    I’d put it towards a lovely chest of drawers for my bedroom. My old one has fallen apart in my hands too many times!

  68. Dale Powell says

    I would buy lots of little cupcakes and treat all my closest friends with a good old english tea party

  69. Marina Frow says

    I would love to get my toddler some lovely shoes from John Lewis as she is just taking her first few steps

  70. Rosemary Emery says

    I would buy some new cutlery from John Lewis but please, please, open a Waitrose west of Cardiff so I can buy from them! 😛 😀 xx

  71. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    I think if I won the prize I’d have to do something special with it, so maybe buying all the lovely food to make up a picnic with a bottle of wine would be fab!

  72. says

    I’d try out some those really expensive chocolate bars that I’ve been so keen to try but just can’t quite bring myself to pay out for.

  73. Kate O'Neill says

    A winter coat for my 9 year old daughter – am already trying to plan for the colder months!

  74. ValB says

    Ive heard good things about the ‘pulled pork’ at waitrose so would love to try it

  75. Francesca Tuck says

    I would buy a Lego set as I have a little person who has been lusting after a hobbit lego set for quite some time now and it would mean we could finally purchase it.

  76. says

    A decent toaster as I can find one that is any good.. If I had anything left, I’d buy lots of summer salad ingredients for this hot weather!

  77. Jason Bringans says

    Live in Twickenham, but working out this way for the whole of Aug, so great to know they have this there :)

  78. Jo Jones says

    I would be spoilt for choice so would have to browse the store before making a firm decision

  79. Paul Kendall says

    Some new gym gear from JL or from Waitrose normally shop there so the Liquid Egg whites would be great

  80. Fiona K says

    I would buy a new kettle from John Lewis and some naughty treats from Waitrose such as Heston Blumenthal’s new ice cream

  81. Sara Hughes says

    This time of year Waitrose sells fresh Cornish crabmeat which makes the best crabcakes without the palaver of dealing with the shell.

  82. mellissa williams says

    I love afternoon tea I would buy a gorgeous teaset and some lovely cake!

  83. melanie stirling says

    I would buy some delicious treats and extra ice cream,I fancy the sea salt and popcorn flavour :)

  84. Fiona Moore says

    Osso Bucco, Coffee Eclairs and Pincer botanical vodka in Waitrose. Plus wool and sewing notions in John Lewis.

  85. Maxine says

    just point me towards the cheese counter in Waitrose and I’ll be very happy indeed!

  86. zoe says

    I would buy some luxury treats, so that when the future in-laws meet my parents it all runs smoothly!


    I really want a slow cooker – am yet to own one so would get one of those, especially for winter!

  88. Jan Beal says

    I would buy some lovely bread, a selection of goodies from the deli and a nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and then invite some friends round for a gorgeous al fresco lunch :)

  89. Jayne Sullivan says

    I would love to place an order with Ocado. I have never shopped in Waitrose as I live in a Waitrose free zone !

  90. Corin Leach says

    I would put the money towards curtain pole for our guest room. I have the curtains just need the pole!

  91. says

    I’m a huge fan of the baklavas from Waitrose’s dessert counter, but don’t get to have them often. Would probably divide up the £50 into as many weekly fixes of them as possible!

  92. Annie Costa says

    I’d buy summer bbq food items like burgers,buns and sauces!Paper plates&napkins too.

  93. Emma says

    I would def treat myself to lots of naughty snacks that I try to avoid on my usual supermarket trips!!

  94. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says

    I would go mad in the toy section at John Lewis, and get two birthday cakes for my little ones who turn 6 and 12 on the same day! They would love a scooter each! :-) Great giveaway! Thank-you! :-)

  95. Ellie S says

    I’d buy loads of my favourite foodie treats including, Seriously rose shortbread, Seriously nutty pistachio, hazelnut & milk chocolate, Ducky Original’s seville orange marmalade & a box of naughty (but nice!) cakes from the patisserie counter.

  96. elle cowan says

    i’d make the most of the sunshine and buy some delicious waitrose bbq food and fire up the barby while i can! <3

  97. chris hunt says

    I would stock up on wine for Christmas (am I the first to mention that word)!!

  98. Jane Willis says

    I’m a regular Waitrose shopper so I’d stock up on their top quality store cupboard essentials.

  99. says

    I’m off to my Brother’s in London in 2 weeks time so I would but champagne to celebrate the birth of the Royal Baby (assuming it’s popped out by then!) xx

  100. Tracy Nixon says

    I have some completed tapestries and cross stitch items that I have completed but need to buy frames for!